August 8, 2021 - Mark my words, the chaos in Afghanistan is a manufactured ploy by the U.S. Deep State and other globalist elitists to be used as an incubator for future attacks and false flags to be used as diversions as the United States' and other nations' lies about COVID and the 2020 election theft become apparent - just as they created the pseudo-Global Warming myth, the CRT farce, BLM/Antifa and ISIS/ISIL/Daesch in order to hide and sometimes attempt to justify their evil agendas. We went from Hillary's election lies and evil attempted subversions, to four years of bogus impeachment hearings, to the COVID release, to the election theft, and now as all that becomes apparent, suddenly the Afghanistan fiasco and the rebirth of the Taliban and the Islamic Jihad? It's all classic Hegelian fear-mongering and sorcery being deployed against us to give the autocratic pseudo-elite power and false glory. Antifa and BLM have been screaming for global rebellion on their terms and narratives ever since the Deep State created them - is it time for the rest of us to globally rebel as well?