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Cori Bush is a living contradiction... and an elitist, race-baiting moron. In fact, when the leftist rag Washington Post scorches a libtard, you know there's something seriously wrong with that person... or is there? Keeping in mind how the Hegelian Principle operates, it is obvious that the demoncrats are sowing future crises for future opportunistic advantage by pushing prison reform, which will lead to massive crime surges nationwide. That said, here is a recent article published by the Washington Post:

Democrats want police protection for themselves, not for the rest of us

July 29, 2021 at 3:37 p.m. EDT

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) is an outspoken advocate for defunding the police, who has called America “racist” and declared that modern-day policing is “another system of bondage” through which “slavery quite literally lives on today.” So, it was ironic to say the least when news broke that Bush paid nearly $70,000 over the past three months for private police protection.

In truth, Bush isn’t paying for personal security; her campaign donors are paying for her personal security. Her police protection accounted for more than a third of her campaign expenditures during the second quarter. So, the very individuals and organizations that were so excited by her calls to defund the police that they contributed to her campaign are actually funding police to protect Cori Bush.

The problem is her constituents don’t have rich supporters willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to protect them. They have the police. And the city of St. Louis, which Bush represents in Congress, recently cut $4 million from its police budget and eliminated 98 officer positions. Where is the money going? About $1.5 million will go for affordable housing, another million will go to assist the homeless population, and another million will be diverted to crime-victim support services — including funeral expenses for crime victims.

Maybe if St. Louis had a hundred more cops on the streets, there would be fewer funerals. Last year, the city had 262 homicides, the most per 100,000 people since 1970. Yet despite the explosion of murders in her city, Bush praised the decision to take almost 100 police officers off the streets of St. Louis as “historic.”

We are seeing a similar spike in violent crime across the country. The New York Times reports that last year was the worst year for killings since the mid-1990s. Homicide rates in large cities were up 30 percent on average last year and are already up 24 percent for the beginning of this year. Sixty-three of the 66 largest police jurisdictions saw increases in homicide, rape, robbery or aggravated assault in 2020, according to the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

What do many of these cities have in common? They are run by Democrats who have defunded the police. Minneapolis cut $8 million from the police budget. Oakland, Calif., cut $14.6 million. Portland, Ore., cut $15 million. Philadelphia cut police funding by $33 million. New York cut a whopping $1 billion.

Not only has police funding been cut, police morale has plunged over the past year leading to soaring retirements and resignations. NPR reports that a June survey of nearly 200 departments found a 45 percent increase in police retirements and a nearly 20 percent increase in resignations. Meanwhile, new police hiring has dropped 5 percent nationwide.

Many cities are using these vacancies as a back-channel way to cut police funding. Seattle (which has had 232 shootings so far this year, up from 164 at the same time last year) reduced its police budget by $7.7 million in part by pocketing $5 million salary savings from the roughly 270 police officers who have left the force in recent months. Chicago (which saw 70 shootings just last weekend, including 12 fatalities) quietly eliminated 400 police officers positions in 2020, while Los Angeles cut its force by 200 officer positions. In other words, many cities don’t need to defund the police; they can just sit back and wait for the police to defund themselves through resignations and retirements.

The problem will only get worse if Democrats in Washington get their way. Congress missed the May deadline President Biden set to approve police reform legislation, despite broad bipartisan agreement on most elements of a bill. The sticking point? Democrats want to strip away qualified immunity from police officers so they can be sued in civil court. Officers have no immunity from criminal prosecution, and victims can sue the city in the civil court for damages stemming from misconduct. But for Democrats that is not good enough — they want to see officers sued personally. This will lead to a flood of frivolous lawsuits, as well as even more retirements and resignations, as officers decide that protecting the community is no longer worth the risk to their families and futures.

This is not what Americans want. A USA Today/Ipsos poll finds only 18 percent support defunding the police, including only 28 percent of Black Americans and 34 percent of Democrats. In crime-ravaged Detroit, residents say they want more police on the street, not less, by an overwhelming 9-to-1 margin.

Because unlike Cori Bush, these Americans can’t afford private security.

Like Ayanna Pressley, whose father and husband have collectively amassed 24 years of prison time, Cori Bush refuses to admit that criminals are responsible for their own actions. To blame poverty, drug addiction, 'jim crow laws' or law enforcement bias for incarceration rates among minorities is not only ignorant, but dangerous. To show just how dangerous and ignorant, one need only look at the per-capita crime rates among minorities as opposed to non-minorities in order to realize that minority incarceration is not due to a racist agenda, bias in law-enforcement, poverty or drug addition. 

It's obvious that Cori Bush is exploiting the color of her skin to push a two-fold agenda on America: to harvest votes from the criminal element of society with the "vote democrat or lose your rights" lie (much like how the democrats use public assistance to extort votes in Democrat-run cesspools), and to create a future climate of lawlessness in which they think they can extort future voters into giving up their rights out of fear.

The race card itself is a Hegelian Principle mutation which goes just like this: either you have to abide by what others demand, or you are labelled a racist. No one wants to be labelled a bigot, and as such fear of such a label leads to unnatural generosity: in other words, extortion.

