Insecurity and Avarice

Every evil act ever carried out by man is one based upon insecurity. Greed is most often based upon a fear of being worthless or unloved, for example. Hatred is not the opposite of love - the opposite of love is selfishness (insecurity). Insecurity is based upon a sense of low self-worth. Western religion is the basis of most if not all insecurity in the western world. Selfish and insecure people should not be despised - they should be ridiculed and chastised, and not just held accountable for their actions, but should be impoverished by the masses as an example of the dangers of selfishness. Instead, we as a western religion based society adore and cherish the strong guy- the treacherous leader - the Nazis in our midst, even as we vilify failed avaricious types. Any man worth more than a few million dollars should be compelled to teach others how he morally and spiritually amassed his fortunes, and should be a humble servant to others who are less fortunate, not be power hungry self-righteous, arrogant jerks.

>Man has a predisposition to blame his own failed endeavors on unknown / unseen forces – the “devil made him do it” complex. Which does not benefit man but it does vilify the innocent and victimize the victim as well as the assailant’s own central being. It impedes the development of the soul of man and keeps him weak and groveling, scared of his own shadow and or oblivious or apathetic to the suffering that he creates.