Antifa demanded "Justice for JoJo" Rosenbaum.[1] JoJo was on lifetime probation after being charged with rape of five boys ages nine to 11 years old.[2] Rosenbaum was killed in self defense by Kyle Rittenhouse when Rosenbaum assaulted Rittenhouse with deadly intent.

Early genuine movement

During the 1930-40s antifa was a genuine justice movement against Fascism.

2020s in the US

As some genuine anti-racist movement at its core, the name antifa was hijacked by radicals who have totally other ideas on their mind. As of today, many radical leftists have taking up the name for other purposes even twisted ones. Just as radical so-called "progressives" have used the "anti-racist" banner to promote bigotry.[3] Classical oxymoron. Hypocrites.[4]

Horace Lorenzo Anderson and 16-year-old Andrew Mayes Jr[5] were two African American youths murdered by Antifa in Seattle's CHOP zone in the summer of 2020.

Antifa as of the 2020s, is a violent leftist organization that employs fascist methods against its perceived opponents. Sometimes known as the ARA (short for "Anti-Racist Action"), it is an international terrorist[6] movement of anarchists and Marxist-Leninists dedicated to the overthrow of the existing order. Under the guise of anti-fascism, the group is in fact an intolerant hate group responsible for violence, mayhem, and church burnings in the United States and throughout the world.[7] The group employs direct quotations from Adolf Hitler.[8][9] The group relies on Cultural Marxist ideals and rhetoric for recruiting young people. It has been designated as a terrorist group in the United States.[10] The Democratic National Committee partners with Antifa for fundraising[11] and group works closely with Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). They have been spotted chanting 'Death to America' as well as other racist and anarchist chants on the streets.

Although Antifa has been promoted by CNN as the elite Trump resistance movement,[12][13][14] they are anti-American in outlook,[15] often chanting "No border! No wall! No U.S.A. at all!"[16] Facial recognition technology identified Antifa members as storming the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2020 during the Electoral College certification process.[17]

Antifa church burners,[18] in collusion with Black Lives Matter book burners,[19] led the 2020 Marxist uprising. Antifa and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement worked together to destroy statues and monuments all across the U.S.. On May 31, 2020, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would officially declare Antifa a terrorist organization.[20][21] In addition, Attorney General Bill Barr announced that Title X of the Civil Rights Act, known as the Anti-Riot Act, will be used to take down Antifa.[22]

In a racist attack, an Antifa white supremacist knocked out the front teeth of Philip Anderson at a Free Speech Rally.[23][24]


Democratic National Committee Vice-Chair Keith Ellison and now Minnesota Attorney general promoted Anitfa. The Antifa Manual calls for defunding police.

In the United States, they rose up at the University of California, Berkeley in response to Democrats losing the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. They claim that those individuals that support President Donald Trump and other conservatives are "Nazis". In Europe, they claim that supporters of right-wing, anti-establishment figures such as Marine Le Pen in France[25][26][27] or the Alternative for Germany[28] are "fascists" and "Nazis." Antifa groups have targeted Lega Nord in Italy.[29] Antifa has targeted, intimidated, and harassed conservative figures simply because of political disagreements,[30] and they have attempted to disrupt rallies promoting free speech.[31]

They dress in all black, wear black masks to hide their identities and attempt to disrupt rallies that are held in support of Trump. They frequently behave immaturely and engage in a variety of childish, cowardly and criminal actions such as using pepper spray and bike locks on unsuspecting people, throwing rocks, bricks, bottles, cement-filled soda cans, balloons filled with their own waste, punches, assorted drinks and M-80s, marching with flags and clubs, and committing vandalism, acting purely on emotion because they do not have the maturity, the intelligence or the courage to debate, argue or communicate their beliefs. They are militant, far-Left extremists that are a product of far-Left ideology, education, and funding. Despite claims to the contrary by the liberal media who claim that it is a "racially and socially diverse" group of "anti-racists", Antifa is, in fact, racist and made up almost entirely of privileged middle-class whites.[32][33]

The Antifa does not support the First Amendment and the freedom of speech, as seen in their illegal shutting down of scheduled conservative speakers on college campuses.[34] Its members have chanted support for the destruction of the United States, along with all national borders.[35]

Some witches and practicers of the occult who support left-wing policies have described themselves as "Antifa witches."[36]

