Black Lives Matter, Incorporated

Black Lives Matter protesters murdered 8 year old Secoriea Turner on July 5, 2020 in Atlanta.[1]

Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is a fundraising arm for the DNC and Biden presidential campaign.[2] In 2021 it was discovered BLM founder Patrisse Cullors spent more than $3.4 million of donations to purchase 3 private mansions in exclusive white neighborhoods.[3][4] In 2020, Black Lives Matter protesters murdered at least six Blacks, including two policemen, two children, and shot at least 3 other Blacks including one minor.[5]

BLM is a Fifth Column front organization organization posing to promote social change. The movement is a highly organized Marxist[6]/Leftist organization and has formed a united front with other far-Left extremist groups which call for Communist revolution, seeking to uproot the American constitutional form of government and install a Marxist dictatorship of the proletariat. The movement is also known for its violent homophobia[7][8] and violence against African American free thinkers.[9]

Group membership consists primarily of white criminals and ex-convicts who hate police, hate the judicial system, and hate the taxpayers who support it. The group has very little concern for the lives and wellbeing of African Americans, burning down their communities and shopping districts. The group's main objective is Marxist revolution. Its demands, as of mid 2020, are the abolition of police departments across the United States and the release of all criminals from prison, as well as a host of other far-Left agenda projects, including the Green New Deal and the imminent takeover of the Democrat Party by Marxists (Marxists believe in single party control and the outlawing and censorship of opposition). Group organizers, who are principally white, specifically target sociopathic and criminal elements in both black and white society for recruitment.

While most innocent protesters have unwittingly marched under the banner of an anti-American subversive organization, the truth is the organization has been infiltrated by the violent Antifa terror organization. Antifa has acted as provocateurs at BLM demonstrations, turning them into riots. The group's leadership is working in close consultation with Antifa and other Marxist groups dedicated to the violent overthrow of the United States system of government.

It was the Summer of Love until Black Lives Matter protesters started murdering Black Lives Matter protesters.[10] BLM protesters murdered two African Americans in Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, including a child,[11] and Black policemen in St. Louis and Oakland.[12] BLM protesters murdered an 8-year-old Black girl in Atlanta,[13] and a Black man.[14] A one-year-old Black toddler was murdered while sitting in a stroller in the BLM violence.[15] A journalist was murdered by a Black Live Matter protester in St. Louis.[16] In Davenport, Iowa BLM protesters murdered another protester.[17] In Madison, Wisconsin BLM homophobes beat up and left for dead a homosexual state senator.[18] Churches were set on fire. Most, and virtually all in some areas, BLM terrorists are privileged white liberal, progressive, socialists and Communists. Many if not most Blacks soon tired of white liberal Communists explaining to them why their lives mattered. Democrat mayors and governors did nothing and stood by and watched while white liberal socialists burnt down Black communities and business districts in the name of "Black Lives Matter."

Black Lives Matter considers covid vaccine mandates racist.[19]

Support for Black Lives Matter crashed to 2% among registered voters in the first 8 months of the Biden junta, down from its all time during the 2020 U.S. Color Revolution.[20]

Far-Left radicalism

The Black Lives Matter organization has nothing to do with improving the lives of Black citizens. It is in fact a traditional Marxist-Leninist movement and fundraising scam for Democrat candidates. Its objectives are to overthrow the government of the United States, beginning with abolishing police and emptying the jails.

See also: Revolutionary vanguard

In 2016, the “Movement for Black Lives,” a BLM umbrella organization, released a political platform which consisted of numerous far-Left demands, including socialized medicine, the immediate legalization of prostitution, the immediate pardon of all drug offenses with reparations paid to those convicted of drug offenses, and the restructuring of tax policy to create a “radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth.”[21] While the Occupy Wall Street and Obama riots had failed to bring about a violent Marxist overthrow of the existing social order and governmental system,[22] the same organizers and groups attempted again, this time in a nationwide coordinated effort during the 2020 Leftist insurrection.[23] While justifying violence to achieve "social justice", the movement’s goal is to overthrow our society to replace it with a Marxist one. Many members of the black community would be shocked to learn that the intellectual godfathers of this movement are mostly white Communists, “queers,” and leftist Democrats, intent on making blacks cannon fodder, the shock troops of the coming Marxist revolution.

Black Lives Matter was endorsed by Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden;[24] Yusra Khogali, a racist feminist and co-founder of a Canadian chapter of BLM, teaches followers that white people are "subhuman" (which she intentionally misspelled as "subhumxn").[25] Walkaway founder Brandon Straka has been physically assaulted by Black Lives Matter terrorists and bigots who called him "f*gg*t".[26]

BLM declared war on the police. They marched down a New York street chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”[27] BLM community organizers were charged in extortion plots.[28] BLM has been criticized for ignoring black-on-black violence and promoting racial hatred.[29]

Citizens who volunteered to clean up the vandalism and graffiti of white Antifa rioters in the name of BLM were falsely called "racist" by racist leftists.[30]

While it claimed/claims it is about fighting "racism," the fact is that White/Black relations only worsened precisely since it was formed.[31] Black Lives Matter org was hijacked in Germany to promote drug legalization for white people.[32]


Thousand Currents, the charity that manages fundraising for Black Lives Matter, includes on its board Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist who was sentenced to 58 years in prison. Rosenberg’s involvement with the May 19 Communist Organization, which carried out its bombing campaign in the 1980s, earned her a spot on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.[33] She was arrested in 1984 while unloading 740 pounds of stolen explosives and a sub-machine gun from a truck. Rosenberg was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day in office.[34]

George Soros, Rob McKay, and other Democracy Alliance donors have given millions of dollars to groups associated with the movement, which have in total raked in over $133 million. Organizations associated with Soros are said to have provided at least $33 million to various BLM movement groups since 2016.[35]

In 2015, the fundraising club Democracy Alliance, led by Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay, recommended “its donors step up check writing to a handful of endorsed groups that have supported the Black Lives Matter movement.” BLM Movement groups which received support from the Democracy Alliance were the Black Youth Project 100, the Center for Popular Democracy, the Black Civic Engagement Fund, Color of Change and the Advancement Project.[36]

Additionally, the Ford Foundation and the Borealis Philanthropy created the Black-led Movement Fund,[37] a funding vehicle for the Movement for Black Lives, the coalition of groups responsible for the extremist “Vision 4 Black Lives.”[38] The fund has received “pledges of more than 100 million dollars from liberal foundations and others eager to contribute.”

The Gateway Pundit exposed Black Lives Matter as a money laundering scheme for the Democratic National Committee.[39] When you click on the “Donate” button on blacklivesmatter.com you are sent to “ActBlue”, the DNC official payment portal. ActBlue claims to be tax exempt organization and all donations to it are tax-deductable. The terms and conditions also link to ActBlue and mention “Campaign Finance Laws”.[40] When you research the expenditures of ActBlue, all of their contributions are directly going to top DNC campaigns.[41] After reaching the BLM homepage, which features a “Defund The Police” petition front and center, if a user chooses to donate, they’re rerouted to a site hosted by ActBlue. Joe Biden is a top beneficiary of the ActBlue’s fundraising efforts.[42] ActBlue contributions comprise 99.64 percent of all funds raised for the “Biden for President” entity and the total is nearly 773 times greater than the group with the second-highest donation sum. As of May 21, 2020, the organization has donated $119,253,857 to the “Biden for President” effort.[43]


People who value all human life advocated #alllivesmatter as a more appropriate slogan. They argue that people should care about Trayvon Martin and other victims because they are human beings without regard to their race. Many people believe that the social problems resulting in these deaths are too complex to discuss as hashtags and would prefer a more reasoned dialogue.[44] During a 2015 televised Democratic candidate debate, the moderator asked each candidate to pick either #blacklivesmatter or #alllivesmatter, with all the candidates picking #blacklivesmatter.[45]

In September 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood-front Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined BLM activists in storming California Governor Jerry Brown’s office. CAIR also participated in the Ferguson protests.

