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Biden family text with Hunter telling his daughter Naomi that "Pop" received 50% of the Burisma kickbacks.[1]

Documents show payments from Burisma to Hunter Biden.[2][3][4][5]

The Biden-Ukraine or Biden-Burisma scandal involves prominent members of the Obama administration, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign. Vice President Joe Biden publicly admitted that he had threatened Ukrainian leaders to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless they fired a prosecutor who was looking into a money laundering operation for which the Biden Family, thru Hunter Biden (right) received $50,000 a month in kickbacks.[6][7]

Democrats and the liberal media have claimed that President Trump committed obstruction of justice when he merely suggested the firing of Robert Mueller, although Mueller was never fired and his investigation did not turn up anything against the president or his campaign. These same liberals have, and continue to defend former Vice President Biden, who not only successfully ordered the firing of a prosecutor that was investigating his son Hunter Biden, but did so through extortion, while leveraging his position as Vice President of the United States.

For a small country like Ukraine, to have influence in Washington, D.C., money is necessary. In 2014, Paul Manafort was fired as Ukraine's chief lobbyist in Washington, and Hunter Biden was hired. Manafort had been Ukraine's chief lobbyist while serving as John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign manager. Other members of the Obama administration colluded with the Ukrainian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election in a failed effort to help Hillary Clinton get elected.[8]

In October 2019, The Blaze released translated audio evidence of Artem Sytnyk admitting that he worked together with the 2016 Hillary for President campaign.[9]

New reports from OANN indicate that Biden's son Hunter is not alone in corruption related to oil companies in Ukraine. Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. has had business dealings with Viscoil, and those videos are being systematically removed from YouTube to prevent further investigation.[10]

Hunter Biden, right, flew to China in 2013 aboard Air Force Two, with his father, Joe Biden, left, December 4, 2013. 10 days late Hunter Biden signed a $1.5 Billion deal with the Chinese military.[11]



Biden-Burisma scandal

Obama (left) appointed Joe Biden (center) to dole out $1 Billion to the Ukraine for which the Biden Family, thru Hunter Biden (right) received $50,000 a month in kickbacks.[12]

Joe Biden's son Beau died in May 2015, causing him to postpone his decision on whether to run in the 2016 presidential race. His polling numbers against Sec. Hillary Clinton were weak in August. On October 21 he announced that he would not run for president.[13] The New York Times reported details of the scandal in December 2015.[14]

Joe Biden was the Obama administration's point-person on policy towards Ukraine. Biden traveled to Ukraine 17 times during his tenure as vice president. Biden steered $1.8 billion in aid to the Ukrainian government. Four months later while his son, Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal with Burisma, an energy company. In a 14-month period Burisma paid $3.1 million into an account where Hunter Biden was getting paid. U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Joe Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine. Biden used U.S. taxpayer government resources for the personal gain of his family.[15]

In early 2019 Ukraine prosecutors wanted to present evidence to Attorney General William Barr regarding Joe Biden's interference and threats in a corruption probe involving his son, Hunter Biden.[16]

Vice President Biden bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations to have caused the firing of a Ukraine prosecutor who was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma, a natural gas firm that employed Biden's younger son, Hunter Biden, as a board member.[17] In April 2014 Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma in April 2014 despite having no experience in the oil and gas industry.[18] In December 2015 The New York Times reported on Joe Biden, His Son and the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch. The story focused on Hunter Biden, Burisma Holdings, and its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was Ukraine's ecology minister under former President Victor Yanukovych.[19]

Hunter Biden received one payment of $3 million which was laundered through Latvia and Cyprus to the U.S.. When the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, asked Cyprus for the amount going to Biden's son, he was told the U.S. embassy instructed them not to provide the amount. Hunter's boss, Mykola Zlochevsky, had stolen $5 Billion from Ukraine and was a fugitive at the time.[20] The prosecutor was tracking the money. Hunter continued to received monthly kickbacks.

Biden threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending Ukraine toward insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was investigating his son, Hunter. Biden recounted,

"'You’re not getting the billion'. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money'...Well, [SOB], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time."[21][22]

Yuriy Lutsenko, who replaced Shokin as the prosecutor looking into Burisma, said the evidence in the Burisma case he'd like to present to William Barr, particularly the vice president's intervention.[23]

Between April 2014 and October 2015, more than $3 million was paid out by Burisma to an account linked to Biden's and Devon Archer's Rosemont Seneca firm, according to the financial records placed in a federal court file in Manhattan in another case against Archer. The bank records show that, on most months when Burisma money flowed, two wire transfers of $83,333.33 each were sent to the Rosemont Seneca–connected account on the same day. The same Rosemont Seneca–linked account typically then paid Hunter Biden one or more payments ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 each. Ukrainian prosecutors reviewed internal company documents and wanted to interview Hunter Biden and Archer about why they had received such payments, but couldn't because of Joe Biden's intervention.[24]

In a text message from Hunter Biden to his sister Naomi, Hunter said that their "Pop" takes 50% of his salary.[25]

Archer was convicted in Manhattan Federal Court for the fraudulent issuance and sale of more than $60 Million of tribal bonds.[26]

Burisma oil and gas

The Biden-Burisma connections.[27]

The ouster of President Yanukovych put the founder and president of Burisma oil and gas, Mykola Zlochevsky, in a delicate spot. Zlochevsky had served as the environment minister under Yanukovych, handing out gas licenses to cronies. Having watched the president flee Ukraine for his life, currying favor with the Obama administration was paramount for Zlochevsky.

In the spring of 2014, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office opened an investigation at the behest of the UK prosecutors office, which was investigating money laundering allegations against its owner, former Ukrainian Ecology Minister Nikolai Zlochevsky (also known as Mykola Zlochevsky) and had just frozen $23.5 million in assets allegedly belonging to him in early April 2014. On April 18, 2014 Biden's son, Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma.[28] According to The Hill Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, was receiving regular payments—“usually more than $166,000 a month”—from Burisma. The payments ran from the spring of 2014 through the fall of 2015 and reportedly totaled more than $3 million.

During a May 13, 2014, press conference, Matt Lee of the Associated Press grilled State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki about Hunter Biden's role on Burisma's board.

Lee: “Does this building diplomatically have any concerns about potential perceptions of conflict or cronyism – which is what you’ve often accused the Russians of doing?”
Paski: “No, he’s a private citizen."[29]

According to The Hill Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, was receiving regular payments—“usually more than $166,000 a month”—from Burisma. The payments ran from the spring of 2014 through the fall of 2015 and reportedly totaled more than $3 million. The Hill article included a written answer from Shokin, who said his investigation into Burisma had included plans for “interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.”

In August 2014, the Zlochevsky was forced to follow Yanukovych into exile after being accused of illegally enriching himself. The need to refurbish Burisma's tattered image, as well as his own, prompted Zlochevsky to resort to forking over large sums of money to win friends in Washington, D.C.Hunter Biden and the Atlantic Council were soon to become two of his best friends. Hunter Biden also held a position at the National Democratic Institute, a U.S.-funded “democracy promotion” organization that was heavily involved in pushing regime change in Ukraine. Burisma handed him a position on its board despite his lack of experience in the energy industry and in Ukrainian affairs. Hunter Biden enlisted the D.C. law firm, Boies, Schiller, and Flexner, where he served as co-counsel, to help “improve [Burisma’s] corporate governance.” By the following January 2015, Zlochevsky's assets were unfrozen by the U.K.[30] This action was pointedly called out in a speech by U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, who stated,

“In the case of former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky, the U.K. authorities had seized $23 million in illicit assets that belonged to the Ukrainian people.”,[31] Instead of receiving cooperation from Ukrainian prosecutors, they “sent letters to Zlochevsky’s attorneys attesting that there was no case against him. As a result, the money was freed by the U.K. court, and shortly thereafter the money was moved to Cyprus.”

On Feb. 10, 2015, Viktor Shokin was appointed as the Prosecutor General of the Ukraine and he picked up the investigation into Burisma, which reportedly continued until his removal in February 2016.[32] Shokin said his investigation into Burisma had included plans for “interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.”

In a December 2015 op-ed, the editorial board of The New York Times took both Bidens to task for the unseemly business arrangement:

“It should be plain to Hunter Biden that any connection with a Ukrainian oligarch damages his father’s efforts to help Ukraine. This is not a board he should be sitting on.”[33]

Hunter Biden maintained that he had only a brief conversation with his father about his work at Burisma. Hunter recalled to The New Yorker:

“Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.’[34]

Despite his constant focus on Ukraine, the Joe Biden claimed in September 2019 that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings in the country.[35]

Rosemont Seneca Partners

Devon Archer (left), Joe Biden (right).[36]

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, and Christopher Heinz, John Kerry stepson, formed Rosemont Seneca Partners, a private equity firm in 2009 with their friend, Devon Archer. The three friends established a series of related LLCs.[37] It was anchored to Rosemont Capital, the alternative investment fund of the Heinz family fortune.[38] The fund grew quickly. According to an email revealed as part of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, Rosemont described themselves as “a $2.4 billion private equity firm co-owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz,” with Devon Archer as “Managing Partner.”[39]


In December 2015 The New York Times reported on Joe Biden, His Son and the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch. The story focuses on Hunter Biden, Burisma Holdings, and its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was Ukraine's ecology minister under former President Viktor F. Yanukovych before he became a fugitive.[40]

Hunter Biden meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office.
Official White House Photograph

U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden's American-based firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers into one of its accounts — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Vice President Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine and its tense relations with Russia. Vice President Joe Biden threatens Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was investigating his son, Hunter Biden, on the board of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma Holdings. Joe Biden recounted, "'You’re not getting the billion'. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money...Well, [SOB], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time."[41][42]

The status of an independent Ukraine became the focus of much fake news reporting by the Washington Post to drive a wedge between President Donald Trump's efforts to improve relations with the Russian Federation following the disastrous foreign policy of President Barack Obama, which created a "zone of chaos" throughout the Middle EastNorth Africa, and the Caucus region.


Five months into the Obama administration in June 2009 Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, stepson of Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair John Kerry formed Rosemount Seneca. The firm partnered with the Thornton Group run by Devon Archer, and the Bank of China, to form Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) in China. Devon Archer is the nephew of Whitey Bulger, head of the Boston Irish mafia who enjoyed federal protection under FBI director Robert Mueller as an informant.[43] Bulger was convicted of 19 murders that occurred while under Mueller's protection; some have linked the Bulger klan to as many as 52 murders while Mueller ran the Boston FBI field office.[44] The Bank of China is owned by the Chinese government and closely connected with the Chinese military and intelligence services. Biden, Heinz, and Archer transferred and sold "duel use" technology to the Chinese military which was used to create the Chinese drone program and replicate the Chinese version of the F-15 fighter.[45]

Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) invested in an app the Chinese leftwing communist government is using to surveil ethnic minority Muslims in western China. Over one million Muslims living in the region are now incarcerated in Chinese gulags.

