Systemic Racism, White Privelige, CRT and Other Myths: Who's Being Systemically Oppressed and Vilified, and By Whom?


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Black Lives Matter
Critical Race Theory
Defund the Police Movement
Hate Crime Hoaxes
IRS Tea Party Persecution
Left Wing Violence
Liberal Bias
Liberal Bigotry
Liberal Hate Crimes
Liberal Hate Speech.
Muslim Brotherhood
Soros Mercenaries
Terrorist Organizations
The Globalist Race Canard Agenda
White Privilege
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Anti-White Bigots

Al Green
Al Sharpton
Alcee Hastings
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Allison Hrabar
Amy Klobuchar
Ana Navarro
Andre Carson
Art Acevedo
Ayanna Pressley
Bakari Sellers
Barak Obama
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Brenda Snipes
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Bubba Wallace
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Michelle Obama
Nancy Pelosi
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Nikki Joly
Oprah Winfrey
Robert Muller
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Tawana Brawley
Ted Lieu
Trayvon Martin

Bigotry in Academia

Albany University
Rutgers University

Corporate Bigotry

Arabella Advisors

Chicago Art Museum
Novant Health
Planned Parenthood

Hate Hoaxes

index: Hate Crime Hoaxes
Duke Lacrosse Case
NYC Muslim Subway Hoax
Toronto Hijab Hoax


AOC's Hateful Jealousy
At War With the Boogieman
Black Lives Matter Shakedown
Charlottesville Very Fine People Lie
Garage Cords and Roman Candles
George Floyd's Worth on May 24, 2020
Hate Hoaxers are The Real Racists
How Much Do Black Lives Matter to BLM?
If Not For Hate Crime Hoaxes, There Would Be No Hate Crimes At All
Insecurity and Avarice
Let's Talk About Slavery and Race Relations
Mexican and Puerto Rican Mirror Flags
Obama Tethered Black Radicals to White Apologists
Pay Disparity and White Privelige
Paying For the Sins of Kamala's and AOC's Ancestors
Racial Hypocrisy and Gun Violence
Racial Stereotypes and the Obama Presidency
Racist Maxine Watters Sees Racism Everywhere
Rebranding Class Warfare as Systemic Racism
Summary Reparations and Summary Guilt
Systematic Disinformation, Not Systemic Racism
Systematic Racism - Or Blame the Victim?
Systematic Racism or Race-O-Matic System
The Pretentiousness of Suffering and the Quest for the Victim Label
The Systemic Racism Canard
What If Obama Faced The Persecution That Trump Has Endured?