Racial Hypocrisy and Gun Violence

The media loves to feed into the "black genocide by police" narrative, yet they just sit back and idly watch the African-American self genocide play out through addiction, gun violence and abortion. Apparently that isn't news-worthy to the leftist media, and not lucrative enough for the poverty pimps to express outrage over.

In the first nine months of 2020, 506 people - mostly innocent African American victims - had been murdered by criminals in Chicago alone - over 2.5 times the total number of all black males killed by police nationwide in all of 2018 - most of whom were not innocent victims. When black males are killed by the police, it's automatically considered a symptom of systemic racism, regardless of the ethnicity of the law enforcement officer(s) involved - even though nearly twice as many white men are killed by police than black men. Yet when the fact that 22 times more men are killed by police than women is brought up, for some reason the media and the outrage mob are allowed to explain it away as being "because men are more violent than women".

If we are to perceive black men who are killed by law enforcement as victims of systematic bias, shouldn't we apply that same logic to all males killed by police? If more men are killed by law enforcement than women because men are more violent than women, doesn't it stand to reason that (although far more white males are killed by law enforcement per capita that black males), perhaps the reason why any black men are killed by law enforcement at all may be revealed by the fact that African American males carry out an astronomical percentage of the violent crimes committed in America?

Since males are 22 times more likely to be killed by law enforcement than females, maybe the protest chant should be changed to reflect a more accurate gripe based upon the factual stats: Male Lives Matter. Men may be more violent than women, but if that is to be used as justification for so many men being killed by law enforcement overall, then the same reasoning should be applied as to why any black males are killed by police at all: black males make up just six percent of the American population, yet committed 53.3% of all murders in the United States in 2018. African American men are by far the number one murderers in the United States both overall as well as per capita.

In 2018, White males (whom comprise 31% of the overall population) murdered 3,953 people in the United States, whereas Black males murdered 4,778. During the same period. 399 White males were killed by U.S. law enforcement during that same period, while 209 Black males were killed in that same period by U.S. law enforcement. In other words, if you compare the murders committed by Black and White American males in 2018 side by side, even though Black males make up only 6% of the overall U.S. population, they committed 55% of the murders, yet made up less than 35% of the total number of males killed by American law enforcement in that same time period, whereas White males (31% of the population) committed 45% of those murders yet made up over 65% of the overall number of males killed by law enforcement during the same period - nearly twice the rate of Black males. As a point of comparison one white male is killed by law enforcement for every 10 murders committed by white males, whereas one black male is killed by law enforcement for every 23 murders committed by black males.

Further, since there are more than five times as many white American males as black American males, based on the murder stats, if African American males made up 31% of the American male population, they would have committed nearly 24,000 murders in 2018, whereas if White male Americans comprised 6% of the population, they would have committed 760 during the same year. In other words, while Black males commit more than five times the number of murders per capita as their white male counterparts, black males accounted for less than 1/3 of the number of males killed by law enforcement in 2018.

Not being racist - just stating facts. The more you look at the cold, hard facts, the more likely you will come to realize that there may very well be systemic racism in America - against White Male Americans. The fact that seemingly all of the media and the SJWs continue to turn a blind eye to such while justifying looting, arson and rioting nationwide every time a black male is killed by law enforcement shows that such systemic racism is allowed and even encouraged to permeate through many aspects of our nation's psyche.