Senate investigation

Senate investigators concluded,

Hunter Biden with meth pipe.[46]

The records acquired by the Committees show that Hunter Biden and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe. Hunter Biden and Archer, in particular, formed significant and consistent financial relationships with the corrupt oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky during their time working for Burisma and their firms made millions of dollars from that association while Joe Biden was vice president and the public face of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden, received $3.5 million in a wire transfer from Elena Baturina, who allegedly received illegal construction contracts from her husband, the former mayor of Moscow. Moreover, Archer’s apparent receipt of money for a car from Kenges Rakishev of Kazakhstan while Vice President Biden was in Kyiv is especially concerning in light of the timing. And finally, Biden and Archer’s work with Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime illustrate the deep financial connections that accelerated while his father was vice president and continued after he left office.

Biden and Archer found willing partners in Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime. Their work in China began at least in 2009, with the creation of Rosemont Seneca Partners with Heinz, Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson. Then, several years later, Biden and Archer formed BHR with Bohai Capital and received their business license approval in China shortly after Biden visited China with his father, Vice President Biden.

Hunter Biden’s connections and financial associations appear to have accelerated significantly after he associated himself with Ye Jianming, who had deep connections with the Communist regime and PLA. However, that didn’t seem to have any impact on Hunter Biden, who made millions from the relationship. Indeed, Hunter Biden and his family, to include James and Sara Biden, associated with other Chinese nationals such as Gongwen Dong. In one case, the three of them went on a $100,000 global spending spree after Gongwen Dong and Hunter Biden opened a joint account. In addition, Hunter Biden received millions of dollars over a period of years from Gongwen Dong’s companies. According to records acquired by the Committees, many of these transactions involved potential criminal financial activity.[47]

The $3.5 million from the wife of the Moscow mayor was payment for $200 million money laundering]] scheme to circumvent the Magnitsky Act.[48] No record of Hunter Biden filing as a lobbyist or agent of a foreign power under the FARA Act exists.[49]

Democrat collusion

Democrat operative Alexandra Chalupa (left) Deep State informant Eric Ciaramella (right).[50]

On September 4, 2019 former Prosecutor General Victor Shokin made a sworn affidavit outlining Joe Biden's shakedown.[51] Sen. Chris Murphy, while travelling to the Ukraine, delivered a quid pro quo message to Ukrainian President Volodoymr Zelensky:[52] if the Ukrainian government co-operates with the U.S Justice Department investigating DNC/Ukrainian collision and interference in the 2016 presidential election, Congressional Democrats will withhold funding aid.[53]

whistleblower complaint by Eric Ciaramella addressed to Sen. Richard Burr and Rep. Adam Schiff was marked "urgent concern" alleging collusion between President Trump and President Zelensky.[54] The Intelligence community Inspector General (ISIG) and Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) determined the complaint was not of "urgent concern" and DNI James McGuire acted properly.[55] The Dept. of Justice Office of Legal Counsel strongly rebuked ICIG Michael Atkinson’s original granting whistleblower status based on hearsay. interpretation of his responsibility with the complaint. In the OLC opinion, they point out that Atkinson’s internal justification for accepting the whistleblower complaint was poor legal judgement.

The whistleblower complaint was fabricated to deliver an outcome in the same way the Steele Dossier was fabricated to deliver an outcome. Lee Smith explains in The New York Post that 'Trump-Ukraine' became necessary because the Trump-Russia ‘obstruction’ failed. What Democrats and their fake news media allies really want is to torpedo Attorney General William Barr’s probe into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. The whistleblower complaint and news reports of a call to Australia both serve the same dual-purpose: to ­advance the anti-Trump conspiracy and to shield its perpetrators by smearing Barr and discrediting his investigation into the origins of Spygate.

The whistleblower’s written complaint, based entirely on hearsay, presents Trump’s request that the Ukrainian leader work with Barr to “get to the bottom” of the collusion hoax as part of the alleged quid pro quo. That suggests the whistleblower and his confreres in the ­intelligence apparatus are worried about Barr's investigation and what it will ­uncover about their spying on the Trump campaign. The FBI's investigation began in July 2016, based on a tip from Alexander Downer, then Australia's envoy to Britain. He alleged that Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos told him that the Russians had damaging ­information on Clinton.

Barr is interested in Joseph Mifsud. The Rome-based academic went into hiding two years ago. Well known to Italian and other Western intelligence services, Mifsud is alleged to have told Papadopoulos about Russia possessing dirt on Clinton. If Mifsud is a Russian agent, as former FBI director James Comey and Robert Mueller alleged, NATO countries will spend years assessing the damage. If he isn't, it's evidence that Comey's FBI wasn't investigating the Trump campaign — but running a sting operation against it.[56]

Attempted cover-up: 2019 impeachment allegations

Special Counsel Robert Mueller colluding with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych is considered a Putin stooge by many Deep Staters.

Three days before the call, The Washington Post published an article entitle As vice president, Biden said Ukraine should increase gas production. Then his son got a job with a Ukrainian gas company. Zelensky is the first to bring up the name of Giuliani, and of an investigation. Trumps mentions "a lot of people are talking about it" and "a lot of people want to know". Trump refers to the Mueller investigation which just ended, and Bill Barr's ongoing investigation into the origins of Russiagate.

The conversation took place the day after Robert Mueller testified to congress. The regime installed by the Obama administration in 2014 was defeated in parliamentary elections four days earlier. President Trump was calling President Zelenskyy to congratulate him on the victory and map out cooperation fighting corruption and international criminal conspiracies on both sides of the Atlantic.

The President: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation. I think you’re surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. As you saw yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do, it’s very important that you do it if that’s possible.

President Zelenskyy: Yes it is very important for me and everything that you just mentioned earlier. For me as a President, it is very important and we are open for any future cooperation. We are ready to open a new page on cooperation in relations between the United States and Ukraine. For that purpose, I just recalled our ambassador from United States and he will be replaced by a very competent and very experienced ambassador who will work hard on making sure that our two nations are getting closer. I would also like and hope to see him having your trust and your confidence and have personal relations with you so we can cooperate even more so. I will personally tell you that one of my assistants spoke with Mr. Giuliani just recently and we are hoping very much that Mr. Giuliani will be able to travel to Ukraine and we will meet once he comes to Ukraine. I just wanted to assure you once again that you have nobody but friends around us. I will make sure that I surround myself with the best and most experienced people. I also wanted to tell you that we are friends. We are great friends and you Mr. President have friends in our country so we can continue our strategic partnership. I also plan to surround myself with great people and in addition to that investigation, I guarantee as the President of Ukraine that all the investigations will be done openly and candidly. That I can assure you.
The President: Good because I heard you had a prosecutor who was very good and he was shut down and that’s really unfair. A lot of people are talking about that, the way they shut your very good prosecutor down and you had some very bad people involved. Mr. Giuliani is a highly respected man. He was the mayor of New York City, a great mayor, and I would like him to call you. I will ask him to call you along with the Attorney General. Rudy very much knows what's happening and he is a very capable guy. If you could speak to him that would be great. The former ambassador from the United States, the woman, was bad news and the people she was dealing with in the Ukraine were bad news so I just want to let you know that. The other thing, There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that she stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it... It sounds horrible to me.
President Zelenskyy: I wanted to tell you about the prosecutor. First of all I understand and I'm knowledgeable about the situation. Since we have won the absolute majority in our Parliament, the next prosecutor general will be 100% my person, my candidate, who will be approved by the parliament and will start as a new prosecutor in September. He or she will look into the situation, specifically to the company that you mentioned in this issue. The issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue of making sure to restore the honesty so we will take care of that and will work on the investigation of the case. On top of that, I would kindly ask you if you have any additional information that you can provide to us, it would be very helpful for the investigation to make sure that we administer justice in our country with regard to the Ambassador to the United States from Ukraine as far I as I recall her name was Ivanovich. It was great that you were the first one who told me that she was a bad ambassador because I agree with you 100%. Her attitude towards me was far from the best as she admired the previous President and she was on his side. She would not accept me as a new President well enough.

The President: Well, she's going to go through some things. I will have Mr. Giuliani to give you a call and I am also going to have Attorney General Barr call and we will get to the bottom of it. I'm sure you will figure it out. I heard the prosecutor was treated very badly and he was a very fair prosecutor so good luck with everything.

The New York Post called Trump-Ukraine a lousy sequel to Trump-Russia.[57]

Eric Ciaramella

The whistleblower alleged “The call [with Ukraine] did not contain anything remotely sensitive from a national security perspective”. A “White House official” is quoted by the whistleblower as objecting to the storage of the MEMCON transcript of President Trump's call with Zelenskyy in a secure storage system in the NSC. This was wrong (a cover up) because it contained “nothing remotely sensitive”.

The whistleblower's allegation is false. The President's call with Zelenskyy contained references to both President Trump's and the Ukrainian President's opinions on multiple European countries and leaders, especially Germany and France, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, as well as sanctions policy towards Russia.

When originally classified, the transcript was set at the SECRET, Original Classification Authority (ORCON), No Foreign Distribution (NOFORN) level. That classification was set because the diplomatic view of the United States and the President towards other countries and leaders can “cause serious damage to national security” if disclosed in an unauthorized way. In this case, it could also damage the national security of Ukraine, too.

James Comey, for example, was referred by the Inspector General to the Department of Justice for potential criminal prosecution because one of his memos contained a tiny amount of similar information: the President's views on the relative importance of two countries (one of which was Russia) and when to return their calls. Comey's content was far milder and only 6 words, but even it was classified at the CONFIDENTIAL level, i.e. would cause “damage to national security”. President Trump's transcript was SECRET because it had far more information and far stronger views about a key US foreign policyRussia sanctions. A SECRET classification was clearly warranted, and the call did contain sensitive national security information. The whistleblower and their White House official mole were wrong, or lying when they said the transcript “did not contain anything remotely sensitive”.[58]

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice confirmed that the Obama administration moved President Obama's transcripts of conversations with foreign leaders onto the same top-secret server where the Trump administration stored President Trump's phone calls.[59]


James Comey never investigated alleged hacking of the DNC and relied entirely on claims made by Crowdstrike.

