The Possible Invasion of Ukraine and the Actual Invasion of Europe and the United States

January 26, 2022 - Why is Biden opposed to a Russian invasion of Ukraine? Aren't borders just a technicality to the left? After all, Latin America has been invading the United States for decades, and Muslims have been pouring into Europe for years. Maybe Putin should have his troops identify as unarmed civilians, or simply pretend to be asylum-seekers. How can we dare defend Ukraine's borders with American soldiers when the Libtards won't even allow us to defend our own national boundaries? C'mon man, Joe - isn't it about time for Ukraine to diversify? Maybe Joe's just worried that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would jeopardize Hunter's gas deals with Ukraine, including ''10% for the big guy''? If our government is not willing to place American troops in place to protect our own borders, then they have no right to put our troops in harm's way 5,600 miles from our nearest border on behalf of another nation's borders. When all else fails (and everything else he and his administration has touched has failed), start a forever war.