When a Cop Abets You in a 'Crime'

A 69 year old Los Angeles County employee was arrested on Monday in the City of Industry on federal charges alleging she was among the crowd that breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Pictures clearly show that a Capitol Police officer held the door open for her as she approached the building. It's not clear if he was charged in the matter, or if the other two capitol police officers who stood by and did nothing to stop her were reprimanded or suspended. I mean she is 69 years old - they could have easily turned her around... it's not like she was hurling bottles of urine or fireworks at them like the police in many urban areas endured from Antifa for months on end. 

No wonder they're not entering videos or audio into evidence, or releasing audio or video from the protests - only still pictures...

More to come.