The Judas Effect

Democrats, Rhinos and Traitors to Humanity

Social Justice Hypocrates

There's been a sudden surge of "social justice" demands being made, coinciding with the attempted coup of our president through two slanderous impeachment (coup) attempts, the discovery that the Democrats have been projecting upon their opponents what they are in fact guilty of, and revelations of fraud regarding the Deep State's handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic... it's as if we are all being punished for not electing Hillary in 2016, as if to say that if you are not a life-long politician, you should have no say in politics other than in a token capacity. Therefore, one must ask:

- Would any of this have taken place had Hillary won the 2016 election?

- Who is the Deep State to punish the rest of America for their not getting what they demand?

- What is it that they want? What did they have planned for America under Hillary?

- Is it not obvious to the "Social Justice Warriors" that they are being exploited and pandered to for someone else's benefit?

- Why is it that the same people whom stood shoulder-to-shoulder with white supremecists in doctrine and in person, are now allowed to pretend to be the saviors of those whom they have decimated for decades?

- Why are they so willing to destroy America under the guise of somehow fixing it?

- Why are so many so gullible and ignorant to their true agenda? This writing is not about the New Testament figure Judas, nor is it about the cruel and false antisemitic assimilation of Judas with the Jewish people. There are traitors to every political and religious structure ever to be known by man. How could Judas be ignorantly used to epitomize New Testament/Common Era Jewery when according to the New Testament, the most prominent personages of the New Testament were Jews? The New Testament lists Jesus as an ethnic Jew; John the Baptist as an ethnic Jew; the Virgin Mary as an ethnic Jew; and nearly all of Jesus' followers as ethnic Jews.

The true context of Judas was that he epitomized a figure exploited by an evil urge for selfsih ends, and his essence was meant to be conveyed as such, not as an ethnic figure epitomizing a race of people. With that regard kept in mind, is it not easy to realize that most of the BLM/Antifa "social justice warriors" today are truly nothing more than Judases, projecting their own self-seeking agendas as somehow equating to equity and justice? Let them be warned: Judas received his earthly equity for his dark act - but when he came to realize what his actions and his "reward" came to truly represent, he cast away his "reward" in disgust and took his own life. there are dark forces at play today, whom are ecstatic at how they can amass and manipulate multitudes of people for a "reward" that is non-existent (usually the promise of making otherwise unsubstatial people feel a fleeting sense of power and self-aggrandizement).

The Judas Effect is written in regards to the tandem complicity of the Democratic Party with the Deep State to steal from everyone under the guise of equity for some. Judas epitmizes the self-seekingness within a larger entity that attempts to seek only after its own lusts at the detriment of the overall entity. It would have been a better analogy to place the golden key of the pearly gates in Judas' hands, and in response him attempting to pawn it for worldy reward. In his fear of self-realization, he thought only about what he could possess, not what he could become.