CrowdStrike was founded by Ukrainian oligarch Dimitry Alperovitch. Russian hacking claims of the DNC in the Spring of 2016 rest entirely on claims made by CrowdStrike, who are in possession of DNC servers. The Obama administration - the Comey FBI - never examined DNC servers to determine if indeed the servers were hacked, and if so, by whom.[60] Evidence suggests an inside whistleblower - a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter - passed damming information of the DNC rigging the nomination of Hillary Clinton to Wikileaks.

On April 28, 2016 DNC CEO Amy Dacy informed DNC attorney Michael Sussmann of the breach. Sussmann contacted Shawn Henry, CSO and President of Crowdstrike. Two days later the DNC hired CrowdStrike to install software that is meant to identify who gained access, when, and how. The next day, on May 1, CrowdStrike claimed the "intrusion had originated in Russia," although they would later retract.

The CrowdStrike website touts their 'revolutionary' approach and next-generation protection with their CrowdStrike Falcon services, "We Stop Breaches". As for all three public incidents, it appears they were reactionary and did not prevent an internal or external breach. What they did provide was intelligence and discover digital signatures leading to claimed sources.

Of the 27,500 DNC emails published by Wikileaks, fewer than 7,000 pre-date April 29. A Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of the published emails shows that the majority were written between May 5 and May 25 — after CrowdStrike was brought in to respond.[61]


On May 10, 2016 CrowdStrike installed its Falcon software on DNC servers, two weeks before the last dated email in WikiLeaks' DNC collection. Adam Carter noted Falcon should have prevented an outside hack, according to its product claims: "either CrowdStrike's flagship product failed miserably to deliver on its claimed capabilities or it could mean CrowdStrike withheld evidence."[62]

Julian Assange announced in a televised interview on June 12 that he was in possession of DNC emails; on June 13, 2018 (two years later) special counsel Robert Mueller alleged in an indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers that alleged Russian "hackers" did not contact Assange with DNC emails until June 14.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which includes among members two former Technical Directors of the National Security Agency, has repeatedly called attention to its conclusion that the DNC emails were leaked — not “hacked” by Russia or anyone else.[63] In analyzing the time sequence:

  • June 12, 2016: Assange announces WikiLeaks is about to publish “emails related to Hillary Clinton;”
  • June 14, 2016: DNC contractor Crowdstrike, (with a dubious professional record and multiple conflicts of interest) announced that malware has been found on the DNC server and claims there is evidence it was injected by Russians;
  • June 15, 2016: “Guccifer 2.0” affirms the DNC statement; claims responsibility for the “hack;” claims to be a WikiLeaks source; and posts a document that the forensics show was synthetically tainted with “Russian fingerprints;"

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity noted,

"We do not think that the June 12, 14, & 15 timing was pure coincidence. Rather, it suggests the start of a pre-emptive move to associate Russia with anything WikiLeaks might have been about to publish and to “show” that it came from a Russian hack.[64]

The mainstream media ran with the CrowdStrike version of a hack in an attempt to delegitimize Trump. Starting in June 2016 and continuing forward the DNC, Washington PostNew York Times, and other MSM outlets used CrowdStrike's allegations in an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump while providing an excuse for Hillary Clinton's loss of the 2016 presidential election. From there followed claims that "Russia hacked the U.S. elections."

On June 14, 2016 the DNC claimed Trump Opposition Research was stolen in alleged hack.[65][66]

Guccifer 2.0

On June 15, 2016 the first Guccifer 2.0 document was created by Warren Flood at 13:38 EDT, modified by Феликс Эдмундович (Felix Edmunovich, the Russian patronymic of Felix Edmunovich Dzerzhinsky, founder of the KGB - a blatantly amateurish attempt to create Russian fingerprints) thirty minutes later at 14:08 EDT. Warren Flood was Joe Biden's former IT director at the White House.[67] A document that Flood authored in 2008, and that was attached to one of John Podesta's emails, was used by Guccifer 2.0 as a template into which he then copied the contents of the Trump Opposition Research, copied from this file:
https://www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/fileid/26562/7365 (which is also attached to this leaked email). It is Flood's document that the "CONFIDENTIAL" text in the background derives from.

Alleged DNC hack

On the same day that disgraced FBI director James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton of gross negligence, in the early evening, Eastern Daylight Time, someone, likely a disgruntled Sanders supporter, with a computer directly connected to the DNC server or inside the DNC Local Area Network, copied 1,976 MegaBytes of data in 87 seconds onto an external storage device. That speed is much faster than what is physically possible with an outside hack.[68]

Comey testified under oath that Crowdstrike shared its report of an investigation into a supposed Russian hack, however that claim was later discovered to be a lie. The FBI never saw CrowdStrike's final report.[69]

The December 2016 Joint Analysis Report and January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment ordered by President Obama and authored by John Brennan and Peter Strzok, and the final Muller Report authored by Andrew Weissmann, were based on the official intelligence agencies of the U.S. government and the U.S. Department of Justice taking the word of a hired contractor for the Democratic party that refused to share its supposed evidence with the FBI.

Steele dossier

Oleg Deripaska (right). Dossier author Christopher Steele was paid by Deripaska to lobby the Justice Department in 2016. Andrew McCabe met with Deriapaska in New York two months before the election.

The Trump-Russia hoax started in Ukraine.[70]

Ukrainian prosecutors are looking into whether the country's law enforcement system was illegally used to meddle in the United States' 2016 Presidential election. Ukraine Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko is investigating whether the agency he heads leaked Paul Manafort's financial records to American media in April 2016 to help Hillary Clinton's campaign.[71] Manafort eventually resigned as the Trump campaign chairman over negative American media publicity. The so-called black ledger files were leaked two years after the FBI investigated Manafort's Ukrainian business activities but declined to bring charges.

A court has ruled that the leak was “an illegal intrusion into the American election campaign.” A Ukrainian law enforcement agency involved had frequent contact with the Obama administration’s embassy in Kiev at the time. Politico reported on evidence of Ukraine’s Washington embassy colluding to help the Clinton campaign discredit Trump. “A Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington in an effort to expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia."[72]

Ukraine's chief prosecutor Yurii Lutsenko, before becoming Prosecutor General, was a major activist against Russian influence in his country during the tenure of President Viktor Yanukovych.[73] He became prosecutor general in 2016 as part of anti-corruption reforms instituted by President Petro Poroshenko,[74] an Obama ally installed after the U.S.-backed coup.

Emails in 2016 between Steele and Bruce Ohr suggest Christopher Steele was deeply concerned about the legal status of the Putin-linked oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and was advocating on Deripaska's behalf.[75] The emails show Steele and Ohr were in frequent contact, that they intermingled talk about Steele's research and Deripaska's affairs, and that Glenn Simpson, head of the dirt-digging group Fusion GPS that hired Steele, was also part of the ongoing conversation.[76]

Steele was interested in getting Deripaska a new VISA to enter the U.S. Steele was very persistent and was soliciting Bruce Ohr for assistance. This set up a quid-pro-quo, entry for Deripaska into the United States in exchange for cooperation on 'other matters' later.

Fusion GPS

The Obama administration tried to convince the American people through US intelligence agencies and the mainstream media that Vladimir Putin had colluded with the Trump campaign to elect Donald Trump, using the Steele dossier as evidence. The falsified document was bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
Illustration on the Steele Dossier by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times[77]

Christopher Steele began the infamous Steele dossier in a series of conversations with top U.S. Justice Department official Bruce Ohr between December 2015 and February 2016 about securing evidence against Manafort. The FBI set up shop in the U.S. embassy in Kiev to assist its Ukraine–Manafort inquiry while using Steele as an informant at the start of its Russia probe. Nellie Ohr, wife of Bruce Ohr and a researcher for Fusion GPS, testified to Congress that some of Fusion GPS's research came from a Ukrainian member of parliament.[78] The Clinton campaign was using Perkins Coie law firm to pay FusionGPS for Steele's work to stop Trump from winning the presidency, at the same time Steele was a paid FBI informant.

The charges against Paul Manafort originated with Serhiy Leshenko, a Ukrainian member of parliament, and Artem Sytnyk, director of Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU). Leshenko provided the information to Clinton campaign staffer Alexandra Chalupa,[79] who passed the information to Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News. Isikoff reported the story on August 18, 2016, one of the first public mentions of supposed “Russia collusion” by the Trump team.[80]

Chalupa also passed the Black Ledger info on to Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, who passed them on to staffer Nellie Ohr. Ohr passed the info on to her husband Bruce Ohr. On May 30, 2016, Nellie Ohr sent an email to Bruce Ohr and Justice Department staffers under the subject line “Reported Trove of Documents on Ukrainian Party of Regions’ ‘Black Cashbox.’”

NABU and the Obama administration were working closely with Soros NGO Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) in Ukraine.[81] AntAC received 59 percent of its $1.7 million budget since 2012 from the U.S. State and Justice Departments, and another $290,000 from Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation. When Ukrainian prosecutors investigated AntAC over a missing $4.4 million in U.S. funding aid, they were told by Obama officials to stand down.[82]

In early 206, the election year, dossier author Christopher Steele lobbied the U.S Department of Justice on behalf of Oleg Deripaska to gain a visa to enter the United States.

Nellie Ohr

Nellie Ohr (left) and Christopher Steele (right) collaborated on the Clinton-Steele dossier. Nellie Ohr is the wife of Obama Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr. Steele is a foreign citizen hired by Hillary Clinton to influence the outcome of the 2016 election and affect the removal of a sitting president.

Nellie Ohr told congressional investigators on October 19, 2018, that while she was working for FusionGPS, she was sometimes given leads from both Jake Berkowitz, her direct supervisor, and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. When asked if any Fusion research was based off “sources of theirs,” Nellie answered affirmatively but said the information that came from the sources wasn't in relation to the Trump family.

When pressed, Nellie said she recalled them “mentioning someone named Serhiy Leshchenko, a Ukrainian.” She later admitted she knew of Leshchenko prior to her time at Fusion as he was a “very well-known, Ukrainian, anti-corruption activist” and said she had followed him in the press.

Leshchenko revealed the existence in 2016 of the so-called Ukrainian “Black Ledger,” which allegedly contained a list of secret payments made by Ukraine's pro-Russian Party of Regions to Paul Manafort among many others.

Leshchenko had adopted a strong anti-Trump stance, telling the Financial Times of London on August 28, 2016 that “a Trump presidency would change the pro-Ukrainian agenda in American foreign policy” and that it was “important to show not only the corruption aspect, but that he is [a] pro-Russian candidate who can break the geopolitical balance in the world.” Leschenko noted that the majority of Ukrainian politicians were “on Hillary Clinton’s side.”[83]

Nellie Ohr said she wasn't aware how the connection between Leshchenko and FusionGPS was established, or if they were doing work for him, but she did agree that Leshchenko was “a source of information” and acknowledged that she then used that information in following up and formulating her opposition research.