For all of their bravado displayed in their pack behavior, however, those who identify as part of Antifa are basically childish and weak cowards who only operate in packs and resort to blindside attacks and swarming of opponents because, when met with equal or superior force from those who oppose them and what they stand for (whether it be a one-on-one situation or when a gang of Antifa rioters is confronted by an equal or larger number of opponents[37]), the Antifa members will choose to run away and hide or childishly name-call from a distance rather than risk receiving a well-deserved beatdown for the trouble they cause.[38] But even when operating in packs, Antifa members will still run away cowardly when they are unexpectedly met by a single person with the capability of doing them serious harm if they insist on pushing their luck with that person.[39]

Socialists consider all forms of capitalism as "fascist," and the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate was a devastating blow to "socialist progress." "Anti-fascism" really means opposition to all forms of capitalism and liberalism coupled with the use of violence. Opposition to "racism" is just an excuse to vilify, silence, and employ violence against people they consider capitalist exploiters and oppressors.

Support from "mainstream" liberals

Despite the lamestream media insisting that wildfires that occurred in the West Coast were due to "global warming", this CNN headline admits otherwise that conservatives were right about arsonists.

Many in the leftist mainstream media applaud the Antifa's stance as they align with their #Resist agenda,[40][41] and they have not taken a strong and clear stance against Antifa violence.[42] Facebook permits them to have a page to rally support. Political figures in the U.S. Democrat Party and liberal European parties refuse to condemn their actions. There has been no condemnation of this group or its actions from California Governor Jerry Brown. Berkeley, California mayor Jesse Arreguín (who has ties to far-Left anarchist group By Any Means Necessary[43]) has illegally ordered the city's police department to stand down while Antifa violence unfolds, which has caused a rift between the Berkeley Police and Arreguín.[43] Likewise, Michael Signer, the Democrat mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, illegally ordered a stand-down for the city's police department to allow Antifa to engage in a violent riot with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in what is widely suspected to be a Democrat-staged false flag operation.[44][45] While Antifa tries to proclaim they fight against who they claim are "fascists" (erroneously lumping in the Alt-right and conservatives with legitimate fascists like Nazis and white supremacists), Antifa is, in fact, fascist and Nazi-like themselves in every aspect, being the very thing they claim to fight against. A quote, falsely attributed to Winston Churchill, is still correct in summing up this group of thugs, "When fascism comes to America it will be called anti-fascism.[46]

Widely viewed picture showing Antifa supporter nicknamed "Moldylocks" getting punched in the face.

Antifascist Action focuses on promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies and groups promoting any kind of oppression, particularly against Neo-Nazism and right wing radicals.

Numerous liberals, such as Dartmouth professor Mark Bray, have described Antifa's violence as a "positive" thing, casting it as necessary for a greater good – "combating the far right."[47] House Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi first condemned Antifa violence only in August 2017.[48][49] Tim Kaine refused to condemn Antifa.[50]

Mainstream media outlets promoted the false claim that violent left-wingers user their violence against conservatives to bring about "peace."[51] Chuck Todd of NBC was criticized by conservatives for asking "softball" questions when interviewing Antifa sympathizers.[52]

On August 28, 2017, Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show that the Antifa is effectively the militant wing of the Democrat Party.[53] Antifa, which is being openly supported by a number of Democrat politicians as well as by members of the liberal media, has also been considered to be a modern-day version of the Democrats' other terrorist wing, the Ku Klux Klan.[54]

Wikipedia editors have downplayed Antifa's violence and far-Left ideology and portrayed it favorably.[55] The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled numerous mainstream conservative organizations as "hate groups" but is itself a hate group in its own right, has refused to label Antifa a hate group.[56] The fellow left-wing organization Anti-Defamation League even considers "Anti-Antifa images" to be "hate symbols".[57]

In October 2018, Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler mayor gave transparent excuses to defend his own decision to let Antifa block traffic and harass drivers and to block the police from intervening.[58][59] In April 2019, Chris Cuomo of CNN defended Antifa as a "good cause."[60] Antifa has received much support from the Big Tech hub Silicon Valley,[61] which has provided cover for them by allowing Antifa groups to post messages openly calling for violence against conservative opponents (which, despite their belief otherwise, is not protected speech under the First Amendment and is, in fact, illegal under federal law) while illegally silencing conservatives and denying them First Amendment rights via censoring and removal of their messages and suspension/disabling of the social media accounts of prominent conservatives who have spoken out against Antifa violence and criminality.