But it gets worse for Cori:

Rep. Cori Bush Implodes her own Race Hoax, Newsweek’s Credibility, Before it Begins

Ben Wetmore

.the Daily BeastOUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka

Don’t expect any corrections to this Newsweek article when the story implodes further, this one will probably just get memory-holed like the rest of these hate hoaxes.

Reading through the biography of the author, Daniel Villareal, it also becomes apparent that his goal is not to report at Newsweek or to fairly and honestly portray these topics, he is just an activist in the guise of a journalist. [10] 

Instead, Newsweek participates in this obvious smear of people they don’t like with an anonymous unsourced claim of dubious origin. When disliked people don’t produce the threats they imagine, they can just produce them themselves. They rely on journalists to do the most superficial investigation of the claim and to then praise them as victims during this difficult struggle, locked into one viewpoint out of ideology and political correctness. It’s such a common playbook, and the consequences are non-existent, so expect more of this kind of journalistic malpractice not less.

The last two Congressmen who were arguably killed on the job was Larry MacDonald shot down by the Soviets on Korean Air 007 in 1983, and Leo Ryan, shot by the maniacs at Jonestown in 1978. So in nearly 40 years, no one has been able to kill a Member of Congress even though they are very public and at many public events and functions all the time. [9] The likelihood that these threats are serious and credible is, frankly, very low. Even if they were real, which this one clearly is not, they represent the ravings of the mentally ill. 

Readers are also owed some basic context as to the history of these kind of claims, which are often overblown and overreactions to people blustering in an email.

A reporter may not be able to determine whether a story is true or not, since investigations take time and money, but they at least owe their readers a duty to inform them that there are good faith doubts as to the claim’s authenticity.

It’s absurd, and just checking the comment thread under Rep. Bush’s original post would have given Reporter Villareal enough doubt and skepticism about this story to at least reference those doubts in the story.

So when Newsweek runs this story, about a sitting Congresswoman, an incumbent lawmaker, receiving anonymous threats online, there is no only the recent history of incredible hate hoaxes proven false in time, but there is the oddity of a Congresswoman in a seat that Democrats have held for 72 years, engendering the kind of militant opposition from motivated ‘white nationalists’ that they would send in Google forms threatening the lives of politicians. 

There is no way to assess the modern power dynamic in America and come to the conclusion that it is easy for whites to threaten blacks with violence. If anything, even the most minor of what are amusingly termed “microaggressions” can end the several-decade career of many whites for looking the wrong way at a minority. 

A 2018 hate hoax at Smith College in liberal Massachusetts went after janitors because they dared to kindly ask whether someone violating the rules was aware they were not in the right place. [7] The 2020 hate hoax at NASCAR involving Bubba Wallace was a controversy over a garage pull down rope that was said to be in the shape of a noose. [8]

In 2017 a black Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas tried to fake a hate hoax by claiming she was yelled at by a white male who told her to ‘go back where you came from’ for bringing too many things into the express lane at the grocery store. It turned out the man wasn’t white, was liberal, and Thomas was the one who told him to go back where he came from! [6] 

Tawana Brawley faked an abduction, rape, and assault in 1988 trying to blame the local police and alleged a cabal of evil white racist cops were out to get her. It was all fake. [5]

Faking a race crime is surprisingly common. The most famous recent example was Jussie Smollet who, while in Chicago as a relative b-list celebrity, said he was attacked by two MAGA-hat wearing white men at 2am while walking back from Subway, who proceeded to put a noose over his neck. It later turned out that Smollet had paid two African men to noose him, and that it was all a ruse for attention and media glamour. [4] 

  • Lying Headline
  • Superficial Investigation
  • Smearing

Major Violations:

Meaning that someone screenshot answers and sent them to Bush, or she screenshot them herself. Cassandra Fairbanks at the Gateway Pundit did an excellent rundown of this situation. [3]

Note the asterisks, and the lying.

Daily Wire journalist Amanda Presto noticed the obvious flaw in Rep. Bush’s supposed threats: they were clearly unsent. [2] The threats were sent in a Google form, and when the form has not yet been sent, a red asterisk appears next to a required section that has not yet been submitted.

Leftist Rep. Cori Bush posted images to Twitter of alleged ‘white supremacist violence’ where someone wished death upon her, among several other supposed threats. [1] 

Indicted Outlet: Daniel Villareal | Newsweek | Link | Archive | 7/23/21

OUR RATING: Trash Journalism, aka the Daily Beast.

  • Cori Bush, liberal Congresswoman, posts screenshots to Twitter of alleged white nationalist death threats she’s receiving
  • Elite media uncritically blasts out these messages, giving Bush a lot of attention and victimhood
  • Common sense public notices that the messages are very likely faked because they are from the contents of an unsubmitted online form, meaning Bush likely typed them herself and then screenshotted the result

Take a moment to collect the facts regarding this matter: Cori Bush is a US Congresswoman who, at a time when racial tensions in America are precarious due to blatant liberal lies regarding white privilege, systemic racism and so-forth, decided to play not only the race card but the victim card in order to hide her own racist agenda under a veil of pseudo-victimhood. Perhaps America's true epidemic is hate hoaxes: perhaps it's time to start prosecuting hate hoaxers. I mean, it's pretty bad when the left feels the need to constantly fabricate race crime hoaxes in order to justify their fallacious claim of racism... it's as if there is no actual white race crimes, but in reality, that all of the racism is to be found within the liberal minority realm.