Acts of Treason Against the Citizens of the United States

Aaron Commey
Adam Schiff
Alexander Vindman
Alexandra Chalupa
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Andrew McCabe
Anthony Fauci
Ayanna Pressley
Barak Obama
Ben Rhodes
Bernie Sanders
Beto ORourke
Bill Gates
Bill Priestap
Brenda Snipes
Bush Family
Cheryl Mills
Christopher Wray
Chuck Schumer
Claire McCaskill
Condoleezza Rice
Cory Booker
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Dianne Feinstein
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Elizabeth Warren
Eric Swalwell
George Soros
Gerald Nadler
Gina Haspel
Glenn Simpson
Henry Kissinger
Hillary Clinton
Huma Abedin
Ilhan Omar
James Clapper
James Comey
Jean Camp
Joe Biden
John Ashcroft
John Bolton
John Kerry
John McCain
John Podesta
Joseph Mifsud
Juan Castro
Kamala Harris
Kim Foxx
Letitia James
Linda Sarsour
Lindsey Graham
Lisa Page
Lois Lerner
Loretta Lynch
Marc Elias
Marie Yovanovitch
Mark Esper
Mark Milley
Maxine Waters
Mazie Hirono
Mitch McConnell
Mitt Romney
Nancy Pelosi
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Pat Cipollone
Peter Strzok
Pramila Jaypal
Priti Patel
Rashida Tlaib
Robert Muller
Robert Reich
Rod Rosenstein
Sally Yates
Samantha Powers
Sheila Jackson Lee
Sidney Blumenthal
Stacey Abrams
Stefan Halper
Susan Rice
Tony 'Anthony' Blinken
Tony 'Anthony' Fauci
The Koch Brothers
The Kagans
Victoria Nuland
William Barr

51 Degenerate Intel Scumbags and the Deep State DC Sesspool
FACT: The FBI Validated the Authenticity of the Hunter Laptop in November of 2019 - A year Before these 51 traitors Knowingly Signed onto the ''Russian Disinfo'' Letter.

Russiagate: Hillary, Obama, DOJ, FBI, DNC and Perkins Coie
The Deep State's Treasonous Attempt to Steal the 2016 Election and Usurp the Trump Administration

Democrat and RINO Politicians During the Trump Era
It's Not About Trump - It's All About Covering Up Decades of Incompetence, Corruption and Outright Treason

The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex
Mark Milley is Just the Filthy Tip of the Septic Iceberg

The Worst Government Money Can Buy

2020 Presidential Election Fraud
The 'Mostly Fair' 2020 Election

The Mainstream Media
The Propaganda Branch of the Globalist Takeover of the World

Big Tech

The Race Game

The Deep State DOJ, CIA and FBI

The George W Bush Adminstration and its Treasonous Cronies

The Obama Administration and its Treasonous Cronies



Globalist Anti-Americanism

Big Pharma and US Healthcare

Teachers Unions and the US Education System

Illegal Immigration

Antifa and BLM

NGOs and Lobbyists