Wikipedia, in its Antifa (United States) article in its "Trump administration" subsection, has claimed that President Trump "has no authority" to declare Antifa a terrorist group and that doing so is "unconstitutional", using articles from discredited liberal media outlets CNN and the New York Times to back its claim as well as using those same articles to shield Antifa and excuse its criminal actions by misusing the First Amendment (which, in fact, does not protect criminal behavior nor violent speech, including death threats) and due process.

Antifa violence and criminal behavior

See also: Left-wing violence in the Trump era

The Antifa claims that its violence is necessary and legitimate to use in order to stop those who they believe to be "fascists" and "authoritarians."[62]

Like the Occupy Wall Street movement prior, Antifa is establishing branches in cities across the country. By their actions,[63] people are demanding the group be labeled a domestic terrorist organization by the government. 

Picture showing Trump supporter nicknamed Based Stickman giving a wedgie to an Antifa protester.

After previous Trump rallies were assaulted, right-wingers came prepared at the next rally and thoroughly embarrassed Antifa, pushing back hard. Assaults were widely viewed on social media. Antifa radicals tried to garner sympathy by establishing a GoFundMe.com account. With politicians and the liberal media largely ignoring the violence, it is only a matter of time before somebody dies as a result of all the hate, anger and criminal behavior being displayed by Antifa.[64]

Antifa groups have used violence in its anti-Trump demonstrations to the point where police in riot gear were needed, and protestors have used gas canisters and rocks.[65]

In June 2017, an Antifa website encouraged physical violence against Trump supporters, capitalists and others who hold conservative-leaning views.[66]

Since 2016, the FBI and DHS warned local governments of Antifa violence and its increasing occurrences, and they labeled its activities as "domestic terrorist violence."[67] The New Jersey State Office of Homeland Security has designated Antifa a domestic terrorist group.[68]

In a major August 2018 protest in Washington, D.C., Antifa members threatened and physically attacked the police,[69][70][71] as well as uninvolved bystanders including mainstream media journalists.[71][72][73] They also carried signs promoting violence against people whose ideas they oppose,[70][72] and many of them called for murdering the president.[70]

Dressed in all black with his face covered, Antifa member Connor Betts during the Dayton nightclub attack.[74]

Some Antifa members, such as California philosophy professor Eric Clanton, received extremely lenient sentences compared to the violent crimes they committed as Antifa activists.[75]

In January 2019, Antifa leader José Alcoff, who had previously advocated for murder, was arrested for being connected to an attack on two U.S. Marines a few months earlier.[76] Alcoff had been working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and congressional Democrats to create new regulations on small businesses.[77]

In 2019, Antifa activists were caught working with Mexican drug cartels and migrant caravan activists to create an armed conflict on the U.S.–Mexico border.[78] In May 2019, several Antifa protesters in Paris stormed a hospital, threatening its patients.[79]

Connor Betts shot up a Dayton, Ohio nightclub on August 4, 2019, killing 9 people including six African Americans, and wounding 27.

Antifa, which is supported by commentators at CNN, had assaulted 15 journalists by mid-2019.[80] In the city of Leipzig, in Germany, the government offered a reward of 100,000 euros to anybody who could identify Antifa members who had caused violence in the city.[81]

Antifa and other far-left activists have increasingly been calling child protective services on conservative parents simply because of their conservative values.[82]

Individual Antifa members are known for their extreme cowardice. In early November 2020, one member of the group in New York taunted police officers, and fled out of fear when they walked towards him.[83]

2020 Antifa riots

Sen. Kamala Harris solicited money for the MFF to bail out the terrorists who burnt down the Minneapolis Police Station.

See also: 2020 Leftwing riots

Antifa provocateurs were identified as smashing windows at an Auto Zone car parts store and Wendy's restaurant in Minneapolis where the 2020 leftist riots originated.[84][85] Fires and violence spread to St. Paul, Minnesota and nationwide from there. Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul mayors identified the vast majority of arrests of leftwing rioters were from out of state;[86] crossing state lines to incite riot is a federal offense.