The "Nashville chapter of Black Lives Matter" booked a meeting room in the local library for the public meetings of the group. However, the group excluded whites from attending their meetings. Some people complained and the library said it would enforce its rule allowing the public and media to attend. The meetings moved to a local church with whites continued to be excluded.[46]

On February 18, 2016, Barack Obama invited a number of civil rights leaders to meet with him and included Aislinn Pulley, a leader of "Black Lives Matter Chicago." Pulley rejected Obama's invitation and did not attend the meeting.[47]

In February 2016, some Facebook employees wrote #blacklivesmatter on community whiteboards at their company headquarters. Other employees crossed out that slogan and replaced it with "all lives matter." In response, Mark Zuckerberg sent a memo to Facebook employees ordering them to stop it, in contradiction of the policy that these boards were supposed to be "free speech zones." Zuckerburg wrote, " 'Black lives matter' doesn't mean other lives don't -- it's simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve." Two percent of Facebook employees are black.[49]

On February 29, 2016, Donald Trump held a rally that was disrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors. Trump responded that "all lives matter."[50][51]

In response to a tragic death of a police officer in the line of duty, the hashtag #bluelivesmatter was circulated. In response, Village Voice has tried to mockingly make light of it.[52]

In July 2016, 21 police were injured by rocks, steel pipes, and fireworks during a demonstration in St. Paul, Minnesota, where rioters illegally shut down the interstate for five hours. One officer suffered a spinal fracture after a concrete block was dropped on his head.

Black Lives Matter activists reportedly harassed police and engaged in violent behavior during a major protest in August 2018.[53][54]

In March 2021 it was reported that Black Lives Matter leader Terry Joe Wilson, a white man who allegedly is a faculty member at Boise State University and the school’s Black Lives Matter chapter spokesman, was arrested for smearing paint and feces on a statue of Abraham Lincoln.[55] Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, freeing the slaves.

Critics ask why Black lives only matter when they are taken by a white person, but not when a Black person is murdered by another Black person, and if that isn't discrimination. Many African American critics and victims of crime refer to the organization as Black Lies Matter due to its lack of concern over innocent child murder victims of random violence and drive-by shootings in Black neighborhoods.

In July, 2021 BLM came under fire for supporting oppressive cruel Cuban regime.[56][57][6]

Even a lefty criticized the BLM stand in face of rampant anti black racism in Cuba and that the main victims in the 2021 [Libertad] uprising have been disproportionately blacks. And that the BLM have only used Cuba.[58]

Waukesha Christmas parade massacre

See also: Waukesha Christmas parade massacre

An African American suspect, BLM supporter[59] and sex offender[60] with a long criminal history, Darrell Edward Brooks Jr., was incited to violence by false information emanating from Democrat elected officials and the liberal media in the immediate aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense verdict for shooting 3 white BLM protesters who attempted to kill him. Brooks drove his vehicle through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.[61] Waukesha county is considered one of the deepest Red counties in the United States.[62]

On November 21, 2021,[63] Darrel Brooks murdered six people, including young Jackson Sparks, and left 62 people injured.[64] including 6 children at a Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade by ramming a SUV into crowd, including kids. He was trying to hit as many people as possible.[65] Earlier, Brooks posted about the verdict of the trial.[66] An eyewitness told The Federalist, “they ran out of ambulances so they were putting them in the back of squad cars.” There were civilians taking people to the hospital, he said, and “people carrying people down the street just to get to the cars” since the streets were blocked off.[67]

The victims who were killed included four women, ages from 51 to 79 years old who were members of the Dancing Grannies group, known for carrying pompoms and entertaining crowds with synchronized routines, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel with a senior man of 81 year old who was helping his wife in this group.[68] An 8-year-old boy succumbed to his injuries days later.[69] There was also 18 children injured from this attack.[70] All the victims were white. Brooks was charged with intentional homicide.[71]

Socialist premier Joe Biden did not condemn the attack, nor did he send condolences to victims. Many liberals sent out disparaging tweets making fun of victims, including social media director for the Democratic Party of suburban Chicago DuPage County, Mary Lemanski, calling the terror attack "karma".[72] BLM activist Vaun L. Mayes at the scene of the Waukesha parade attack said, "the revolution has started," and the word on the street was that Darrell Brooks was motivated by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.[73] Leftists on Twitter called the murders of children and old women "self-defense."[74] The Biden Justice Department moved quickly to take control of the propaganda apparatus and tamp down facts regarding the racially motivated domestic terror attack.[75]

Organization and history

See also: CommunismAnti-Semitism, and Atheistic communism, mass murder and sociopathic leaders

BLM was founded in 2013 by three cultural Marxists: Alicia GarzaPatrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. Garza is an old Van Jones cohort from the Marxist STORM organization in the Bay Area in the 1990s. In 2015, Alicia Garza wrote:

"When I use Assata [Shakur]'s powerful demand in my organizing work, I always begin by sharing where it comes from, sharing about Assata’s significance to the Black Liberation Movement, what its political purpose and message is, and why it’s important in our context."[76]

Assata Shakur is the former "queen" of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) terrorist group, who was convicted of the first-degree murder of a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973. She was convicted of murder and seven other felonies. While serving a life sentence, she escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in 1979. She was granted political asylum in Cuba in 1984 where she has lived ever since, despite US government efforts to have her extradited. She is on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list, under her maiden name Joanne Deborah Chesimard. BLM founders openly admit to being "trained Marxists".[77] Garza is a black separatist and more recently was affiliated with the Marxist Freedom Road Socialist Organization that wants to carve out an independent nation-state in the Bay Area.[78]

Black Lives Matter began as a slogan or hashtag that became popular in response to a series of incidents involving what was believed to be an excessive use of force by police resulting in the death of blacks in the United States. The slogan could be flipped to call anyone a racist who disagreed with the organizations socialist objectives.

The #blacklivesmatter hashtag became popular following the death in 2012 of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin who was killed by George Zimmerman, a community watch volunteer. Different people tried to capitalize on the slogan and take leadership of the people that have adopted the hashtag. Three lesbians, Garza, Cullors, and Tometi have since created an organization by the name.[79] and have started a website.[80] BLM’s mission includes a kitchen sink of favored radical Left causes, including support of poverty elimination programs, prison deinstitutionalization, illegal immigration and gay rights.

Garza, Cullors and Tometi all work for front groups of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), one of the four largest radical Left organizations in the country. The others are the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS). Nelini Stamp’s ACORN—now rebranded under a variety of different names—works with all four organizations, and Dream Defenders is backed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and others.

BLM's wide network of affiliates and partner organizations like CPUSA and ACORN allows BLM to turn out large crowds. Many participate simply to protest, commit violence, loot or all three.

Black Liberation Movement

At the Students for a Democratic Society National Convention held in Chicago on June 18–22, 1969 adhered to the general over-all line of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese world view that attributed the source of global conflict from tension between the colonial and former colonial peoples of AsiaAfrica, and Latin America on the one hand, and the forces of imperialism led by the United States on the other. The unfolding of the conflict between the national liberation movement of the Viet Cong and "forces of United States imperialism" and its "puppet regime in Saigon" would provide an example for peoples of the Third World to unite in the defeat of US imperialism and the establishment of a "world socialist order."[81]

The main point of contention centered on the role of the Black Panther Party (BPP) in the revolutionary process in the United States. Many held the view that a Vietnam style war with the Black Panthers assuming the role similar to the Viet Cong as the vanguard Marxist armed national liberation movement within the United States against "the white imperialist super-structure."[82] Many were fond of quoting Mao Tse-tung who wrote, "In the final analysis a national struggle is a class struggle." There was a great deal of competition among the warring factions to portray themselves as the main purveyors of Maoism in the United States revolutionary movement.