Later in Ohr's testimony, Leshchenko was briefly mentioned once again. She appeared to be very careful with her choice of wording—especially when Manafort's name came up:

Ms. Sachsman Grooms: You mentioned that, at some point, somebody from Fusion GPS told you that they were giving you a tip that was based off of a source that was a Ukrainian source, Serhiy Leshchenko. Is that right?

Ms. Ohr: Yes. That they were—that they were giving me some information that had originated with him in some way.

Ms. Sachsman Grooms: Do you recall whether that information related to Mr. Manafort?

Ms. Ohr: What I’ll say is that at the time—at the same meeting, if I recall correctly, that his name came up, this piece of paper that lists Mr. Manafort’s flights was given to me, and I’m not—I don’t recall exactly right now whether they said this particular piece of paper comes from Mr. Leshchenko or not.[84]

At this point, the questioning abruptly moved on and no further questions involving either Manafort or Leshchenko were put forth. Ohr was never asked if she had ever met with Leshchenko directly.

On 30 July 2016 Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson had breakfast at the Washington Mayflower Hotel. Steele told Ohr that "Paul Hauser, who was an attorney working for Oleg Deripaska, had information about Paul Manafort, that Paul Manafort had entered into some kind of business deal with Oleg Deripaska, had stolen a large amount of money from Oleg Deripaska, and that Paul Hauser was trying to gather information that would show that, you know, or give more detail about what Paul Manafort had done with respect to Deripaska.” The money relates to a failed Ukrainian cable TV project Deripaska invested money with Manafort in. Bruce Ohr called Andy McCabe immediately after the meeting.

The FBI's investigation, dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” was formally opened the following day by FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Two weeks after that New York Times published an article entitled Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief.” The article states: “Mr. Deripaska would later say he invested $18.9 million in Pericles [Manafort's company] in 2008 to complete the acquisition of Black Sea Cable. But the planned purchase—including the question of who ended up with the Black Sea assets—has since become the subject of a dispute between Mr. Deripaska and Mr. Manafort.”[85]

Manafort resigned as Trump's campaign chairman 5 days later.

Michael Isikoff and Yahoo News

Mainstream news sources published fake news stories put out by the Obama intelligence community stirring up public hysteria to cover-up its illegal surveillance of the 2016 Trump campaign.

See also: Fake news

On April 26, 2016, Yahoo News investigative reporter Michael Isikoff published a story about Paul Manafort's business dealings with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The Isikoff article referenced an investment fund, Pericles Emerging Markets, which was started by Manafort and several partners in 2007. According to The New York Times, Deripaska was the financial backer of the fund and agreed to commit as much as $100 million, although he apparently only invested $18.9 million in 2008 to finance the purchase of Black Sea Cable, a Ukrainian telecommunications company. Pericles is now defunct, and Deripaska sued Manafort in a Cayman Islands court, seeking to recover his investment.

This same transaction would later be referenced in the Aug. 14, 2016, New York Times article that reported the alleged payments to Manafort from the Party of Regions black box.

On April 28, 2016, Chalupa appeared on a panel to discuss her research on Manafort with a group of 68 Ukrainian investigative journalists gathered at the Library of Congress, for a program sponsored by a U.S. congressional agency called the Open World Leadership Center.

Appearing with her was Isikoff, with whom she was apparently working and whom she had invited, according to a May 3, 2016, email that Chalupa sent to Luis Miranda, communications director of the DNC, and was published by Wikileaks:[86]

“I spoke to a delegation of 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine last Wednesday at the Library of Congress—the Open World Society’s forum—they put me on the program to speak specifically about Paul Manafort and I invited Michael Isikoff, whom I’ve been working with for the past few weeks and connected him to the Ukrainians.”

Isikoff is the same reporter who published an article about Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page on Sept. 23, 2016. The article, headlined U.S. Intel Officials Probe Ties Between Trump Adviser and Kremlin, was based on an interview with Christopher Steele. Isikoff's article would later be used as corroborating information by the FBI in the FISA warrant application on Page.[87]

Chalupa's email closed with a reference to something larger that would become public in the coming weeks:

“More offline tomorrow since there is a big Trump component you and Lauren need to be aware of that will hit in next few weeks and something I’m working on you should be aware of.”

In late July, according to the Politico article, Chalupa left the DNC to work full-time on her research into Manafort. Around the same time, on Aug. 4, 2016, Chaly, the Ukrainian ambassador, wrote an op-ed in The Hill against candidate Trump, noting that “recent comments by Republican nominee Donald Trump about the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea—occupied by Russia since March 2014—have raised serious concerns in Kyiv and beyond Ukraine.”

Ukrainian prosecutors

Following the successful overthrow of Ukrainian President Yanukovych,[88] Biden had a direct hand in the formation of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau or NABU as he personally “pushed for the creation of an independent anti-corruption bureau to combat graft."

NABU was formally established in October 2014 in response to pressure from not only from the U.S. State Department and Biden, but also by the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission.

Despite the international push, the fledgling anti-corruption unit took over a year to actually become a functioning unit. During this time, NABU officials began establishing a relationship with the FBI. In early 2016, NABU director Artem Sytnyk announced that his bureau was very close to signing a Memorandum of cooperation with the FBI and by February 2016, the FBI had had a permanent representative onsite at the NABU offices. Sytnyk admitted that he tried to sabotage the campaign of Donald Trump in an effort to boost Clinton.[89]

On June 5, 2016, Sytnyk met with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt to discuss a more formalized relationship with the FBI and on June 30, 2016, NABU and the FBI entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that allowed for an FBI office onsite at NABU offices to focus on international money laundering cases. The relationship was renewed for an additional two years in June 2017.

NABU has repeatedly refused to make the Memorandum of Understanding with the FBI public and went to court in 2018 to prevent its release. After receiving an unfavorable opinion from the Kyiv District Administrative Court, NABU appealed the ruling which was overturned in their favor by the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal.

Serhiy Leshchenko became the subject of an investigation in December 2018 after a Kyiv court ruled that Leshchenko, along with NABU Director Artem Sytnyk acted illegally when they illegally leaked Manafort's name in the Black Ledger.[90][91] The court ruled the disclosure broke the law and “led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state."[92]

In Dec. 2017, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko accused Sytnyk of allowing the FBI to conduct illegal operations in Ukraine, claiming that the “U.S. law enforcers were allegedly invited without the permission required and in breach of the necessary procedures.” Lutsenko continued, asking “who actually let the foreign special service act in Ukraine?”

Taras Chornovil, a Ukrainian political analyst, also questioned the FBI's activities, writing that “some kind of undercover operations are being conducted in Ukraine with direct participation (or even under control) of the FBI. This means the FBI operatives could have access to classified data or confidential information.”

Prosecutor General Lutsenko called for an audit of NABU, claiming to “possess information of interest to the auditors” and was pushing for Sytnyk's resignation, along with that of Nazar Kholodnitskiy, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAP). According to reporting by Euromaiden Press, Lutsenko's efforts failed “thanks to the reaction from Ukraine’s American partners.”

Michael Carpenter, an advisor to former vice-president Joe Biden, personally issued a public warning to Lutsenko and others pushing for Sytnyk's removal, stating, “If the Rada votes to dismiss the head of the Anticorruption Committee and the head of the NABU, I will recommend cutting all U.S. government assistance to #Ukraine, including security assistance.”

US Embassy in Kiev

Lutsenko accused the Obama-era U.S. Embassy in 2016 of interfering in his office's ability to prosecute corruption cases,[93] saying the U.S. ambassador gave him a list of defendants that he could not pursue, then refused to cooperate in an investigation into alleged misappropriation of U.S. funds to aid Ukraine. Embassy official George Kent wrote, “We are gravely concerned about this investigation for which we see no basis."[94] Ukrainian officials said,

The implied message to Ukraine’s prosecutors was clear: Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an America presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General's International Legal Cooperation Department, said senior Ukrainian law enforcement officials have tried since 2018 to get visas from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence of Obama-era wrongdoing by Democrats to Washington but have been thwarted. “We were supposed to share this information during a working trip to the United States. However, the U.S. ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa." House Rules Committee chairman Pete Sessions asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to recall the current U.S. ambassador who has spoken against U.S policy in 2018.[95]

Kulyk said one focus of investigators has been as disbursements of much as $7 billion in Ukrainian funds spirited unlawfully out of the country and moved to the United States by businessmen friendly to the prior regime of Viktor Yanukovych. Ukrainian businessmen “authorized payments for lobbying efforts directed at the U.S. government,” he told me. “In addition, these payments were made from funds that were acquired during the money-laundering operation. We have information that a U.S. company was involved in these payments.” That company is tied to one or more prominent Democrats.

Ukrainian investigators also gathered evidence that money paid to a Democrat allegedly was hidden by Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) during the 2016 election under pressure from the Obama administration. “In the course of this investigation, we found that there was a situation during which influence was exerted on the NABU, so that the name of the American would not be mentioned.[96]

Serhiy Leshchenko

On Aug. 14, 2016, The New York Times broke their blockbuster story alleging that payments to Manafort had been uncovered from the Party of Regions “black box”—the 400-page handwritten ledger released by Leshchenko.[97] The article proved to be a fatal blow for Manafort, who resigned from the Trump campaign just days later.

On Aug. 19, 2016, Isikoff wrote a follow-up article, claiming that Ukrainian anti-corruption investigators were seeking to question Manafort, who had resigned from the Trump campaign that same day. The source for Isikoff was Leshchenko, who told him that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB) of Ukraine “have to interrogate him. … This has to happen.”

Leshchenko held a press conference in Kyiv that same day, where he provided further details from the Party of Regions’ ledger. Leshchenko also provided details directly to Isikoff, telling Yahoo News “that ledgers in the book include 22 separate entries for Manafort—most of them for fees under his contract as a political consultant to the party, but others for exit polls, computers, international observers and other expenses.”

Mentioned in the same article was Chalupa, with whom Isikoff had been working: “I’m ecstatic that Paul Manafort resigned from the Trump campaign,” Chalupa told Yahoo News. “Mr. Manafort is someone who spent the last decades working against our nation’s foreign policy interests overseas, as most recently demonstrated in Ukraine when he worked for Putin’s former puppet president, Viktor Yanukovych.”