Minnesota Attorney General and former DNC vice chair Keith Ellison is a longtime proponent and supporter of Antifa and political violence.[87]

Aaron Danielson was a member of the Patriot Prayer group who was executed by Antifa assassin Michael Forest Reinoehl in Portland on August 29, 2020.[88] Danielson was a native of Portland and used the pseudonym "Jay Bishop" to protect himself from Antifa. Danielson was specifically targeted as a supporter of Blue Lives Matter.[89] Danielson had been stalked by Reinoehl right up to the shooting.[90] Reinoehl posted a manifesto on Instagram on June 16, 2020. In the manifesto Reineohl wrote, "I am 100% ANTIFA all the way! I am willing to fight for my brothers and sisters! Even if some of them are too ignorant to realize what antifa truly stands for."[91] Patriots had been attacked throughout the day by violent Leftists.[92]

An Antifa commander was arrested carrying a flamethrower to a Green Bay, Wisconsin Black Lives Matter rally. Matthew Banta, 23, is “known to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests,” a criminal complaint said in his Green Bay arrest record.[93] He was carrying an Antifa flag and stickers along with “military-grade 5-minute” smoke grenades, fireworks rockets, and a flamethrower.[94] Banta was stopped after being spotted with “a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats and helmets” heading toward a BLM event in Green Bay, police said in the criminal complaint.

Antifa fascists attack Jews.[95]

“It’s worrisome when people associated with Antifa come here to Green Bay from out of town … for the purposes of committing violent acts,” Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith told WBAY.

At the time of Banta's arrest, Banta was out on a $10,000 cash bond after being accused of pointing a loaded gun at a police officer as well as biting and kicking a cop at a "peaceful protest". A condition of his bond was that he can't have a dangerous weapon, according to the Brown County district attorney's office.

The 23-year-old was charged with obstructing an officer and two counts of felony bail jumping. He was again released on $2,500 bond, court records show. He was one of 15 arrested at Saturday's Black Lives Matter protest that turned violent in Green Bay and was deemed an unlawful assembly, police said.[96]

A Twitter account named OC Antifa, allegedly from Orange County, California posted a series of tweets on May 31, 2020. The tweets read:

Attention Antifa "comrades": today marks the end of an almost three year operation. Our infiltration of your movement was a success, and the faces and identities of everyone who has attended or financially supported Marxist and seditious activities has been recorded.

Say hello to the terrorists at @UciYdsa . Their leader, Steph, and many of their members have participated in Antifa demonstrations and acts of vandalism.

in local politics and academia, including professors at University of California, Irvine, and local DSA officials. The reckoning is here, and you are all going to feel the wrath of a nation who has finally had enough of your games. Enjoy prison!

The countless patriots whose lives you have ruined, and families you have terrorized, will finally be avenged. No longer will the American people tolerate your Red terror and subversion of everything we hold dear. We have identified dozens of militants, and sympathizers ...[97]

Marxist insurrectionists set up check points and border walls in Occupied Seattle. Residents were extorted and forced to pay protection money.[98]

On New Year's Eve, Antifa and other far-left militias, including anarchist groups, clashed with police in Portland, while Antifa members engaged in rioting and acts of terrorism, including firebombing. This caused Portland Democrat mayor of Ted Wheeler to promise to send an intervention force, even though he previously supported them.[99]

In 2021, Cyan Waters Bass, who is in his early 20s, (who is oddly named after a Crayola crayon), was arrested, pleaded guilty in state court to five charges, including first-degree arson.[100]

Antifa No-Go Zones

Antifa set up a No Go Zone in Seattle during the 2020 Marxist insurrection. Residents inside the occupied territory were extorted for protection money and subject to arbitrary and racially motivated Stop and Frisk searches.

2020 Presidential election

Antifa flyer.PNG

See also: 2020 Presidential election and Biden Putsch

On an evening just prior to the Electoral College certification of the 2020 stolen presidential election, Antifa thugs terrorized the home of Sen. Josh Hawley, where Sen. Hawley's wife and newborn infant were home alone.[101] Sen. Hawley had pledged to contest the results of the stolen election.