Black Liberation Army murdered Judge Harold Haley while hearing the George Jackson case.

The Progressive Labor Party (PLP) was pushing as a strategy the Worker Student Alliance (WSA) which postulated that students should unite with the traditional Marxist revolutionary power in the U.S., 'the workers,' to make revolution. The Bill Ayers/Bernardine Dohrn faction and Revolutionary Youth Movement II (RYM II), according to Mark Rudd, considered the fixation on 'the workers' as "racist in that the PLP didn't want to see non-white people as the revolutionary agents." The Black Panthers demanded that SDS expel the PLP "for its racism in not supporting national liberation."[83]

The Dohrn/Ayers group called for a program of confrontation and action by white students in the style of Castroite guerillas in a supportive role to black revolution without regard to the white working class. Ayers and Dohrn, who are both white, felt armed struggle of blacks for self-determination would result in the victory of socialism in the United States without any reliance on white workers. They saw their role as supportive of the black liberation struggle and one which involved direct confrontation with the authority of the capitalist state.

After the election of officers, Bernardine Dohrn declared that the National Office of the SDS was responsible for development of a correct Marxist–Leninist line and called for "the future exclusion of deviationist forces such as the Progressive Labor Party (PLP) and the CPUSA from the SDS." The debate within SDS leadership between the Klonsky and Dohrn factions, however, was far from over. Both factions were committed to a socialist revolution through armed struggle, their differences centered on strategy and tactics.

The newly elected leaders of SDS, Mark Rudd, Jeff Jones and Bill Ayers, sent the following letter to Anna Louise Strong in China immediately after the Convention:

Dear Comrade: Our Ninth Convention of SDS was highly honored to hear greetings from our best-loved revolutionary writer and champion of People's China, and the thought of Mao Tse Tung. With help and inspiration of our black and brown brothers and sisters, we have succeeded at this convention in overthrowing the counter-revolutionary PLP forces, who had attempted to seize power. Long live our comrade Anna Louise Strong. Long live People's China. Long live Comrade Mao Tse Tung. Victory to the peoples of the U.S. Victory to the peoples of the entire world.[84]

Carl Davidson is a Maoist who organized Progressives for Obama. He organized Peace Voters for Harold Washington and Peace Voters for Jesse Jackson, as well as a number of third party campaigns. He is also currently a national committee member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism.[85] Davidson was a key player in the Maoist October League (OL) and the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (CP-ML).[86] and wrote for the radical extremist[87][88]

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded on the Black Liberation movement's founding demand to release all Blacks from prison.[89]

What is to be Done? Black Lives Matter OR Black Liberation Movement?

BLM's own writings make clear the black lives of "upper class" blacks don't matter in this Marxist revolutionary movement aimed at destroying imperialism. Nor is this revolution limited to the "black lives" of "working class" citizens, but includes "middle class Black progressives", "some sections of the criminal class", "the immigration movement, and the women’s and queer movements."

This is the most pivotal question of our time for Afro-descended people and New Afrikans generally. There is a genocidal war being waged, which is the legacy of our colonial status to the US. In the 50s and 60s the question was between a Civil Rights Movement, which attempted to integrate blacks into the society ending their second class status under apartheid, and there was the Black Liberation Movement, which saw its struggle in a global revolutionary context. as part of an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggle being waged world wide.....

Civil rights had won, but today there are more Black people in jail than were enslaved. Today there are Blacks being killed every 28 hours with impunity. The path for our survival is nothing short of revolution. And in the global context we are not alone. US White power imperialism has identified who the enemy is. Blacks are ‘thugs,’ Muslims are ‘terrorists,’ and Latinos are ‘illegal aliens.’ The struggle for New Afrikan liberation is one which can only be achieved in understanding the need for a revolutionary united front against a common enemy. This is likewise hinges on organizing the lowest sections of society, the working class, because unlike upper class Blacks, working class New Afrikans have no stake in White power US Imperialism, like upper class Blacks do. Working class Blacks are the pivot to uniting and leading middle-class Black progressives, and even some sections of the criminal class who is exploited by being excluded from production. A revolutionary united front with the immigration movement, and the women’s and queer movements is on the horizon.

The Black Liberation Movement of the 60s and 70s was plagued with patriarchal and homophobic practices and ideas which set back the movement for liberation. We need to view our struggle as part of a global struggle; Palestinians under Israeli occupation were the first people changing tactics to resistance fighters in Ferguson against tear gas and other defenses against militarized police. We need to have a clarity of who the enemy is. The recent focus on the confederate flag misses the fact that this flag is not in political power, that this flag only represents one small section of the enemie’s ranks. The US flag has not only killed and exploited our communities more, it represents the current enemy we are fighting.

What will revolution take? Sacrifice, blood, tears, theory, organization and, fundamentally, people. There needs to be various organizations organizing different sections of the people: students, women, tenants, workers, etc., etc., able to carry out revolutionary struggle locally. There needs to be a revolutionary political party, which is disciplined and dedicated to coordinate strategically and withstand attacks from the US government[90]

Biden Crime Bill

Biden colluded with segregationists to undermine the Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board.

See also: The New Jim Crow

Title VI, the Federal Death Penalty Act, created 60 new death penalty offenses under 41 federal capital statutes,[91] Joe Biden joked “we do everything but hang people for jaywalking.”[92] After repealing the law in 2019, Donald Trump tweeted to Biden and his allies why the bill was bad and anyone who is associated with it will not win the 2020 presidential election.[93][94]


In a 1993 Senate floor speech Biden warned of "predators on our streets" who were "beyond the pale" and said they must be cordoned off from the rest of society because the justice system did not know how to rehabilitate them. Biden described a

"cadre of young people, tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because they literally ... because they literally have not been socialized, they literally have not had an opportunity."

Biden went on in the same breath,

"It doesn't matter whether or not the person that is accosting your son or daughter or my son or daughter, my wife, your husband, my mother, your parents, it doesn't matter whether or not they were deprived as a youth. It doesn't matter whether or not they had no background that enabled them to become socialized into the fabric of society. It doesn't matter whether or not they're the victims of society. The end result is they're about to knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe, shoot my sister, beat up my wife, take on my sons."

A Black Lives Matter terrorist kneels on a two year old white child's neck.[95]

Biden said, that he didn't care "why someone is a malefactor in society" and that criminals needed to be "away from my mother, your husband, our families." Biden added "we should focus on them now" because "if we don't, they will, or a portion of them, will become the predators 15 years from now."

Biden's 1993 "predator" remarks are similar to comments then made by first lady Hillary Clinton where she warned of "Superpredators" who had "no conscience, no empathy" and who need to be brought "to heel."

