Articles of Impeachment: Kamala Harris

Impeachment Should Start With Kamala Harris

December 11, 2020

A few weeks back, we made the case for impeaching Joe Biden, should he become the next president. While we stacked up the evidence against him, we also acknowledged that removing him from office would elevate Kamala Harris to the presidency, an even worse alternative than the former Obama vice president. The way around this dilemma is to impeach Harris first. Then take down Biden.

The founders wisely intended for impeachment to be difficult, and removal from office an steeper even climb. But the Democrats changed the game, frivolously impeaching President Donald Trump on charges that he withheld aid to Ukraine for political reasons, which is what Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to have done with pandemic relief funds – blocked them to hurt a political rival.

The impeachment case against the California senator doesn’t line up as solidly as does for Biden. He’s had a nearly 35-year head start in “public service” – enough time to pile up a mountain of corruption. But it appears she’s not far behind, given that she seems to have some involvement in the Huntergate scandal. According to PJ Media, an email from Biden’s son Hunter, “Reportedly Names Kamala Harris, Others as Key Contacts for ‘Joint Venture’ With China Energy Co.”

So far, all we have there is suspicion. Yet some things about Harris are known. She was an abusive prosecutor in California. She was scolded by a superior court judge for violating defendants’ rights “by covering up detrimental information about a drug-lab technician,” says the New York Post, and was supportive of a jailhouse snitch program which “tainted more than a dozen criminal cases, several of them murder trials.” 

Then there were the moments when Harris simply failed to do her duty. She has been accused of refusing to prosecute some sexual abuse cases, possibly due to the involvement of powerful people who had donated to her San Francisco district attorney campaign.

Imagine someone who’s been described as “indifferent and even hostile to the basic principles of the Constitution” holding the second-most powerful government post in the country. How long will she be in the executive branch before she’s violated the Constitution in a fashion that demands impeachment a dozen or more times?

If Harris were impeached and removed from office, the next step to stop a revolving door of Democratic vice presidents, each one as wretched as the one before, would be for the Senate to deny Biden any replacements. The 25th Amendment requires a majority in both chambers of Congress to approve a president’s nominee to fill a vice presidential vacancy. If the Republicans still control the Senate after the runoff elections in Georgia, they will have the simple majority needed to block Biden’s pick.

Once Harris is gone, it’s time to impeach and seek the removal of Biden. As we wrote last month, the case against Biden in strong. From the aforementioned Huntergate to Ukrainegate to Spygate, to his participation in stealing the election, should that be demonstrated, Biden has left a trail of misconduct that can’t be ignored.

We now hear readers saying all we’re doing is setting up Nancy Pelosi to be president, since the speaker of the House is next in line for the presidency after the vice president. Not so. By the time two impeachments and two White House removals are completed, the GOP will have the majority in both congressional chambers. Remember, the president’s party almost always loses seats in Congress in mid-term elections, and the Democratic majority in the House going into 2022 is historically thin.

It’s possible that the impeachments might have to be held off until the GOP has a congressional majority. The process starts in the House and even if the Republican candidate is declared winner of the last undecided House race in the country, the GOP’s nine-seat deficit might be too high a hurdle to overcome.

We can wait two years, if necessary. Biden and Harris will do some damage in that time, but not nearly as much as they would over one or even two full Biden terms, followed by eight years of Harris.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board


Calls to Impeach Kamala Harris Grow Louder After Latest “Bail Fund” Disaster Unfolds

Articles of impeachment will be filed against Biden on 1/21...Are Kamala's impeachment articles far behind?


There are growing calls coming from the right to impeach Kamala Harris.

These calls come on the heels of Joe Biden’s impending impeachment in the House when newly-elected GA Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to file her articles of impeachment against the con artist and so-called “president.”

Many say, what’s the point, nothing will happen…

Well, to that I say, “shush up, and learn how to fight.”

The left does this stuff all the time – it’s a power move, it fires up the base and it shows that you’ve got some balls, for crying out loud.

Conservatives are such victims. They want to sit in a corner and cry about how “unfair” everything is and then complain when people actually use the left’s tactics and fight back. “We’re better than that…let’s take the high-road.”

That Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney mentality is weak, and that’s why we’re always losing. Enough of that nonsense.

Besides, you never know what can happen πŸ‘‡

Republicans only need 6 more votes in the House and they can impeach Joe and Kamala

— Jack Posobiec πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@JackPosobiec) January 14, 2021

So, now more and more people are calling for Harris to get impeached.


