AOC's Ethnic-Based Cancel Culture Exemption

It is an extreme hypocracy that the Left would have as one of its prominent figures, a woman by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ironically thinks that she has the right to project a sense of victimhood due to inequity on others. One look at her name alone indicates a propensity for deceit. Perhaps she is attempting to project on others, her own insecurities regarding the testament of her name. The name Alexandria literally means 'defender of men', which seems a bit gender-repressive in contrast to the progressive, gender-neutral line the left pretends to tow.

Ocasio is originally a Gaelic name, which indicates an Irish connection. Of course, while AOC seems ashamed of the America she was forced to grow up in, she simultaneously touts her Puerto Rican Taino lineage as though it proves her to be beyond reproach regarding racial strife. Two points to be made from the term Ocasio, however, reveal its misogynistic and racist connotations.

In Latin, words ending with an O are masuline in nature. Yet in AOC's case, the term Ocasio was passed on to her by her mother. Spanish words can end in O without bearing a gender connotation, however those gender-neutral words were borrowed from Greek and Latin. Ocasio is a Gaelic title-name, meaning that the O at the end in fact implies a masculine essence. Therefore if AOC was truly the politically correct social justice warrior she claims to be, she should have cleaned her own gender-biased surname up a bit prior to villifying the white male world. In proper politically correct Spanish, her last name should be Ocasia-Cortez, but that apparently doesn't seem to matter much to her. Why not?

The fact that the term Ocasio is of Gaelic origin leads to another inconvenient topic for AOC. Since the topic of Equity is heavily in the news as of late, I thought it would be appropriate to bring up what AOC's Spanish ancestors did to the Native Iberians, since Spain is located on the Iberian peninsula. Iberia was the indigenous, native land of the Celts/Kelts prior to massive 'Latin'-Moorish invasions from Italy, Greece and North Africa. This eviction, enslavement and ethnic cleansing of the Gaelic (Keltic) peoples from their native, indigenous lands happened long prior to the plight of the Amerindians in the Americas. These invasions led to the deaths, enslavements and displacements of many Gaelic peoples, pushing many of the Native Iberians out of Iberia and ultimately into current-day Ireland and due to the Irish Potato Famine, in many cases ultimately into North America.

In case you missed the use of quotations in the previous paragraph, there is a reason why the term 'Latin' appears in quotes. It is because the use of the term 'Latin' today is the result of cultural appropriation. The true Latins were a Celtic/Keltic tribe whom once lived in and around present-day Rome, whom were decimated, enslaved and force-migrated into the Alpine Regions of Europe. The Celtic/Keltic term 'Latin' used in the ancient environs of Rome is further found to be sourced upon the Latene period of Europe - a period during which the Native, indigenous Celtic/Keltic population of Alpine and Mediterranean Europe ruled much of west and central Europe. Again, these people were largely displaced by the olive-skinned mediterranean peoples from which AOC predominantly hails. If AOC wants to speak of cultural appropriation, equity, slavery and reparations and so-forth, I think she needs to take a deep look at the skeletons her forefathers accumulated in her ethnic closet before slandering the United States of America. Perhaps she has the same Judas complex that Hitler had: insecurities leading to the debasement and hatred of others in order to calm the nagging pangs of her questioning of her own self-worth. All the signs are there: at her core, she is not much different than Hitler, albeit with a different package and platform and a communistic twist.

Of course, the term Cortez is the patriarchal jewel in the crown of AOC. What she should (and probably does) realize, is that the term Cortez is to the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere, what the term Hitler is to the Jews, Russians and Poles. Columbus has been cancelled simply for discovering the New World, yet the surname Cortez still stands prominently atop the piles of bones of those whom Hernando Cortez murdered, raped and enslaved throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Not long after she was inaugurated, as an American citizen, AOC made a statement regarding her pride in her Taino identity instead of showing any iota of American patriotism. Imagine if Hitler won world War 2, and the great granddaughter of his mistress Eva Braun indirectly emigrated to America via a protectorate third-party, grew up in a distinctly white suburban town, became a congresswoman, and then made such a statement of pride regarding being akin to Aryan Europe? Was AOC's speach not a ethno-racist dog whistle to racist elements within the Hispanic population?

No wonder AOC is so gung-ho for third-party pseudo-equity, open borders, reparations and pseudo-social justice: she is projecting impositions on others based on her own insecurities and guilty conscience. She is attempting to simultaneously hide and absolve her own family's and ethnicity's traditions of vile savagery and misogynism with atonement imposed through someone else's checkbook. AOC is calling for America to atone for the sins of her non-American forefathers! AOC is just another priveliged villain playing the role of victim to hide her own guilty conscience and insecurities that in reality have nothing to do with White America.