Hillary Clinton publicly advocated treating minority youth like dogs,[96] made mocking and offensive comments about Jews and retarded children.[97] These sentiments were confirmed by Hillary's campaign chair, John Podesta, and her campaign manager, Robby Mook. According to all major, reputable sources, Hillary Clinton and/or her organization and its surrogates started the birther movement to discredit Barack Obama.[98]

Mass incarceration

Under the Biden Crime Bill, more the 250,000 African Americans were imprisoned in the United States than under President Reagan,[99] a fact for which both Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton took credit for.[100] Hillary Clinton was at his side when Bill Clinton raised mandatory sentencing guidelines which disproportionately sent Blacks to prison, giving the United States the highest mass incarceration rate in the world.[101] Biden and the Clinton's championed the “three strikes you're out” law, passed a crime bill that created dozens of new federal capital crimes, mandated life sentences for some three-time offenders, and authorized more than $16 billion for more state prisons. By the time the Clinton's left office in 2001, the United States had the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Human Rights Watch reported that in seven states, African Americans constituted 80 to 90 percent of all drug offenders even though they were no more likely than whites to use or sell illegal drugs. Prison admissions for drug offenses reached a level in 2000 for African Americans more than 26 times the level they had been under Ronald Reagan.[102]

Cumulatively since the Biden Crime Bill passed, 2.5 million adult black males—more than 10% of the population—were incarcerated leaving untold damage on black families.[103]

Obama riots

Pernicious liberal propaganda that the police are murderers in uniform makes policing more difficult and more dangerous by whipping up a hostile attitude towards the police ...[105]

The number of the nation's police officers murdered in the line of duty doubled during Barack Obama's regime.[106] At least 94 police and corrections officers killed.[107] Many were deliberately targeted.[108] [109]

The Ferguson Riots failed to muster African-American voters to the polls in the 2014 Midterm Elections to retake the U.S House of Representatives or keep the U.S. Senate from going Republican, as Democrat Party strategists (such as Donna Brazile) had hoped.[110][111][112] Yet in many ways the 2015 Baltimore Riots were a spinoff of the anger engendered in Ferguson. The New York Times reported Obama met the day after the midterms with Ferguson protest leaders and expressed concern, in the words of Al Sharpton, that the movement and its objectives "stay on course".[113] Social media analysts discovered links between the Baltimore and Ferguson violence; between 20 and 50 social media accounts active in Baltimore were also used in Ferguson at the peak of violence in late Summer 2014, suggesting the presence of professional organizers.[114]

Black Lives Mater advocates for the disruption of the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”[115]

Obama scapegoats an innocent Hispanic man

In March 2012 a white Hispanic shot and killed a 17 year old youth, Trayvon Martin, who violently assaulted him. A jury found Trayvon Martin's killer acted in self-defense.[116] Wikipedia reports, "media coverage surrounding Martin's death was greater than that of the 2012 presidential race, which was underway at the time."

According to the victim, an altercation began when Trayvon Martin suddenly appeared from behind and said, "You got a f----- problem, homie? You got a problem now", knocked him down and pounded his head on a concrete sidewalk.[117] The victim received a nose fracture, two black eyes, lacerations to the back of his head, a back injury, and facial bruising. When Trayvon Martin saw the gun, he reached for it saying, "You're going to die tonight m-----------!" Obama later remarked, "Trayvon Martin could have been me."[118]

Liberal law professor Jonathon Turley noted, "I am equally troubled by Attorney General Eric Holder discussing the case in public speeches when his department is supposed to be conducting an unbiased review of the facts involving a man who has not been convicted of a crime....The impression, in my view, diminishes the appearance of due process and fair trial for the accused."[119]

After he was exonerated, the victim responded to Obama's provocative comments: "I think that throughout the process (Obama) should have done what he said he was going to do and not interject himself in a local law enforcement matter or a state matter and waited until the facts came out, instead of rushing to judgment, making racially charged comments, and pitting American against American. I believe that he should have taken the higher road given his position and, been an example, been a leader as (Obama) should be and say, let's not rush to judgment."[120]

Ferguson riots

According to witnesses deemed credible by investigators, a Grand Jury, and even eventually the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot six times and killed by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, MO Police Dept. after Brown assaulted the Officer with a punch to the face from a standing position through the police vehicle window, and attempted to steal the Officer's firearm. Brown was the main suspect in a strong-arm robbery that occurred moments earlier. Brown was unarmed, and his body lay in the street as Police conducted an investigation lasting several hours.

The White House sent three representatives to Brown's funeral[121] as violence and looting already occurred.[122] Obama called the death of the 6'4", 292 lb. Brown, who smashed Officer Wilson's face while in a sitting position, "heartbreaking".[123] Eric Holder was dispatched to meet with Brown's family and begin a separate DOJ investigation before local authorities completed their own. As in the Louis Gates and Trayvon Martin cases, Obama and Holder began a series of public statements impugning the integrity of public servants who were lawfully fulfilling their duties.[124] Obama spoke of "a gulf of mistrust between local residents and law enforcement"[125] and Brown's family flew to GenevaSwitzerland to testify before the United Nations Committee Against Torture, alleging police violence against African-Americans was "widespread" and "commonplace" in the United States.[126]

The pro-China Freedom Road Socialist Organization (now Liberation Road) and its allies claim to have brought nearly 10,000 activists into St. Louis, Missouri, to swell the ranks of the rioters.

When the Grand Jury failed to indict the Officer, more violence erupted. Months later, Holder's Justice Department, again, was forced to publicly admit there was no cause to consider the death of the black teenager as a civil rights violation or hate crime. When Holder's announcement came, more rioting erupted and two police officers were shot. Obama reserved his reaction on the shooting of the two officers for a late night comedy show, Jimmy Kimmel Live![127]

Dollar costs of the Ferguson riots by mid 2015 were still not available, that is, damage to private property and government riot control costs. The real cost is in the loss of future income which now will never materialize.[128]

Baltimore riot

The Ferguson Riots failed to muster African-American voters to the polls in the 2014 Midterm Elections to retake the U.S House of Representatives or keep the U.S. Senate from going Republican, as Democrat Party strategists (such as Donna Brazile) had hoped.[130][131][132] Yet in many ways the 2015 Baltimore Riots were a spinoff of the anger engendered in Ferguson. The New York Times reported Obama met the day after the midterms with Ferguson protest leaders and expressed concern, in the words of Al Sharpton, that the movement and its objectives "stay on course".[133] Social media analysts discovered links between the Baltimore and Ferguson violence; between 20 and 50 social media accounts active in Baltimore were also used in Ferguson at the peak of violence in late Summer 2014, suggesting the presence of professional organizers.[134]

War on Cops

The number of the nation's police officers murdered in the line of duty doubled during Barack Obama's regime.[135][136] Many were deliberately targeted.[137] [138]

"Pernicious liberal propaganda that the police are murderers in uniform makes policing more difficult and more dangerous by whipping up a hostile attitude towards the police ..."[139]

2020 Presidential election

hen homosexual Democrat 2020 presidential primary hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters over a South Bend, Indiana police shooting, Buttigieg read from a prepared script saying, "I'm not asking for your vote."[140][141] Buttigieg defended Democrat white supremacist Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's white privilege to remain in office rather than resign and allow the African American Lieutenant Governor after Northam's particularly vile racist sentiments were exposed.[142] Northam then donated over $85,000 to fellow Democrats who refused to criticize his racism and he was allowed to remain in office.[143] A lawyer for Northam then hosted a fundraiser for Buttigieg in June 2019.[144]

Amy Klobuchar

BLM activist Brandon Mitchell, one of the jurors convicting Derek Chauvin.[146]

Alleged "centrist" Amy Klobuchar, who at one time ranked high on Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's short list of VP choices, was the Minneapolis Hennepin County prosecutor prior to being elected by the longtime Communist infiltrated Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party senator from Minnesota. Klobuchar handled a case involving the same police officer charged in the death of George Floyd. When exposed for protecting racist cops, Klobuchar blamed the Bill of Rights for not indicting the same cop accused of killing George Floyd in the death of another black man in 2006.[147]

Earlier in 2020 the NAACP and Black Lives Matter called on Klobuchar to withdraw her presidential bid due to her racist prosecution in a 2003 murder case resulting in a life sentence for an innocent black man.[148] As district attorney, Klobutcher built her career prosecuting a vastly disproportionate number of black youths.[149]

Klobuchar's racist views are in keeping with her opposition to due process rights and her anti-constitutionalist ideology.