During the January 6, 2021 Joint Session of Congress to certify the Electoral College ballots, while tens of thousands peaceful protesters rallied in support of President Trump outside the capitol, chartered vans of Antifa were escorted by state police in black, unmarked SUVs into the midst of the crowd.[102][103][104] Capitol Police then removed barriers and waved the crowd in to the Capitol steps.[105][106] Antifa rioters proceeded to break windows on the U.S. Capitol building and storm the premises.[107][108][109] Facial recognition technology identified Antifa members,[110] who had used disguises to infiltrate a pro-Trump protest group, as storming the building.[111] Twitter, in a flimsy attempt to cover for the Antifa punks, falsely claimed that a side-by-side photo comparison of one of the infiltrators (showing him at the Capitol in one photo, and at a BLM rally in June 2019 in the other photo, both of which show him with the same visually distinct tattoos) was "manipulated media" but gave no reason for their false claim.[112]

Antifa terrorist using skateboard as a weapon.[113]

The proceedings inside the House and Senate chambers were halted, and a Trump supporter who followed the crowd into the Capitol building was summarily executed by Capitol Police.[114]

Following the violence, several Senators withdrew their support of objections to fraudulent electors. One protester posted in social media a statement that he had been paid to disrupt the Trump rally and Congressional proceedings.[115]

At the close of the day's events and Joint Session, the House Chaplain offered a prayer to "bless Antifa".[116][117]

2021 Assault on Portland Federal Courthouse

One week after Biden junta chief prosecutor Merrick Garland testified that Antifa terror attacks may night be domestic terrorism because they typically occur at night, Antifa assaulted the Portland Federal Courthouse in broad daylight.[118] A series of attacks persisted for several days.[119]


The DNC partners with two organizations,[120] Act Blue and Action Network, who are allied with one another.[121] Together these platforms allow progressive groups, including antifa,[11] to raise money and organize protests electronically. It gives progressive activist groups the ability to privately and quickly communicate with members of their mailing lists. There is even a degree of list-sharing between the groups. From Action Network's announcement of the DNC partnership:

We had hoped to announce our partnership with the DNC under much different circumstances, but now, facing an unprecedented crisis that has forced us all to move our organizing from in-person to digital, our partnership to build robust, safe, and trusted technology for the movement is more important than ever.

As COVID-19 affects our collective communities and changes the world around us by the hour, we are working to be as responsive as possible to the needs of you, our partners, and your communities. For months now, in partnership with the DNC and through our non-profit, cooperative development model, we’ve been doubling down on our efforts to make sure the Action Network toolset can be there every moment to get your communications in people’s inboxes quickly and effectively.

100 year plan

Antifa claims it has a "hundred-year plan" in which they want to transform the United States into exactly the opposite of what it has been. Antifa has rallied an army around its objectives. People who "identify" as straight, white, males are excluded, and are being targeted clearly as the enemy, whom they deem as "fascists" and "colonizers", and whom they seek to eliminate,[122] even though its membership is almost entirely white and largely male.

Antifa has drawn on the organizing principles and game plan of the SDSWeather Underground (WUO), and Black Panthers of the 1960s. Like the SDS, WUO, and Black Panthers they seek violent Marxist, and Maoist, revolution. The SDS was a million member band of students, predominantly white, from which a few hardcore, violent radicals were recruited which constituted the Weather Underground. Under Marxist and Maoist theory of communist revolution, the Black Panthers were designated as the spearhead of the revolution, with the predominantly white WUO and SDS as "support" groups.

Copying the 1960s model, Antifa is the modern violent, predominantly white, support group to the spearhead of Marxist revolution, Black Lives Matter. All these groups trace their organization and ideals from the veritable ant heap of American Communist front organizations over the past fifty-plus years.

Marxist revolution in the 1960s and 1970s in America failed; however through tutoring and mentoring from oldtime believers, true dedicated Marxist revolutionaries study and learn from their previous failures. The question America faces today is, are the ordinary people who believe in democracy, freedom, and the goodness of America willing to stand up to senseless violence and criminals, and their corporate sponsors, who have the police and taxpaying citizens intimidated? Are Americans in 2020 willing to lay down and be slaves to Communism? This is the objective that these community organizers have been working toward for decades.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

The planners, supporters and instigators of these attacks claim that the attacks on the family and church are "completed". They claim that the takeover of education and brainwashing in schools is "complete". All that remains for these criminal revolutionaries is violence in the street, and eliminating the enemies of revolution, which has already occurred in countless nation states on the planet over the past 100 years. Now America faces on its own shores what it has fought to protect other peoples overseas from for the past century.