Well, remember that bail fund she stupidly promoted during the “summer of fire and riots,” when BLM and Antifa were destroying our nation’s cities?

If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota. https://t.co/t8LXowKIbw

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) June 1, 2020

Turns out that fund released a child sex abuser and other horrific criminals back onto the streets…But now, there’s more.

The fund is refusing to share records of the other disgusting individuals who Kamala helped spring from the clink.

From Just The News:

bail fund promoted by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris that reportedly helped bail out several accused and convicted criminals — at least one with a markedly violent history — is refusing to share the records of the individuals it helped spring from jail in the midst of last year’s deadly Black Lives Matter-led riots in Minnesota.


Harris’s support for the organization amid the riots last year was one of the factors that helped the Minnesota Freedom Fund realize a reported windfall of tens of millions of dollars, a gargantuan increase over the group’s 2018 returns of around $100,000.

Yet the bail fund was mired in controversy over the summer due to reports that it had helped spring from jail multiple alleged violent criminals, including at least one individual with multiple rape convictions on his rap sheet.

A review by the Washington Post found that MFF helped bail out of jail one individual who allegedly shot at police officers during riots in Minnesota.

Local Fox affiliate KMSP, meanwhile, found that among those who received bail money from the MFF were also “a woman accused of killing a friend [and] a twice convicted sex offender.”

Official bail records hard to locate

Yet a full accounting of the individuals bailed out by the fund last year was not available as of press time.

A representative of the Minnesota Freedom Fund told Just the News via email this week that the records of those it has helped bail out “are available via the Hennepin and Ramsey County jail rosters.” The group did not respond to repeated inquiries asking if it kept those records in its own files.

The records within the jail rosters, meanwhile, are not easily accessible.

Conservative pundits online are calling for Kamala to also be impeached:

Impeach Kamala Harris https://t.co/xcjSHRReKl

— Jack Posobiec πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@JackPosobiec) January 14, 2021

This looks impeachable to me. https://t.co/0kcOJtP6oE

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) January 14, 2021

We must fight fire with fire, and keep pushing and harping on these issues non-stop.

We must be relentless moving forward and leave nothing on the table. Throw it all the wall, and if it sticks, great, if not, that’s okay, throw more.

This is what the left successfully did to President Trump for 4 years, and it’s time they get a taste of their own medicine and then some, for the next few years.

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Mike Huckabee: ‘If We’re Going To Impeach Donald Trump … Then We’d Better Impeach Kamala Harris’ For Bailing BLM Protesters Out Of Jail

Former Republican Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee suggested Saturday that since President Donald Trump has been impeached for using “reckless” words, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris should also be impeached for raising bail money for Black Lives Matters protesters.

“Politicians say reckless things all the time,” Huckabee told Fox Business Network.

Trump told a massive crowd of supporters on Jan. 6,  “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. We will never give up, we will never concede.”

Later that day, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, forcing members of Congress to seek safety while five people were killed during the riot.

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to impeach Trump — for the second time — for inciting insurrection.

“If we’re going to impeach Donald Trump for what he said, then we’d better impeach Kamala Harris for saying the things she did last summer about the rioters and looters — and even establishing a monetary fund to get them out of jail on bail so they could get back to the riots,” Huckabee continued.

“Everybody should have a turn,” he added.

Huckabee was referring to Harris’ promotion of the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization that successfully raised bail money to release protesters, some of whom had been accused of serious felonies.

The former governor said Trump’s role in the fracas did not “serve the country’s interest very well,” adding that he disagreed with the president pressuring Vice President Mike Pence to invoke an imagined power to reject the results of the Electoral College certification.

“I think Mike Pence was right and the president was totally off the mark when it comes to what Pence could do. But that’s not an impeachable offense,” he said.

Huckabee suggested “the biggest consequence” of impeachment for Trump is how it stains his legacy and clouds “four years of amazing accomplishments as president.”

And it’s sad that people are going to remember more about his personality than they will about the things that he got done whether it’s deregulation, lowering taxes, a reset of the Middle East peace process with countries recognizing Israel, the moving of the [U.S.] Embassy [to Jerusalem], stepping back and pushing back against China, getting us out of the Iran deal and the Paris climate accords.

Ten House Republicans voted to impeach Trump, led by Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney. According to one report, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is considering voting for impeachment if and when the upper chamber considers the issue.