Besides Isikoff, it appears Leshchenko had also been in contact with Chalupa. According to a March 20, 2017, report from Fox News, Leshchenko had spoken with Chalupa sometime in 2016:

“Leshchenko said he discussed Manafort’s role in Ukrainian politics with Chalupa, the Democratic consultant, last year. Leshchenko said Manafort ‘kept his eyes blind to all the corruption’ by the Ukrainian politicians he was advising years ago.”

The day after election day, Alexandra Chalupa posted a message to Facebook about work done in conjunction between the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and an Anonymous-based organisation known as “The Protectors” based in Washington, DC.

“Homeland Security/DOJ teamed up with a group that is part of Anonymous based in Washington, D.C. called ‘The Protectors’. This group saw a lot of activity during Election Day from the Russians and believe that the voting results projected don’t match the internal and public polls because the voting results were manufactured in favor of Trump in heavily Republican counties in key states, and voting results may have been described for Clinton in key Democratic countries via malware that was placed by the Russians when they hacked the election systems of more than half our states.” [98]

On July 24, 2017, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein regarding Chalupa, noting that her actions

appear to show that she was simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government, Ukraine, and on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign, in an effort to influence not only the U.S. voting population but U.S. government officials.[99]

Grassley asked why the DOJ hadn't required Chalupa to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act and also asked if the DOJ was

investigating links and coordination between the Ukrainian government and individuals associated with the campaign of Hillary Clinton or the Democratic National Committee? If not, why not?

Alexandra Chalupa and the DNC

See also: Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists

According to the Kyiv Post,

“Chalupa said she first came across Manafort after she organized a meeting with then-U.S. President Barack Obama’s National Security Council and leaders of Ukrainian-American organizations in January 2014, to brief the White House about the Euromaidan Revolution that drove President Viktor Yanukovych from power on Feb. 22, 2014.”

In late 2015, Alexandra Chalupa expanded her research into Manafort to include the Trump campaign and possible ties to Russia.

In January 2016, Chalupa informed an unknown senior DNC official that she believed there was a Russian connection with the Trump campaign. Notably, this theme would be picked up by the Clinton campaign in the summer of 2016. Chalupa also told the official to expect Manafort's involvement in the Trump campaign.

Alexandra Chalupa, Melanne Verveer, and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s Ukraine linkages. Chalupa held multiple intelligence briefing and debriefing sessions regarding president Trump with Okana Shulyar and other Ukrainian embassy staff.[100]

Chalupa’s forecast proved prescient, as Manafort reached out to the Trump campaign shortly after, on Feb. 29, 2016, through a mutual acquaintance, Thomas J. Barrack Jr. According to Manafort, he and Trump hadn’t been in communication for years until the Trump campaign responded to Manafort’s offer. On March 28, 2016, Manafort was hired by the Trump campaign. He was reportedly initially hired to lead the Trump campaign’s delegate effort, but was soon promoted, and on May 19, 2016, Manafort became Trump’s campaign chairman and chief strategist.

Just days prior to Manafort’s hiring, on March 24, 2016, Chalupa spoke with the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Valeriy Chaly, and told him of concerns she had regarding Manafort. Reportedly, her concerns were initially rebuffed as Chaly didn’t think Trump had a real chance of winning the presidency.

According to Politico, the day after Manafort’s hiring, Chalupa provided a briefing on “Manafort, Trump and their ties to Russia” to the DNC's communications staff. Notably, “with the DNC’s encouragement,” Chalupa asked the Ukrainian Embassy staff to attempt to arrange an interview with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and have him discuss Manafort's ties to former Ukrainian President Yanukovych. The Ukrainian Embassy reportedly declined the request but, according to Chalupa, did begin working with reporters who were researching Trump.

Andrii Telizhenko, who worked in the Ukrainian Embassy under one of Chaly's top aides, Oksana Shulyar, has repeatedly stated that Chalupa was working closely with the Ukrainian Embassy to obtain information on Trump.[101] In an interview with the Gateway Pundit, Telizhenko said he met Chalupa in the spring of 2016 at the Ukrainian Embassy, where Chalupa told him she was “a DNC operative working for the DNC” and the “Clinton campaign.” Telizhenko continued, noting that Chalupa said she was “collecting any dirt or background information on Manafort, presidential candidate Trump or any other campaign official from the Trump campaign” and was looking for “connections to Russia or the FSB or Russian mob, or Ukrainian mob, etc.” According to Telizhenko, Chalupa said the information would “be used for committee hearings in Congress under a congresswoman.”[102] Telizhenko didn't disclose the identity of the congresswoman, noting, “I don’t want to mention her name on record.”

In January 2017, Telizhenko told Politico that Chalupa said, “If we can get enough information on Paul [Manafort] or Trump’s involvement with Russia, she can get a hearing in Congress by September.”

In a recent tweet, Telizhenko summed the situation succinctly, noting

“The Clinton campaign had a Democratic operative working with Ukraine’s embassy in Washington to research Trump’s Russia ties, as well as a Ukrainian lawmaker feeding information to Fusion GPS.”

The “Democratic operative” refers to Chalupa, while the “Ukrainian lawmaker” refers to Leshchenko.

Chalupa digs up dirt from the Ukrainian government

From: Chalupa, Ali

Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 11:56 PM
To: Miranda, Luis
Subject: Re: You saw this, right?

A lot more coming down the pipe. I spoke to a delegation of 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine last Wednesday at the Library of Congress - the Open World Society's forum - they put me on the program to speak specifically about Paul Manafort and I invited Michael Isikoff whom I've been working with for the past few weeks and connected him to the Ukrainians. More offline tomorrow since there is a big Trump component you and Lauren need to be aware of that will hit in next few weeks and something I'm working on you should be aware of.

Since I started digging into Manafort these messages have been a daily occurrence on my yahoo account despite changing my password often:


Sent from my iPhone

On May 3, 2016, at 10:50 PM, Miranda, Luis <MirandaL@dnc.org<mailto:MirandaL@dnc.org>> wrote:


<http://www.democrats.org/>[SigDems]<http://www.democrats.org/><http://www.democrats.org/>Luis Miranda, Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

202-863-8148 - MirandaL@dnc.org<mailto:MirandaL@dnc.org> - @MiraLuisDC<https://www.twitter.com/MiraLuisDC>[103]

Fancy Bear is Ukrainian Intelligence

Dimitry Alperovitch, the founder of Crowdstrike, tweeting with Fancy Bear. Crowdstrike claimed the Russians hacked the DNC. The FBI never verified the claim. Private investigators determined it was Ukrainian intelligence who were hired by Alexandra Chalupa, a member of the Democratic National Committee.

George Eliason has identified Fancy Bear as Ukrainian intelligence.

Alexandra Chalupa hired this particular hacking terrorist group, which Dimitry Alperovich and Crowdstrike dubbed "Fancy Bear", in 2015 at the latest. While the Ukrainian hackers worked for the DNC, Fancy Bear had to send in progress reports, turn in research, and communicate on the state of the projects they were working on. Let's face it, once you're in, setting up your Fancy Bear toolkit doesn't get any easier. This is why I said the DNC hack isn't the big crime. It's a big con and all the parties were in on it.

Hillary Clinton exposed secrets to hacking threats by using private email instead of secured servers. Given the information provided she was probably being monitored by our intrepid Ruskie-Ukie union made in hell hackers. Anthony Weiner exposed himself and his wife Huma Abedin using Weiner's computer for top-secret State Department emails. And of course Huma Abedin exposed herself along with her top-secret passwords at Yahoo and it looks like the hackers the DNC hired to do opposition research hacked her.

Here's a question. Did Huma Abedin have Hillary Clinton's passwords for her private email server? It would seem logical given her position with Clinton at the State Department and afterward. This means that Hillary Clinton and the US government top secret servers were most likely compromised by Fancy Bear before the DNC and Team Clinton hired them by using legitimate passwords.


See also: Ukrainian collusion timeline

The Obama team wanted to get Manafort fired from his lobbying job representing Ukraine in Washington and have Hunter Biden hired to take his place. To do so, a change of regime was necessary. Ideology, alliances, and past friendships played no part. It was sheer greed. In 2018, Manafort was convicted on tax evasion charges for money he received from lobbying for Ukraine while he was Sen. John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign manager. In 2016 and 2017 McCain helped set him up. Obama's White House Counsel, Craig Gregg, who worked with Manafort, was acquitted on unregistered lobbying charges. The Podesta Group, as in the Clinton email scandal, was granted immunity from unregistered lobbying charges for work they did with Manafort.


  • 18 July. Adam Schiff attends fundraiser in his honor hosted by Igor Pasternak,[104] a Ukrainian arms dealer.
  • 14 December. Sen. John McCain meets with fascist leader Oleh Tyahnybok and Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Kiev.[105]


Both the Washington Post and Lawfareblog's Ukrainian collusion timelines claim Hunter Biden joined Burisma in May 2014, whereas Burisma's own website and Deutsche Welle reported Hunter Biden's hiring four days prior to Vice President Biden's pledge of $50 million in U.S. taxpayer provided funds.

  • 6 February . Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland met with fascist leader Oleh Tyahnybok in Kiev to plot overthrow of Yanukovych.[106]
  • 22 February. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is ousted from power in a U.S. backed coup.[107]
  • April. Investigators in the U.K. open a money laundering and fraud investigation of Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma Holdings.
  • 18 April. Hunter Biden is hired to the board of Ukraine's largest energy company, Burisma Holdings.[110][111][112][113] It is owned by oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, one of several subjects of the Ukrainian corruption probe.
  • 22 April. Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine,[114] offering his political support and $50 million in aid for the new shaky government.[115]
  • 2 May. Odessa Trade Unions House massacre. Between 42 and 116 Russians and Ukrainians, including a pregnant woman, burnt alive by fascist supporters of the new regime.[116][117] Western fake news downplays the incident and low-balls the number of deaths.
  • 13 May. During a State Department press conference, Matt Lee of the Associated Press grilled spokesperson Jen Psaki about Hunter Biden's role on Burisma's board. Lee asked Psaki,
Lee: “Does this building diplomatically have any concerns about potential perceptions of conflict or cronyism – which is what you’ve often accused the Russians of doing?”
Paski: “No, he’s a private citizen."[118]

June 2014

  • 6 June. Joe Biden visits Ukraine.
  • August. Ukraine's Prosecutor General, Vitaly Yarema, opens an investigation of Zlochevsky. A lawyer for Burisma claims that an investigation was closed in September 2016.

November 2014

  • 21-22 November. Joe Biden visits Ukraine.


  • 10 February. Viktor Shokin takes over as Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Burisma exec thanks Hunter for introducing him to his father, Joe Biden.[119] Biden has always denied any knowledge or involvement with his son's business activities or associates.