With Klobuchar forced out of contention and her appeal to Blacks tainted, the liberal media re-booted Stacey Abrams of Georgia as the top contender for the number two spot. A much touted Biden/Abrams "dream ticket" had already been peddled "out of the gate" even before Biden announced his candidacy in the Spring of 2019.[150] Abrams supposedly is representative of the vital Black female vote that Democrats relied upon to win back the House in the 2018 Midterm elections. Abrams has proven herself as a loyal dogface pony soldier shilling for the Democrat plantation, attacking Tara Reade's credibility, with the added bonus of hypocritically poo-pooing the "Believe All Women" and MeToo movements when conservative women are the victims of the Left's war on women. Racist Biden's staffers quietly and ironically told journalists behind Abrams back, 'no one takes Stacey seriously'.[151]

Leftist insurrection

CNN analyst Van Jones summarized sentiments in the Black community days after George Floyd's death and the Central Park Karen controversy:

"It's not the racist white person who is in the Ku Klux Klan that we have to worry about. It's the white liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in Central Park who would tell you right now, you know, people like that, 'I don't see race, race is no big deal to me, I see us all as the same, I give to charities,' but the minute she sees a black man who she does not respect or who she has a slight thought against, she weaponized race like she had been trained by the Aryan nation.[152] A Klansmember could not have been better trained to pick up her phone and tell the police a black man, African-American man, come get him."[153]

Central Park Karen called police claiming that a black man, who asked her to put her dog on a leash in compliance with city ordinances, threatened her life.[154] The Twitter world exploded and was convulsed with the notion that such incidents can lead to police shootings of black men.[155] The incident coming just days after the death of George Floyd helped spark a summer of murder, mayhem and ruin. The black man wrote in a Facebook post where he posted an edited video:

Central Park this morning: This woman's dog is tearing through the plantings in the Ramble.

ME: Ma'am, dogs in the Ramble have to be on the leash at all times. The sign is right there.

HER: The dog runs are closed. He needs his exercise.

ME: All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive, outside the Ramble, and you can let him run off leash all you want.

HER: It's too dangerous.

ME: Look, if you're going to do what you want, I'm going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it.

HER: What's that?

ME (to the dog): Come here, puppy!

HER: He won't come to you.

ME: We'll see about that...

I pull out the dog treats I carry for just for such intransigence. I didn't even get a chance to toss any treats to the pooch before Karen scrambled to grab the dog.


That's when I started video recording with my iPhone, and when her inner Karen fully emerged and took a dark turn...[158]

Minneapolis riots

See also: Minneapolis riots

The leftist riots were triggered by the death of a Black man who was pinned to the ground in an allegedly "non-lethal" choke hold approved by the city's Democrat administration.[159] The neck hold used by the Minneapolis cop was approved by the city's Democrat administration.[160] According to the Minneapolis Police Policy Manual, the restraint used was a "Non-deadly force option" and training is given to officers on the maneuver. [161] Minneapolis has not elected a Republican mayor since 1957; all police chiefs entrusted with overseeing police training, conduct, and community relations in six decades have been appointed by Democrat mayors, with the approval of a Democrat majority city council, and elected by Democrat voters.

As buildings burned behind him, Ali Velshi of MSNBC reported with a straight face that leftist "protests" were "not generally speaking unruly."[162]

White Antifa liberals were identified as smashing windows at an Autozone car parts store and Wendy's restaurant where the violence originated.[163][164] Jacobin magazine, described as "the closest thing to a flagship publication of the DSA left",[165] asked,

"Should we care about the looting of stores like Target and Autozone? ...Should we participate in this ritual condemnation even though our media consistently treats identical acts of property destruction by sports fans as simply revelry and exuberance, and corporate looting of working-class communities as business as usual? No.... until working people of all races unite against capitalists and their repressive apparatus, it is a good thing that bosses, government officials, and the police who protect them are sometimes reminded that black lives matter through a little proletarian fury."[166]

Fires, looting,[167] and violence spread to St. Paul, Minnesota and nationwide from the burning of the Autozone store, Target, and Wendy's. Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul mayors identified the vast majority of arrests of far-Left rioters the first night were from out of state;[168] crossing state lines to incite riot is a federal offense.

A white Antifa provocateur instigated the Minneapolis George Floyd riots for which peaceful BLM protesters were blamed.[169][170]

Minnesota Attorney General and former DNC vice chair Keith Ellison is a proponent of Antifa and political violence[171] who has had a long-running dispute with the Minneapolis police.[172] According to reports,

The crowd that had gathered outside the police precinct was, for the most part, peaceful. White members of Antifa, however, began to attempt to do what they do and begin escalating the situation with violence.

Before it got anywhere, a black man spoke up and addressed the crowd.

He assured people that they aren’t trying to shut down anyone’s speech, but they weren’t going to allow anyone to start getting violent, understanding that if that started, the black members of the crowd would get the bulk of the response.

“We’re going to keep our social distance, and we’re not going to allow somebody in the crowd to throw some bulls**t and then we feel the bulk of that,” said the man. “We’re not allowing that no more. That’s the reality of what we’re dealing with right now.”[173]

The Antifa Manual calls for defunding police.

Before the night was over, violent revolutionaries burnt down the Minneapolis 3rd precinct police station. The rioters showed no regard for life or property. The mayor politely asked rioters to wear masks and practice social distancing, which the rioters refused to do.[174] Minneapolis "boy mayor" Jacob Frey still did not request National Guard assistance.[175] DFL governor Tim Walz peddled a curious conspiracy theory that international drug cartels and "white supremacists" were behind the violence.[176] St. Paul, Minnesota mayor Melvin Carter said that all "protesters" who were arrested the first night in his city were from out of state.[177] Mike Griffin, a longtime political activist from Minneapolis, told The New York Times there were people he never witnessed before demonstrating, including “well-dressed young white men in expensive boots carrying hammers and talking about torching buildings.”

“I know protests, I’ve been doing it for 20 years. People not affiliated with the protests are creating havoc on the streets.”[178]

The Minneapolis Police department warned of "incendiary materials and accelerants" such as water bottles filled with gasoline found hidden in bushes and neighborhoods.[179] Minneapolis veto-proof Democrat City Council considered disbanding the police department completely, leaving the citizenry vulnerable to lawlessness and Marxist thugs. One councilman said the entire council had been discussing the proposal “to some degree”:

“Several of us on the council are working on finding out what it would take to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and start fresh with a community-oriented, nonviolent public safety and outreach capacity.”[180]

"Compassionate" liberals destroyed a subsidized housing project under construction in the name of "equality"[181] Initial reports estimated Democrat supporters destroyed 220 buildings and 500 businesses, mostly in minority neighborhoods, and $55 million in damages.

Minneapolis City Council members on Tuesday received an update from the city’s Community Planning & Economic Development department that estimated at least 220 buildings had been damaged, resulting in a minimum of $55 million in costs, though the city was “not yet ready to produce a credible estimate” of the losses.[182]

Democratic Socialists of America

See also: Communism

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has 600 comrades in the Twin Cities who work closely with Antifa-aligned groups. On May 27, 2020 the Twin Cities DSA issued a call on Twitter asking comrades for supplies at the same intersection where the Auto Zone was burned to the ground kicking off the nationwide riots. Later that evening the Marxists tweeted,

"Want to help out your comrades protesting at the 3rd precinct? Here's a good list of much needed supplies."[183]

The folks on the ground attached a list and included medical supplies, plywood for shields, anything else useful for shielding from the cops. The Minneapolis Police 3rd precinct building was evacuated and burnt down hours later.[184] Private cars were then requested. The tweet read,

"Another big need: if you have a car, some folks may need a quick ride out of the area."[185]

The Twin Cities DSA Ecosocialists Working Group tweeted to comrades,

"Support the ongoing mass working-class uprising!"