What it means to be white

See also: White privilege

“White” with an uppercase W does not mean white as most Americans use the word. “White” in radical parlance means anyone of any race, creed, nationality, color, sex, or sexual preference who embraces capitalism, free markets, limited government, and American traditional culture and values. These beliefs are deemed to be irredeemably evil, and anyone who aligns with them is “white” in spirit and thus equally guilty of “white crimes.”[123][124]

Relations with PKK

Antifa PKK.png

See also: Arab Spring and Obama war crimes

Turkey is fighting the PKK Marxist-Leninist narco-terrorist organization.[125] PKK was armed by the Obama administration.[126] The PKK trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria.[127] A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intelligence report, titled The Syrian Conflict and its Nexus to the U.S.-based Antifascist Movement, identifies several Americans, including a left-wing podcast host who traveled to Syria to fight ISIS. The report includes a readout of these individuals’ personal information, including their social security numbers, home addresses, and social media accounts, much of the data generated by DHS's Tactical Terrorism Response Teams. As the intelligence report states, “ANTIFA is being analyzed under the 2019 DHS Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism (CT) and Targeted Violence.”[128]


The real “face” of the instigators in Minneapolis. Screenshot from FB video of guy who smashed Autozone windows, carrying hammer, trying to sneak away.[129][130]

See also: Left Wing Terrorism in the United States

The modern re-incarnation of Antifa was formed in 1988 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as Toronto, Canada to supposedly counteract white supremacist and Neo-Nazi "groups" which consisted of no more than a few dozen members in any city.

The organization can be traced to the “united front” of the Soviet Union’s Communist International (Comintern) during the Third World Congress in Moscow in June and July 1921. The idea of the united front strategy was to bring together left-wing organizations in order to incite communist revolution. The Soviets believed that following Russia’s revolution in 1917, communism would next spread to Germany, since Germany had the second-largest communist party, the KPD (Communist Party of Germany).

It was at the Fourth World Congress of the Comintern in 1922 that the plan took shape. Moscow formed the slogan “To the Masses” for its united front strategy and sought to join together the various communist and workers’ parties of Germany under a single ideological banner that it controlled. Both the communist and fascist systems were based on collectivism and state-planned economies. Both also proposed systems wherein the individual was heavily controlled by a powerful state, and both were responsible for large-scale atrocities and genocide. In addition, the term "anti-fascism" was originally used by Stalin and the USSR prior to and during World War II as part of propaganda purposes to make the USSR seem mainstream by comparison to Nazi Germany.[16][131]

Antifaschistische Aktion was one of the paramilitaries which proliferated during the economic instability and political unrest of the Weimar Republic. The concept of anti-fascism existed as early as World War II for propaganda purposes, where Stalin referred to the USSR as "anti-fascist", with the obvious implication that the USSR and Stalin were "morally better" than the Nazis and Hitler, using the misapplication of Nazism and fascism as being of the far right instead of being of the far left.[16] After World War II when fascism was defeated Antifaschistische Aktion absorbed the state ideology and rhetoric of the East German socialist state. The Berlin Wall was called the Antifaschistische Wall or the anti-fascist defense barrier. The East German state and Stasi is the model of Antifa objectives.

Antifa fascist (right in black hood) moves to stab a U.S. Marine Corps veteran (left in blue with bicycle).[132]

Modern Antifa groups emerged in the 1970s in the Anglo-American sphere and took root in the British punk scene in opposition to the growth of racist skinheads. The subculture crossed over to the United States and forms the basis of American Antifa.

The 2016 annual report by Germany's domestic intelligence service, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), notes the same point: From the viewpoint of the “left-wing extremist,” the label of “fascism” as pushed by Antifa often does not refer to actual fascism, but is merely a label assigned to “capitalism.”

While leftist extremists claim to be fighting “fascism” while launching their attacks on other groups, the report states the term “fascism” has a double meaning under the extreme-left ideology, indicating the “fight against the capitalist system.” Antifascism is a strategy, not an ideology. They argue that the capitalist state produces fascism, or at least tolerates it. Therefore, anti-fascism is directed not only against actual or supposed right-wing extremists but also always against the state and its representatives, in particular members of the security authorities.[133]

An Antifa group, "Refuse Fascism," organized what it announced would be a series of major rallies in U.S. cities that would last until President Trump and Vice President Pence stepped down.[134] Rather than millions of people, as it intended, the protests saw very low turnout.[135][136]


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