Deep State Fraudsters and the US Department of Defense

February 3, 2022 U.S. Department of Defense Press Secretary John Kirby escalated tensions today between Russia and Ukraine by falsely claiming that if Ukrainian nationals (or Americans acting on behalf of Ukraine) attack Russia, it will just be a false flag acted out by Russia to create a fake narrative for Russia invading Ukraine. What a vile crock of shit! False Flag Ops are exactly what the Deep State DOJ, CIA and Military Industrial Complex have done so many times before: in FACT, they did it to Trump over Russia in order to create a false narrative in order to hide Hillary's collusion with Russia: they did it to Trump over Ukraine in order to create a false narrative to hide Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption and quid pro quo regarding Ukraine: and they did it under the guise of the false January 6th insurrection in order to sway people away from demanding justice for the months of violent leftist riots, attacks on police and the stolen election. The Deep State and its useful idiots are the true enemies of true democracy and freedom, and they have been plying their vile trade-craft for decades. To see just a 'few' instances of the multitudes of false flags that the Deep State has carried out, see The Hegelian Principle: Enslaving America and the world through fear.  The Deep State doesn't give a damn about America, Americans, Ukraine, sovereign borders or democracy: they are not pro-democracy - they think they alone have the right to rule over the whole world - not as Americans, but by exploiting and abusing America for their vicious ends. They don't give a damn about our borders, so why would we ever believe that they give a damn about Ukraine's? More on this HereHere and Here.