The daughters of Democrat governor Tim Walz and Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar were two of the insurgents tweeting out strategic intelligence for the Communist uprising.[186] On May 28, 2020, after the violence and burning down of law enforcement buildings, the DSA National Political Committee issued a statement in support of the rioters:

"We the National Political Committee of the Democratic Socialists of America condemn the public execution of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police. His murder falls into the deeply entrenched pattern of violence, anti-Blackness, and oppression upheld by policing in this country.... This is white supremacy... We stand with and share the rage of all of those who are making themselves heard on the streets after years of being suffocated by policing and poverty after years of being looted by corporations landlords and billionaires."[187]

On May 30, journalist Andy Ngo tweeted:

“We are witnessing glimpses of the full insurrection the far-left has been working on for decades. Within hours, militant antifa cells across the country mobilized to aid BLM rioters. The first broken window is the blood in the water for looters to move in. The fires come next.”

Ngo later added:

“Media, politicians, public—all of us—have underestimated the training, purpose & capability of left-wing extremists. Every part of the rioting has a purpose. Fires destroy economy. Riots can overwhelm police & even military. All of it leads to a destabilized state if maintained.”

Sen. Kamala Harris solicited money for the MFF to bail out the terrorists who burnt down the Minneapolis Police Station.

In Marxist–Leninist and Maoist theory, a United front is a coalition of leftist organizations that collude for the purpose of taking over a government. In the 116th Congress, the Committees of Correspondence for Democratic Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, Liberation Road (formerly Freedom Road Socialist Organization}, and Communist Party of the United States formally created a united front of the nation's four largest Communist organizations to take over the Democrat Party.[188] As of 2018 the umbrella group is known as the Left Inside/Outside Project (“One foot in the institutions, one foot in the streets.”[189]) consisted of 57,000 community organizers.[190] At its August 2019 convention the DSA passed a resolution to form a

“National Working Group to help drive collaboration and resource sharing to support our antifascist organizing.”[191]

Law enforcement authorities found evidence of pre-planning. The Minneapolis Star/Tribune reported:

state officials said several caches of flammable materials were found both in neighborhoods where there have already been fires and “in cars we’ve stopped as recently as this morning,” said John Harrington, state public safety commissioner. Some of the caches look like they may have been planted days ago and some only in the last 24 hours or so, he said.

Police are also finding stolen vehicles with plates removed that are being used to transport the flammable materials. Looted goods and weapons also have been found in the stolen cars, he said.[192]

Black Lives Matter homophobes beat a homosexual Democrat state senator and left him for dead.[193] Party leaders refused to condemn the violence.[194]

The Sunrise Movement, with established groups in several major cities, has heavily recruited activists from the DSA and Liberation Road affiliated groups, such as the Pennsylvania Student Power Network. Sunrise founding activists are all current trainers with Momentum Community, which is a training workshop funded by millionaires and billionaires to “incubate” supposed "grassroots" organizations such as Sunrise and the Movimiento Cosecha (Harvest Movement). Democrat millionaire donor and former 2020 presidential election candidate Tom Steyer's NextGen America is also tied to the Sunrise Movement, and according to the New York Times, the two groups “strategize” together.[195]

The DSA itself as of 2020 has 66,000 members nationwide and locals in almost every state. Other communist groups such as Communist Party USA, Liberation Road, Socialist Alternative, Workers World Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Socialist Unity Party, and Revolutionary Communist Party and their allies in Black Lives Matter and Antifa can mobilize tens of thousands of militants and organizing cadre at short notice. The American Left has the power to start race riots in nearly every major U.S. city. DSA branches in MemphisLos AngelesBrooklynLouisvillePhiladelphia, and Richmond are raising funds for “George Floyd Uprisings Nationwide.”[196]

BLM homophobes beat homosexual state senator

In Madison, Wisconsin Black Lives Matter protesters pulled down the statue of Col. Christian Heg, an abolitionist who fell in the Battle of Chickamauga.[197] Tim Carpenter, a homosexual progressive Democrat state senator, was punched in the eye, kicked in the head, neck, and ribs, left for dead by a group of 8-10 white Black Lives Matter "protesters". Sen. Carpenter tried to tell the Black Lives Matter protesters, "I'm on your side.".[198] Four weeks into the nationwide riots, not a single Democrat at the federal, state, or local level condemned the violence and attacks on innocent people.[199] Thyblackman.com observed:

"If blacks really believe that police are racist, black victims would presumably be less likely than white victims to report crimes committed against them. After all, they would doubt the commitment of the officers to solve the crimes. They would think that officers will engage in profiling and arrest an innocent black suspect.

In fact, blacks don’t shy away from reporting crimes to the police. U.S. Department of Justice survey data on crimes reported to police shows that blacks are actually more likely than whites to report violent crimes committed against them to the police by 9 percentage points (54 percent to 45 percent).

If you want to get rid of the police, that will mean no arrests, no convictions, and eventually no prisons. This change would be so far outside anything that the U.S. has ever experienced. But if research by economists gives us anything to go on, it may very well cause an 80 percent or more increase in murder rates.

Research also finds that the benefits of policing are greatest in those areas where crime rates are highest — namely poor, black, urban areas. These neighborhoods would stand to lose the most by defunding the police.

The cities where police are supposedly out of control and harming minorities have one thing in common – they are run by liberal Democrats. Indeed, almost all of them have been run exclusively by Democrats for many decades. For example, Los Angeles has only had one Republican mayor since 1961. Minneapolis and St. Paul haven’t had Republican mayors for over 45 years. As these politicians failed to protect their citizens, it may be the Democratic politicians and not the police who are to blame.

One searches in vain for Democratic politicians who have reprimanded the rioters. After several nights of riots, Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith, a Democrat, egged on demonstrators by calling for a continuation of the “righteous protests” and necessary routing out of “racism” that she said is endemic in Minnesota. On Thursday, not a single Democrat in the House voted for a resolution condemning acts of violence and rioting — including the “deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers,” as well as opposing the defunding of police.

Yet, the very politicians who want to disband the police and who ordered the police to stand down during the riots after George Floyd’s death are the same people who want to ban civilians owning guns for protection."[200]

BLM protester murders journalist

BLM protester Steven Lopez taken into custody on rioting charges; he was released and days later allegedly shot and killed a journalist covering the "peaceful protests".[201]

In LouisvilleKentucky, 7 people were shot in Breyonna Taylor protests.[202]

Steven Lopez, a Black Lives Matter protester, was arrested for inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, harassment and possession of drug paraphernalia. His citation noted he was in possession of a handgun "with two full mags of ammo" at the time of the arrest. He was released. Ten days later Lopez was arrested again for murder and first-degree wanton endangerment. The murder victim was another Black Lives Matter protester. Lopez fired into an encampment of protesters wanting to defund the police. Bystanders returned fire, wounding the accused killer in the leg. Lopez participated in many protests, which rocked the streets of Louisville for a month. Liberal media accounts referred to the BLM protester as a Hispanic "white supremacist".[203]

Kamala Harris referred to the BLM/Anifa violence over the Summer of 2020 leaving many dead, tens of millions of dollars in property damages and businesses and livelihoods destroyed as “brilliant” and “an essential component or mark of a real democracy."[204]

BLM terrorist James Edward Marshall IV, an attorney, shot an innocent pick-up driver at a stop light in Alamosa, Colorado.[205]

Two Blacks murdered by BLM protesters in CHOP

Two black men were murdered by their white Antifa comrades, one a 16 year old, and a third 14 year old black youth was shot while protesting for Black Lives Matter in Seattle's Capital Hill Occupation Protest No Go Zone.[206] There was at least 4 shootings and an untold number of sexual assaults during what Seattle's Democrat mayor declared was the "Summer of Love." The protesters were demanding to defund the police. A Socialist Alternative city councilwoman blamed the murders on "capitalism".[207] If the allegation that "capitalism" is responsible the deaths were true, the killings then would likely be a dispute over market territory for illegal drug sales and distribution.

