The Hegelian Principle

  -   What is the Hegelian Principle?
  -   The CIA and the Terms 'Conspiracy Theory' and 'Conspiracy Theorist'
  -   Fearmongering
  -   Hegelianism and the Strategy of Tension
  -   Bar Rescue and the Hegelian Principle
  -   Timeline of United States military operations
  -   Gunboat diplomacy

Deep State Acts of Hegelian Aggression at Home and Abroad

  -   Operation Lockstep - Conquering the World Under the Guise of a Pandemic
  -   Operation Mockingbird - The CIA and the Media: Enablers and Accomplices
  -   Operation Northwoods - The CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Dept of Defense Plans to Commit Terrorism Against America
  -   Operation Mongoose, aka The Cuban Project - an extensive terrorist campaign against Cuban civilians carried out by the CIA in Cuba
  -   The Church Committee
  -   Project MK Ultra - CIA Mind Control Program
  -   COINTELPRO - The FBI's Racist Program Against the US Civil Rights Movement
  -   Family Jewels - CIA Assassinations, Kidnappings, Wiretapping, Domestic Surveillance and Human Experimentation
  -   Human rights violations by the CIA
  -   Unethical Human Experimentation in the United States by the US Military, the CIA - AND THE CDC
  -   The CIA's SAC/SOG Special Operations Group (tactical ops) and SAC/PAG Political Action Group for Covert Political Action

Deep State Sponsored Global Regime Changes and Terrorist Activities

  -   Argentina
  -   Bolivia
  -   Brazil
  -   Chile
  -   Colombia
  -   Costa Rica
  -   Cuba
  -   Dominican Republic
  -   Egypt
  -   Guatemala
  -   Haiti
  -   Indonesia
  -   Iran
  -   Iraq
  -   Italy
  -   Kosovo
  -   Mexico
  -   Nicaragua
  -   Panama
  -   Syria
  -   Venezuela
  -   Afghanistan
  -   Grenada
  -   Honduras

The Trayvon Martin Lie
The Coup of November 3, 2020
The Real January 6, 2021 Insurrection
  -   Antifa and January 6th - Nancy's Brownshirts in Black
  -   The FBI and January 6th
  -   The Capital Police and January 6th
  -   Nancy Pelosi and January 6th
Hegelian Manipulation and American Marketing Companies
The Cold War
The Reichstag Fire and the Rise of the Third Reich
Hegelian Manipulation and One World Governance
Hegelian Principles Applied to American Education
Hegelian Principles Applied to American Healthcare
The War on Drugs
The Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Lie and Iraqi Oil
The War on Terror and The Patriot Act
The Anthrax Hoax
Climate Change / Global Warming
Systemic Racism, CRT and White Privelige
Sars, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and the China Virus
Afghanistan, Heroin and the Military-Industrial Complex
Immigration, the Border Crisis, Human Trafficking and Narco-Terrorism
The Iran Contra Affair
The London Riots of 2011
The Great Depression of 1929
World War 1
Pearl Harbor
World War 2
The Housing Bubble of 2008
Sandy Hook
Barak Hussein Obama
The Trilateral Commission
The Council on Foreign Relations
Contingency of Government
The FBI - Mob Enforcers
The US Department of Justice - Mob Enforcers
The Internal Revenue Service - Mob Enforcers
Osama bin Laden - Made in the USA
FBI - Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Hoax
Hate Crime Hoaxes
Federal Law Enforcement and Overlapping Jurisdictions
US Military Personel Loaned to Foreign Entities
The Feminist Movement
The #Metoo Movement