  • 16 April. Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates of Hunter in the private “Garden Room” at Café Milano,[120] a Georgetown institution whose catchphrase is: “Where the world’s most powerful people go.”
  • 17 April. Hunter Biden received an email from Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive of Burisma, to thank him for introducing him to his father.
“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together....It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”
  • Burisma was paying Hunter $83,333 a month to sit on its board a the time.[121]
  • June or July. U.S. Ambassador Geoffry Pyatt told Viktor Shokin to handle "Biden investigation with white gloves".[122]
  • 7 August. Kiev Post Op-ed: Olga Bielkova: Biden's candidacy would be good news for Ukraine.[123]
  • 27 August. Quinnipiac Poll: Biden runs better than Clinton against top Republicans while Clinton lead shrinks,[124] as New York Times is investigating Biden links to Ukraine.
  • 21 October. Joe Biden drops out of presidential race.[125] while New York Times investigation into Biden links to Ukraine continues.
  • 28 November. Spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs says there are no criminal investigations in which businessman Dmitry Firtash is a suspect.[126]
  • 29 November. Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that upon arrival in Ukraine, the oligarch Dmitry Firtash would be detained by the National Police if the US Justice Department filed such a petition.[127]

Members of the Azov Battalion with the NATO flag (left) Azov mascot (center) and Swastika (right). The NATO flag represents globalism; the Cyrillic A3OB in the center spells AZOV; and the swastika represents the Obama administration's OUNRussophobe allies in Ukraine.[128]

  • 2 December. Dmitry Firtash announces his intention to return to Ukraine to address the General Assembly of the Federation of Employers (FEU). Joe Biden, President Poroshenko, and Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov took steps to prevent Firtash's return.[129]
  • 3 December. Politico reports:A Ukrainian oligarch’s foiled homecoming: The U.S. and the government in Kiev want Dmytro Firtash behind bars.
  • "Ukraine's Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov announced on Sunday that, after consulting with U.S. officials, he instructed Ukrainian police to detain Firtash should he attempt to enter Ukraine."[130] Photos of armed paramilitary groups were posted on Avakov's Facebook page; Politico reported the "commander of Ukraine’s nationalist Azov Battalion, said that his volunteer fighters would arrest Firtash themselves if government forces failed to do so. He later posted a Facebook photo of his armed men waiting at Kiev's Borispol airport."
  • 6 December. Biden meets with Poroshenko in Kiev.
  • 8 December. New York Times completes its investigation in the Biden-Ukraine scandal, Joe Biden, His Son and the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch.
  • Hunter BidenBurisma Holdings, and its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was Ukraine's ecology minister under former President Viktor F. Yanukovych before Hunter's boss, Zlochevsky, embezzled $5 Billion and became a fugitive from justice.
  • Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden in 2014 while Vice President Biden oversaw U.S. loan guarantees to Ukraine.
  • Burisma is Ukraine's largest oil and gas produce;[131] Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors.[132]
  • Hunter Biden was paid $166,000 a month, which was split with the nephew of Whitey Bulger.[133]
  • Zlochevsky, a former Ukraine ecology minister, was under investigation by the new administration for embezzlement.
  • Prosecutors traced payments to Hunter Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden oversaw the disbursement of $1 billion allocated by the U.S. to the new government of Ukraine. In 2014, Biden's son Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the largest oil and gas company in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was hired by Mykola Zlochevsky, who served as Ukraine's ecology minister in the previous administration. Hunter Biden was paid $166,000 per month. The money was split with the nephew of Whitey Bulger.

Zlochevsky came under investigation by the new administration for alleged embezzlement of $5 billion while ecology minister. The prosecutor traced payments made to Hunter Biden. Vice President Biden threatened the new Ukrainian administration to withhold $1 billion in U.S. allocated funds unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fired.[134]

Biden bragged about having caused the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor to a CFR conference.

Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations: "‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money'...Well, [SOB], he got fired."[135]

U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Joe Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine. Biden threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending Ukraine toward insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was investigating his son, Hunter. Biden recounted,

"'You’re not getting the billion'. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money'...Well, [SOB], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time."[136][137]

Yuriy Lutsenko, who replaced Shokin as the prosecutor looking into Burisma, said the evidence in the Burisma case he'd like to present to William Barr, particularly the vice president's intervention.

Between April 2014 and October 2015, more than $3 million was paid out by Burisma to an account linked to Biden's and Devon Archer's Rosemont Seneca firm, according to the financial records placed in a federal court file in Manhattan in another case against Archer. The bank records show that, on most months when Burisma money flowed, two wire transfers of $83,333.33 each were sent to the Rosemont Seneca–connected account on the same day. The same Rosemont Seneca–linked account typically then paid Hunter Biden one or more payments ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 each. Ukrainian prosecutors reviewed internal company documents and wanted to interview Hunter Biden and Archer about why they had received such payments, but couldn't because of Joe Biden's intervention.

On September 4, 2019, former Prosecutor General Victor Shokin made a sworn affidavit outlining Joe Biden's shakedown.[138]


Ciaramella/Telizhenko meeting at the White House to discuss killing the Hunter Biden investigation and reviving allegations against Paul Manafort.

  • January 19. Eric Ciaramella hosts Andriy Telizhenko, a political officer in the DC Ukrainian Embassy at the White House to discuss killing the Hunter Biden investigation and reviving allegations against Paul Manafort which the FBI dismissed in 2014.

Clinton campaign manager John Podesta was notified by Google that his emails were hacked by Ukraine during the 2016 presidential election.[139]

  • March. Biden threatened Poroshenko that he would withhold $1 Billion in U.S. allocated funds unless Viktor Stokin, the Prosecutor General investigating Hunter Biden, was fired.[140]
  • 30 March. Shotkin fired.[141]
  • 3 May. Chalupa admits in email that she is working with the Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign,
  • 15 August. After FBI counterespionage chief Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page met with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Strzok texts Page that they couldn’t take the risk of Trump getting elected without having “an insurance policy” in place.
  • October. Benjamin Wittes, founder of a left-wing liberal blog called “Lawfare” — as in the “use of law as a weapon of conflict” — writes, “What if Trump wins? We need an insurance policy against the unthinkable: Donald Trump’s actually winning the Presidency.” Wittes writes that his vision of an “insurance policy” would rely on a “Coalition of All Democratic Forces” to challenge and obstruct Trump, using the courts as a “tool” and Congress as “a partner or tool.” He even mentions impeachment — two weeks before Trump is elected. Wittes has acknowledged being a good friend of disgraced FBI Director Jimmy the Weasel Comey. He spoke to a New York Times reporter about Comey’s interactions with President Trump right after Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel. The FBI begins a yearlong secret wiretap on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, which would have allowed intel officials access to information and conversations involving other Trump associates and possibly Trump himself. Page was never charged with any offense. The FBI never apologized for the unwarranted privacy intrusions. The lawfulness of the wiretap has been questioned.
  • 31 December. Moon of Alabama: New Russian Hacks? No, Old Ukrainian Malware Found.[142]


  • 3 January. George Eliason: Why Crowdstrike's Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart- Say Hello to Fancy Bear.[143]
  • Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) publicly warns Trump that if he took on the intelligence community, it has “six ways from Sunday to get back at you.”
  • 11 January. Politico reports on the same day BuzzFeed released the 'pee-pee memo': Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire.[144]
  • A Ukrainian-American operative consulting for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) met with top officials in Ukraine’s U.S. embassy to publicize ties between Trump, his top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia. (It worked.)
  • Ukrainian officials tried to help Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office.
  • Ukrainian officials “disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election.”
  • Ukrainian officials helped Clinton allies dig up damaging information on Trump and his advisers.
  • “The Ukrainian efforts had an impact in the race, helping to force Manafort’s resignation and advancing the narrative that Trump’s campaign was deeply connected to … Russia.”
  • 12 January. Biden schedules meeting with Poroshenko in Ukraine for January 15, 2017 after yesterday's Politico leak about DNC/Ukrainian collusion in 2016 election.[145]
  • 19 January. Eric Ciaramella invites Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau NABU director Artem Sytnyk to the White House. Artem Sytnyk was convicted in December 2018 of interference in the U.S. presidential election along with Serhiy Leshchenko in a Ukrainian court. Sytnyk and Leshchenko gave Chalupa and Ciaramella official documents critical of Paul Manafort, leading to Manafort's resignation as Trump's campaign manager. Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska suing Manafort over a failed Ukrainian cable TV investment.
  • 20 January. Trump inaugurated.
  • February. Two weeks into Trump presidency. NSC staffers Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko (who later joined Adam Schiff's congressional staff in 2019) openly discuss removing President Trump at a White House National Security Council meeting called by National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.[146] Paul Sperry reported:
The “all hands” meeting, held about two weeks into the new administration, was attended by hundreds of NSC employees.

“They were popping off about how they were going to remove Trump from office. No joke,” said one ex-colleague, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

A military staffer detailed to the NSC, who was seated directly in front of Ciaramella and Misko during the meeting, confirmed hearing them talk about toppling Trump during their private conversation, which the source said lasted about one minute. The crowd was preparing to get up to leave the room at the time.

“After Flynn briefed [the staff] about what ‘America First’ foreign policy means, Ciaramella turned to Misko and commented, ‘We need to take him out,’ ” the staffer recalled. “And Misko replied, ‘Yeah, we need to do everything we can to take out the president.’ “

Added the military detailee, who spoke on condition of anonymity: “By ‘taking him out,’ they meant removing him from office by any means necessary. They were triggered by Trump’s and Flynn’s vision for the world. This was the first ‘all hands’ [staff meeting] where they got to see Trump’s national security team, and they were huffing and puffing throughout the briefing any time Flynn said something they didn’t like about ‘America First.’ ”

He said he also overheard Ciaramella telling Misko, referring to Trump, "We can’t let him enact this foreign policy."


Excerpt of Giuliani letter to Sen. Graham. Amb. Marie Yovanovitch was denying visas to Ukrainian whistleblowers willing to testify about Ukrainian collusion to the Mueller investigation and covering up DNC and Biden corruption.

  • 23 January. Biden brags to an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations describing the pressure he put on President Petro Poroshenko to fire then Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to stop a criminal probe into Burisma Holdings and Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in funds unless Shokin was fired.
“They were walking out to a press conference. I said, ‘Nah, I’m not going to — or, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars.’ They said: ‘You have no authority. You’re not the president. I said, 'Call him,’ ” Biden says. “I said, ‘I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars.’ I said: ‘You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours.’ I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b----, he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”[151][152]
  • 6 February. Adam Schiff agrees to accept dirt on Trump from two Russians.[153]
  • 20 July. Grassley letter to Rosenstein.
Media reports suggest that Ukrainian “political leadership” opposed the candidacy of Donald Trump for president of the United States and worked with a Democratic National Committee consultant to undermine his campaign. This consultant allegedly had various meetings with Ukrainian government officials, including embassy staff, to coordinate the dissemination of incriminating information about Trump campaign officials. It appears that this consultant was operating to advance the interests of both the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton campaign, and a foreign government, which would have required registration under FARA.[154]

Burisma Leadership Meeting With Ambassador Yovanovitch in October 2018.