Neither Antifa nor Black Lives Matter had yet to put forward any positive proposals on how to take the profit out of either legal or illegal drug sales. Or proposals on who would enforce legal or illegal distribution of drugs in a gun-free and cop-free city. Or who would protect the lives of teenagers from getting shot by bandits and villains undercutting the prices charged by legally licensed dope vendors. Or who would arrest armed dope dealers who are illegally profiting from drug sales once capitalism and individual profit is abolished.

One thing is certain, these people, at least those who don't OD or get shot, are tomorrows' citizens, voters, taxpayers, and leaders, assuming America survives as a sovereign and independent republic.

Eight year old girl murdered by BLM in Atlanta

BLM sent out an alert broadcast by the socialist mouthpiece National Public Radio that so-called "white supremacists" would use vehicles to run over protesters blocking freeways and public streets. BLM changed its rules of engagement to allow shooting into vehicles of citizens avoiding roadblocks.[208] Innocent citizens in Alamosa, Colorado, in Provo, Utah, and the CHOP zone were shot. An 8-year-old girl was murdered by Black Lives Matter rioters when they shot into a car in Atlanta in the violent aftermath of the Defund police movement, a mass walk-off the job of police in the wake of political persecutions by Democrats, and the death of a drunk driver fleeing from police.[209]

A day later, Black Lives Matter murdered a Black man.[210]

New York City

NBC News reported that New York's Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism said there is a high level of confidence within the New York Police Department (NYPD) that rioters had organized scouts, medics, and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants to commit vandalism and violence. There are strong indicators they planned for violence in advance while using encrypted communications. NYPD has received intelligence that U-Haul trucks with NJ registrations were aiding looters and vandals by transporting stolen goods and criminal actors.[211]

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea explained how bricks and water bottles filled with cement had been thrown at NYPD members. Shea wrote that construction sites in the city have had bricks stolen from them.

“Pre-staged bricks are being placed and then transported to ‘peaceful protests,’ which are peaceful protests, but then used by that criminal group within. We’ve had construction sites burglarized in recent days in Manhattan … during a riot, it’s interesting what was taken – bricks.”[212]

A Black father was murdered in a drive-by shooting while walking with his 7 year old daughter shortly after $1 billion was cut from police funding to meet the demands of Black Lives Matter.[213]

The Daily Mail reported:

video captured the moment rioters in Manhattan chanced upon a cache of bricks between St. Marks Place and Seventh Street in the East Village on Sunday evening, though no construction site appeared to be nearby.[214]

Teams of looters armed with power tools systematically worked together to loot one location after another. A neighborhood eyewitness stated,

“Cars would drive up, let off the looters, unload power tools and suitcases and then the cars would drive away. Then the cars would come back pick them up and then drive off to the next spot. They seemed to know exactly where they were going. Some of the people were local, but there were a lot of out-of-towners.”[215]

One out of every seven arrests in New York City were of people from out of state. Those arrested came from MassachusettsConnecticutPennsylvaniaNew JerseyIowaNevadaVirginiaMarylandTexas and St. Paul, Minnesota. The Police Commissioner estimated at least 20% of arrests were from out of town. Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio's daughter was among those arrested along with others for acts of violence. The counterterrorism deputy commissioner told NBC News,

"Before the protests began, organizers of certain anarchists groups set out to raise bail money and people who would be responsible to be raising bail money, they set out to recruit medics and medical teams with gear to deploy in anticipation of violent interactions with police. They prepared to commit property damage and directed people who were following them that this should be done selectively and only in wealthier areas or at high-end stores run by corporate entities....[they] developed a complex network of bicycle scouts to move ahead of demonstrators in different directions of where police were and where police were not for purposes of being able to direct groups from the larger group to places where they could commit acts of vandalism including the torching of police vehicles and Molotov cocktails where they thought officers would not be."[216]

1 year old Davell Gardner, Jr. was murdered by what the liberal media calls 'peaceful protesters'[217] while in his stroller after the Democrats cut $1 billion in funding for NYPD.[218]

Hawk Newsome, chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York (BLMNY) outlined a “pathway forward”: “We pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers, after the Nation of Islam, we believe that we need an army to defend ourselves." Newsome told FOX News, "If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.[219] Cirvona Newsome, BLMNY co-founder and Democrat 2020 primary challenger for Congress (NY-15) said,[220] “For far too long our institutions have protected the abusers and victimized the innocent while trapping people of color in the quicksand of racism, poverty and despair.”[221]

2020 Biden campaign staffers and Hollywood celebrities were among those providing financing and bail money for arrested terrorists.[222] Two attorney's, including an Ivy League corporate lawyer, were charged with after tossing a Molotov cocktail into a police car.[223][224] An Obama intelligence official secured bail over the objections of government prosecutors for the attorney charged with a domestic terror attack on law enforcement.[225] In another event, an out-of-town white woman was charged with attempted murder after tossing a Molotov cocktail into a police van with four law enforcement officers inside.[226]

Three officers were poisoned with bleach while eating at a restaurant.[227] Colin Kaepernick's paymaster's, Nike shoes, were looted.[228]

A one year old Black toddler was murdered while sitting in a stroller during the BLM violence.[229]

Kansas City, Missouri

See also: Operation Legend

Kansas City NPR affiliate KCUR-FM reported following the Minneapolis riots, that city's Black Lives Matter protests lasted late into the night.[230] The crowd removed barricades and began walking neighborhoods, chanting “Who's streets? Our streets!” and " “No justice, no peace!". Facebook posted an advertisement saying "Black Lives Matter. Enough is Enough”. More than 3,000 people showed up. Police announced they found “stashes of bricks and rocks in & around the Plaza and Westport to be used during a riot”. The Daily Caller reported:

4 year old LeGend Taliffero was murdered by Marxist gangbangers during the BLM riots.[231]

Kansas City police officers found bricks and rocks staged near protest sites around the city, stoking concerns that individuals or groups had pre-planned looting and destruction that hit the city over the weekend, the department said Sunday.

“We have learned of & discovered stashes of bricks and rocks in & around the Plaza and Westport to be used during a riot,” the department said in a tweet on Sunday.[232]

On May 30, 2020 "protesters" set a police car on fire. broke windows, and vandalized the Country Club Plaza business district including, Foot Locker, Victoria's Secret, H&M, The North Face, Cafe Trio, Season's 52, P.F. Chang's and other employers struggling to revive after the coronavirus lockdown.[233] On June 1, 2020 protests grew more violent as protesters threw rocks and bottles at police.[234][235][236] More than 150 people were arrested.[237] Jackson County’s prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker, refused to file charges against anyone and Mayor Quinton Lucas said he would likely pardon anyone if she did. Meantime the prosecutor encouraged rioters to file charges against police.[238] In the first week of June there were more than 230 arrests at the protest.

Kansas City had 68 homicides when the riots started and was on pace for a recorded year, over the next 90 days the homicides doubled to 139.[239] About three-quarters of the victims, as well as most of the suspects, are young black men.[240]

Four-year-old Legend Taliferro was shot while he slept in his bedroom early on the morning of June 29, 2020. Kansas City Police believe this was not a random shooting and that the apartment was targeted.[241] A week later, some 200 federal law enforcement agents from the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and other agencies surged into Kansas City. Mayor Lucas claimed he was blindsided by the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's announcement of Operation LeGend. The mayor was found later to have been lying.