  • 30 October. Burisma leadership meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in Kiev.[155]
  • 3 December. Meet Andrii Telizhenko: The Man Who Will Blow the Lid Off of Mueller’s Russian Witch Hunt.[156]
  • 10 December. The New York Times reports Ukraine Court Rules Manafort Disclosure Caused 'Meddling' in U.S. Election.[157] National Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Artem Sytnyk and legislator Serhiy Leshchenko broke the law by revealing Manafort's name. The court said that the disclosure
“led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state.” [158]
"When it comes to his work in Ukraine, Manafort, as former Fusion GPS researcher Graham Stack writes, was convicted for ‘doing the opposite of colluding with Russia.’ In Ukraine, Manafort pushed a pro-Western agenda … Internal documents released by Mueller make clear that Manafort tried to steer his client, then – Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, to align with the European Union and away from Russia, or, in Manafort’s own words, promote ‘the key geopolitical messaging of how “Europe and the U.S. should not risk losing Ukraine to Russia.”‘[159]


  • 3 January. In a text message from Hunter Biden to his sister Naomi, Hunter said that their father "Pop" takes 50% of his salary.[160]
  • February. Ukraine re-opened their investigation into Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden.
  • NABU requested the probe into Burisma and owner Mykola Zlochevsky be reopened.[161]
  • 9 March. Three weeks in advance of Ukraine's March 31, 2019 presidential election, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine in Kiev Marie Yovanovitch called for Ukraine’s special anti corruption prosecutor to be removed.[162] Yovanovitvh's comments were regarded in Ukrainian media as a violation of international diplomatic convention and protocols of the duty of foreign diplomats to refrain from interfering in a host country's internal affairs, particularly in advance of an election.
  • the U.S. embassy in Kiev had earlier pressured the Ukraine prosecutors in 2016 to drop or avoid pursuing several cases, including one involving the Soros-backed AntiCorruption Action Centre (AntAc) and two cases involving Ukraine officials who criticized Donald Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort.
  • Kiev embassy official George Kent wrote a letter proving Yovanovitch's meddling in Ukrainian internal affairs did indeed happen.[163] State Department officials authenticated the letter. George Kent acknowledged in this Congressional testimony he signed that letter.
  • 20 March. John Solomon: Senior Ukrainian official says he's opened probe into US election interference.[164]
  • 21 March. General Prosecutor's office files "Notice of Suspicion" alleging the existence of "illicit funds" running through Burisma Holdings between 2010 and 2015. The 15-page document specifically confirms NABU was investigating $3.4 million paid out by Burisma to Hunter Biden.[165]
  • April. General Prosecutors office requests assistance of another agency to examine Burisma Holding's bank records of money paid to Hunter Biden.[166]
  • 25 April. How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost, by John Solomon[167]
  • In January 2016 the Obama White House summoned Ukrainian authorities to Washington. The meeting brought some of Ukraine’s top corruption prosecutors and investigators face to face with [Eric Ciaramella][168] and members of former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), FBI, State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ). Ukrainian participants said it didn’t take long to realize the Americans’ objectives included two politically hot investigations: one involving Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and one involving Paul Manafort's lobbying firm, linked closely to then-candidate Trump.
  • U.S. officials “kept talking about how important it was that all of our anti-corruption efforts be united,” said Andrii Telizhenko, then a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington tasked with organizing the meeting.
  • Telizhenko said U.S. officials said that they had an interest in reviving a closed 2014 investigation into payments to U.S. figures from Ukraine’s Russia-backed Party of Regions. That 2014 investigation was focused on Manafort. The FBI closed the case without charging Manafort.
  • DOJ officials asking investigators from Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) if they could help find new evidence about the Party of Regions’ payments and its dealings with Americans. “It was definitely the case that led to the charges against Manafort and the leak to U.S. media during the 2016 election,” Telizhenko said.
  • Nazar Kholodnytskyy, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, said he soon saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election. Kholodnytskyy said the key evidence against Manafort — a ledger showing payments from the Party of Regions — was known to Ukrainian authorities since 2014 but was suddenly released in May 2016 by the NABU, after Manafort was named Trump’s campaign chairman: “Somebody kept this black ledger secret for two years and then showed it to the public and the U.S. media. It was extremely suspicious.” Kholodnytskyy said he explicitly instructed NABU investigators who were working with American authorities not to share the ledger with the media. “I ordered the detectives to give nothing to the mass media considering this case. Instead, they had broken my order and published themselves these one or two pages of this black ledger regarding Paul Manafort. For me it was the first call that something was going wrong and that there is some external influence in this case. And there is some other interests in this case not in the interest of the investigation and a fair trial.”
  • Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Ukraine prosecutor general’s international affairs office, said that, shortly after Ukrainian authorities returned from the Washington meeting, there was a clear message about helping the Americans with the Party of the Regions case. “Yes, there was a lot of talking about needing help and then the ledger just appeared in public.” Kulyk said Ukrainian authorities had evidence that other Western figures, such as former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig, also received money from Yanukovych’s party. But the Americans weren’t interested: “They just discussed Manafort. This was all and only what they wanted. Nobody else.”
  • Manafort joined Trump’s campaign on March 29, 2016, and then was promoted to campaign chairman on May 19, 2016. NABU leaked the existence of the ledgers on May 29, 2016. Later that summer, it told U.S. media the ledgers showed payments to Manafort, a revelation that forced him to resign from the Trump campaign in August 2016.
  • A Ukrainian court in December concluded NABU’s release of the ledger was an illegal attempt to influence the U.S. election. And a member of Ukraine’s parliament has released a recording of a NABU official saying the agency released the ledger to help Hillary Clinton.
  • The other case raised at the January 2016 meeting involved Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company under investigation in Ukraine for improper foreign transfers of money. At the time, Burisma allegedly was paying then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as both a board member and a consultant. More than $3 million flowed from Ukraine to Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer's firm in 2014-15, bank records show.
  • U.S. officials told the Ukrainians they would prefer that Kiev drop the Burisma probe and allow the FBI to take it over. The Ukrainians did not agree. But then Joe Biden pressured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire Victor Shokin, Ukraine’s chief prosecutor in March 2016. The Burisma case was transferred to NABU, then shut down.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington confirmed that the Obama administration requested the meetings in January 2016, but embassy representatives attended only some of the sessions. "Unfortunately, the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C., was not invited to join the DOJ and other law enforcement-sector meetings."
  • Telizhenko’s claim that the DOJ reopened its Manafort probe as the 2016 election ramped up is supported by the DOJ’s own documents, including communications involving Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr, his wife, Nellie Ohr, and ex-British spy Christopher Steele. Nellie Ohr and Steele worked in 2016 for Fusion GPS, that was hired by Clinton’s campaign and DNC to find dirt on Trump. Steele wrote the famous dossier for Fusion that the FBI used to gain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Nellie Ohr admitted to Congress that she routed Russia dirt on Trump from Fusion to the DOJ through her husband Bruce during the election.
  • DOJ emails show Nellie Ohr on May 30, 2016, directly alerted her husband Bruce and two DOJ prosecutors to the discovery of the “Black Ledger” files that led to Manafort’s prosecution. “Reported Trove of documents on Ukrainian Party of Regions’ Black Cashbox,” Nellie Ohr wrote to her husband and federal prosecutors Lisa Holtyn and Joseph Wheatley, attaching a news article on the announcement of NABU’s release of the documents.
  • Bruce Ohr and Steele worked on their own effort to get dirt on Manafort from a Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, who had a soured business relationship with Manafort. Deripaska was “almost ready to talk” to U.S. government officials regarding the money that “Manafort stole,” Bruce Ohr wrote in notes from his conversations with Steele.
  • The efforts eventually led to a September 2016 meeting in which Andrew McCabe asked Deripaska if he could help prove Manafort was helping Trump collude with Russia. Deripaska laughed off the notion as preposterous.
  • Politico reported that the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington assisted Clinton’s campaign through Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC contractor. The Ukrainian Embassy acknowledges it got requests for assistance from Chalupa to find dirt on Manafort.
  • 22 July. The Washington PostAs vice president, Biden said Ukraine should increase gas production. Then his son got a job with a Ukrainian gas company.[170]
  • Shokin was fired because of efforts to investigate Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden.
  • Shokin told the Washington Post, "the activities of Burisma, the involvement of his son, Hunter Biden, and the [prosecutor general’s office] investigators on his tail, are the only, I emphasize, the only motives for organizing my resignation.”
  • 23 September. CRS report facilitated a false impression that ultimately provided a false impetus for the current impeachment inquiry.[171]
  • The updated CRS analysis inexplicably claimed that the statute was “not specific on who has the authority for determining whether a complaint, aside from its credibility, constitutes a matter of ‘urgent concern.’”
  • Contrary to the CRS assertion, the statute is explicit on this point, as Congress has defined it in 50 U.S.C. §3033(k)(5)(G):[172]
  • Two Other Places the Report Misrepresents the Statutes.
  • It should concern every American that the timing and substance of the updated CRS analysis advances a particular partisan narrative at the expense of a clear application of the law. The idea that the IC IG can forward a report to Congress about the president and color a complaint about public policy matters as an “urgent concern” to trigger congressional oversight is not supported by the underlying statutes at all.
  • the timing of the updated report’s release raises additional questions about whether certain congressional staff or members were illegally coordinating with the whistleblower during this IC IG’s review process.
  • Michael E. DeVine, listed author of the CRS report, did not respond to the reporter for questions.
  • Congressional staff commented “It’s a big deal,” and anticipated there would be “subpoenas and discovery of CRS staff emails, communications, etc.”
  • 25 September. Jerry Dunleavy: US Attorney John Durham looking into Ukrainian involvement in 2016 election.[173]
  • John Solomon: Democrats Attempted To Collude With Ukraine In 2016.[174]
  • Ukraine’s top prosecutor opens an investigation into whether his country’s law enforcement apparatus intentionally leaked financial records during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign about Paul Manafort in an effort to influence the election of Hillary Clinton.[175]
  • Ken Vogel of NYT: The Ukrainians weren't made aware that the assistance was being delayed/reviewed until more than one month after the call.[176]
  • Letter from Democrat Sens. Robert MenendezDick Durbin, and Patrick Leahy to Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko resurfaces, demanding investigations into Trump continue, threatening to cut off U.S. aid.[177][178][179]
  • 26 September. The Federalist: Top Romney Adviser Worked With Hunter Biden On Board Of Ukrainian Energy Company.[180]
  • 27 September. Sens. Grassley and Johnson demand the DOJ look into the “brazen efforts by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to use the government of Ukraine for the express purpose of finding negative information on then-candidate Trump in order to undermine his campaign.”[181][182][183]
  • 2 October. Townhall: Schiff Knew About Whistleblower Complaint Before It Was Filed.[184]
  • Giuliani hires Watergate prosecutor to represent him in House impeachment probe.[185][186]
  • Brennan urges Trump's removal from office.[187]
  • 3 October. Epoch Times: Justice Department to Question Brennan in ‘Spygate’ Inquiry.[188]
  • Paul Sperry: The Democrat whistleblower who complained about Trump digging up dirt in Ukraine was himself helping dig up dirt in Ukraine against Trump (and Manafort) while working in the Obama White House during 2016 campaign.[189]
  • The whistleblower is a registered Democrat & CIA analyst who was detailed before the 2016 election to the Obama White House,where he worked on the NSC's Ukraine desk & met w anti-Trump Ukrainian officials before being sent packing by the Trump NSC & becoming disgruntled.[190]
  • 4 October. The Blaze: Audio, email evidence shows DNC colluded with Ukraine to take down Trump in 2016.[191]
  • Sean Davis: Testimony From Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker Directly Contradicts Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative.[192]
  • No quid pro quo aid for investigations as Democrats allege.
  • Sean Davis: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Concealed Contacts With House Democrats From Inspector General.[193]
  • 5 October. WaPo: The Hunter Biden story is a troubling tale of privilege.[194]
  • 7 October. Ryan Saavedra: Audio, Email Evidence Shows DNC Colluded With Ukraine To Boost Hillary By Harming Trump.[196]
  • Lee Smith: It's Not All About the Bidens: Why Trump Has Ukraine on the Brain.[197]
  • Mollie Hemingway: Joe Biden's brother also involved in scandal and media ignores it.[198]
  • 9 October. Joe Biden 'Personally Paid $900,000 By Burisma' According To Ukrainian MP In Bombshell Admission.[200]
  • House Freedom Caucus asserts Chairman Schiff failed to disclose his interaction with the whistleblower, and a refusal was grounds for his recusal in related investigations. Schiff had previously remarked broadly that a whistleblower's contact with the House Intelligence Committee was not reason enough to prevent an investigation of their complaint.
  • 11 October. Clinton Foundation reported to have received $10 million from the Ukraine, more than from any other source.
  • Tom Brokaw calling out Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption.[201]
  • The Washington Examiner revealed Schiff hired two aides who worked alongside the whistleblower at the National Security Council during the Obama and Trump administrations.
  • 12 October. Lee Smith: Ukraine Ground Zero for Russia Collusion Hoax.[202]
  • 14 October. Judicial Watch Reveals Surveillance Targets Requested by U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch and State Department – But Bigger Question is Missing.[203]
“This is not an obscure rule, everyone in public diplomacy or public affairs knows they can’t make lists and monitor U.S. citizens unless there is a major national security reason,” according to a senior State Department official. If the illicit operation occurred, it seems to indicate a clear political bias against the president and his supporters.
Yovanovitch, a career diplomat who has also led American embassies in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, was appointed ambassador to Ukraine by Obama in 2016. She was recalled by the State Department in May [2019] and remains a State Department employee in Washington D.C.
  • Max Blumenthal: Atlantic Council Raked in Funding from Hunter Biden’s Corruption-Stained Ukrainian Employer While Courting His VP Father.[204]
  • 16 October. Sean Davis: Top Diplomat Testified That Obama Admin, Not International Community, Orchestrated Ukraine Prosecutor’s Firing.[205]
  • CDN: Obama WH corruption: Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden.[206]
  • 18 October. Jeff Carlson: Ukraine Accusations Against Trump Put Renewed Focus On Events During Obama Administration.[207]
  • New details emerge on monthly payments sent to Hunter Biden by Ukrainian company.[208]
  • Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden “as a helpful non-executive director with a powerful name,” according to a Reuters report. Burisma’s founder hired Biden in 2014 “to protect [the company]” in the face of potential prosecution. Zlochevsky was investigated for tax violations, money-laundering, and corruption and initially cleared of any wrongdoing. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka told reporters that 15 cases involving Zlochevsky were being reviewed.
  • Hunter Biden never visited Ukraine, but participated regularly in biannual board meetings, all of which were held outside Ukraine. Sources also said Biden was appointed during a time when Burisma was seeking foreign investment, a process which Biden helped by finding lawyers for the potential deal, which ultimately broke down when war broke out in east Ukraine. “He was a ceremonial figure.”
  • Hunter Biden was paid $80,000 per month.
  • The Blaze: Diplomat: I tried to warn the Obama administration about Hunter Biden and Ukraine in 2015, but no one would listen.[209]
  • 19 October. Glen Beck interview with Andriy Telizhenko. Telizhenko was present at the January 19, 2016 White House meeting with Eric Ciaramella and members of Obama’s National Security Council, FBI, State Department and Department of Justice. Ukrainians were informed to terminated the investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma, and to find "new evidence" on a 2014 case against Paul Manafort that the FBI has already investigated and dismissed.[210]
  • 24 October. NBC News: Hunter Biden's legal work in Romania raises new questions about his overseas dealings.[211]
  • Washington Examiner: Biden twice used his position to intervene to boost son Hunter's lobbying.[212]
  • 28 October. Lee Smith: How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Democrats’ Coup Against Trump.[213]
  • 29 October. Hunter Biden's China Entanglements Spark Concern in Senate.[214]
  • The Nation: The Demonization of Dissent - McCarthyism has gone mainstream.[215]
  • 4 November. Biden lied - Burisma pressed State Department to end corruption allegations one month before Joe Biden forced firing of prosecutor.[216][217]
  • 6 November. Hunter Biden received 46 payments from Burisma, 38 for $83,333, the total being $3.1 million.[218]
  • 13 November. John Solomon: The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention.[219]
  • 15 November. Epoch Times: Yovanovitch Urged Firing of Top Prosecutor Amid Ukraine’s Presidential Election.[220]
  • Elizabeth Vaughn: Here’s the Real Ukrainian Corruption Story.[221]
  • Zerohedge: Leaked Bank Records Confirm Burisma-Biden Payments To Morgan Stanley Account.[222]
  • 7 December. Elizabeth Vaughn: Dems Panic After The Republican Chairmen of Three Senate Committees Request the ‘Transcribed Staff-Led Interviews’ of Alexandra Chalupa.[223]
  • 8 December. OAN EXCLUSIVE: Yuriy Lutsenko says Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress.[224]
  • 9 December. Hunter Biden laptop turned over to the FBI.[225]