St. Louis, Misouri

BLM agitator Cori Bush.

Corrupt Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the city’s prosecutor, was criticized ahead of the election for releasing a political ad paid for by the Safety and Justice Super PAC that received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.[242] The total funds donated by the super PAC were at least $190,750. It was not immediately clear what her campaign budget was or who else contributed. Gardner won her 2020 primary re-election bid while under criminal investigation.[243] Gardner allowed the release of all 36 rioters and looters arrested in the city following riots in which a retired Black St. Louis Police Captain was murdered by Black Lives Matter protesters.[244]

Gardner unjustly indicted a married couple for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights on their own property when they were assaulted and threatened by white Black Lives Matter terrorists.[245] The mob was led by Cori Bush, Democrat candidate for United States House of Representatives from Missouri's 1st congressional district in the 2020 elections. Bush screamed through a bullhorn, "You can't stop the revolution!"[246]

Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered by socialist revolutionaries during the Marxist uprising.[247]

Marxist rioters murdered 77-year-old retired Black Police Captain David Dorn, who had been working as a private security guard.[248] The shooting and theft was posted on Facebook Live. Dorn served on the St. Louis police force for 38 years. Dorn’s personality was described as “bigger than life...a fun guy, a happy guy....He wanted them to do the right thing all the time." The Ethical Society of Police, which represents black officers in St. Louis, said in a news release that Dorn was “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”[249] Neighborhoods were set on fire.[250]

In the month of June 2020 homicides rose from 10 the year prior to 32, more than 1 per day.[251]

In response to a Catholic prayer rally announced by the Gateway Pundit at a statue of St. Louis (the saint which the city is named for, and whose statue is being targeted for removal by far-Left Islamic activist Umar Lee) in Forest Park, the city's racist Democrat treasurer Tishaura Jones irresponsibly called the rally a "KKK meeting" and the attendees "white supremacists", displaying clear ignorance of the fact that the KKK is the creation of her own party and is historically as anti-Catholic as it is anti-black.[252] Following Jones' comments and a false claim by Lee that the rally attendees were "connected" to the Charlottesville riots in 2017, over 100 violent leftist thugs soon after crashed the rally at Lee's urging with a "protest" that degenerated into violence as the hoodlums viciously harassed and childishly mocked the rally attendees, hurled profanities at them and acted disruptively,[253][254] vandalized the statue with racist and sacrilegious graffiti[255] and made open threats against the St. Louis Cathedral,[256] and several of the rallygoers were assaulted by the thugs, one of which, racist black activist and member of the notorious Crips gang Terrence Page,[257] was caught on camera using brass knuckles to viciously assault a rally attendee in a cowardly blindside attack, then kicked him in the head after the man went down and also assaulted two other rallygoers,[252] then openly bragged about the assaults on his Facebook page afterward. One of the rallygoers, Conor Martin, announced later that he intends to file criminal charges against the thugs (including Page) who invaded the rally and assaulted him and other attendees,[254] while the Gateway Pundit itself intends to file libel charges against liberal "fact-checking" website Snopes.com for a defamatory and falsehood-filled hit piece written by that site about the event and the Gateway Pundit.[257]

Marxist rectification

See also: Maoism and Rectification movement

Maoist rectification campaign erupted out of the Antifa riots.[258] Whites were asked, if not demanded, to kneel and publicly disavow their white privilege.[259] Calling police to report crimes or threats to life and safety was deemed "racist".[260] The mayor of Minneapolis was shamed before a leftist mob of mostly white people for not agreeing to disband the Minneapolis police.[261] A New York Times columnist urged white people to text “relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action in supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions.”[262]

A white woman accosted on the street with a demand to kneel and apologize for her whiteness.[263]

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees told an interviewer “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.” Brees and his family received death threats from leftist cowards. Brees asked for "forgiveness" for saying Americans should respect the flag.[264] Even Brees' wife wrote an apology: “WE ARE THE PROBLEM. I write this with tears in my eyes and I hope you all hear our hearts.”[265]

The wife of Aleksandar Katai, a Serbian soccer who played with the Los Angeles Galaxy, posted criticism of the Minneapolis rioters in Serbian. Someone noticed, translated the posting and criticized her. She deleted the posting. Katai's wife was in Chicago when she wrote the post, and Aleksandar may not have even been aware of the post. Rioters arrived at the Los Angeles stadium to call for Alexander's firing. The management of the L.A. Galaxy cowardly forced Alexander Katai to apologize for his wife, and then to denounce her. Then they made him endorse Black Lives Matter, which he did, and then they fired him anyway.[266] Then Katai was attacked on his way out for something he didn't do, may not have even been aware of, in a language most Americans don't understand.[267]

UCLA investigated a white professor who read Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, which reportedly contains the N-word, to students in a political science class. UCLA also held a town hall shaming and urged students to come forward with complaints. The department head and other faculty charged,

"The lecturer also showed a portion of a documentary which included graphic images and descriptions of lynching, with a narrator who quoted the n-word in explaining the history of lynching. Many students expressed distress and anger regarding the lecture and the lecturer's response to their concerns during the lecture. We share students' concerns that the lecturer did not simply pause and reassess their teaching pedagogy to meet the students' needs."[268]

Democrat white supremacist Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

Editorial page director of the New York Times James Bennet apologized, and then resigned, after publishing an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton. The article suggested the U.S. military might be necessary to quell nationwide socialist insurrection if governors and mayors refused to defend the lives and property of American citizens and taxpayers.

The stepmother of an Atlanta policeman charged in a politically motivated indictment before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation completed its investigation was fired from her job for being a relative of a person designated as a scapegoat by the Left.[269]

Anti-white supremacy

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is a systemic racist who is a member of an all-white beach club in which his wife is a major shareholder.[270][271] Black Lives Matter gave Whitehorse an ultimatum to cut all ties with Spouting Rock Beach Association, also known as Bailey's Beach — or it will make his life miserable, according to ABC affiliate WLNE.[272] “We’ll go to his club, we’ll go to his office, we’ll go to his home — wherever we need to go,” one of the chapter’s directors vowed. BLM insisted Whitehouse’s denial was not enough to stop planned protests. “If he thinks we’re just going to forget about it, if he thinks that it’s going to get swept under the rug — it’s not.”

“This club is a proven racist club with exclusive ties to supremacy and exclusion, and that’s something that’s not gonna be tolerated by me, by my associates, my affiliates or my organization,” the spokesman said. BLM did not buy Whitehorse's claim that the club was on “the right side of pushing for improvements.” Bailey’s Beach Club is an elite private beach and club. The BLM spokesman said, “you know what type of black people he brings in.”[273]

Edward Colston Statue

On June 11th 2020, the statue of Edward Colston was toppled from its original place which was first erected in Bristol in 1895, ever since the 1980's, people have wanted it gone due to him being related to the Slave Trade of the late 17th century. Home Secretary Priti Patel condemned the actions of BLM supporters defacing the statue, it was thrown into the river and was rescued a few days later, it is planned to be moved to a museum.

2020 Marxist insurrection timeline

See also: 2020 Marxist insurrection timeline


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  • Black Power in China: Mao’s Support for African American “Racial Struggle as Class Struggle”
  • History of the Violent Left: Symbionese Liberation Army. Investigative journalist Lee Stranahan takes a deep dives into the goals and mechanics of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35Current Communist Goals, EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963. See Items 35, et al35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI. 37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business. 38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat]. 39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals. 40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. 42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use ["] united force ["] to solve economic, political or social problems. 15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. 17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks. 20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policymaking positions. 21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures. 29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. 30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man." 31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over. 32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture--education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.