  • 20 January. Evening. The night before the Senate impeachment trial began, investigative reporter John Solomon’s car parked near the White House broken into and laptop containing notes on his Ukraine investigation and Joe Biden stolen.[226]
  • Secret Service and DC Metropolitan Police are investigating the theft which occurred in a high security area across from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building just outside the White House perimeter. The location had no security cameras, and there is no known video surveillance footage that can be reviewed. Authorities described it as one of the few “dark spots” in the area.
  • No windows were broken, and there were no other signs of forced entry. Authorities suspect the thief or thieves used an electronic jamming device to open the car door lock. The break-in appears to be a professional job.
  • House impeachment manager Adam Schiff cited Solomon no fewer than 35 times in his impeachment report. He added Solomon’s phone call history in a spreadsheet he compiled in the footnotes section of the report, which claimed Solomon reported “conspiracy theories” in The Hill to help President Trump “push false narratives” about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton, as well as Biden’s attempts as vice president beginning late 2015 to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a gas industry oligarch whose company paid his son millions of dollars.
  • Solomon is reported to say that Schiff was singling him out as part of a smear campaign.
  • 5 February. CTH: Grassley and Johnson Requesting Hunter Biden Travel Records From Secret Service.[227]
  • 7 February. Senate investigators receive Hunter Biden banking records from Treasury Dept. money laundering unit.[228]
  • 21 February. Former Mitt Romney Adviser Sits on Board of Ukrainian Gas Company That Employed Hunter Biden.[229]
  • 27 February. SBI (Ukraine) Opens Case On Joe Biden's Pressure On Viktor Shokin – Lawyer.[230]
  • 19 May. Leaked Biden phone calls detail $1 Billion quid pro quo to interfere in Burisma investigation.[231]
  • 4 October. How The DNC Hired CrowdStrike To Frame Russia For The Hack.[232]
  • 17 October. Lee Stanahan: Wray is trying to do what Big Tech Couldn't on Biden Story: What Trump MUST Do.[233]

US-backed Ukrainian coup

U.S.-backed fascists carrying tiki torches in the February 2014 Maidan Revolution.[234]

Obama's foreign policy shifted at this point forward from the "Russian Reset" of 2008 and the greater "flexibility" Obama promised President Medvedev in 2012, to rabid Russophobia. The anti-Russian grip on American foreign policy reached a fever pitch in coming years in efforts to destroy President Donald Trump who sought to mend relations with Russia after the Ukrainian crisis.[235]

Between February 18–20, 2019 the Euromaidan crisis began in which about 100 activists and 17 police officers were killed.[236] As in Syria and other "Arab Spring" uprisings, agent provocateurs begin shooting and killing people on both sides to provoke a civil insurrection.

On February 22, 2019 Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was elected to office, was ousted in the U.S. backed coup. The regime was overwhelmingly voted out in 2019.

Victoria Nuland

See also: Jonathan Winer

On or shortly before Feb. 4, 2014, Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs in the Obama state department, had a conversation with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, which was intercepted and leaked.[237]

On February 6, 2014 Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland met with Oleh Tyahnybok and other ringleaders who assumed power after the revolution.[238] Tyahnybok leads the Svoboda party. Tyahnybok in 2004 was kicked out of the ruling parliamentary faction after giving a speech calling for a fight against the "Muscovite-Jewish mafia." In 2005 Tyahnbok signed an open letter to Ukrainian leaders calling for the government to halt the "criminal activities" of "organised Jewry", which was spreading its influence through organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League which ultimately wanted to commit "genocide" against the Ukrainian people.[239] Emails were leaked detailing a meeting arranged between George Soros and Tyahnbok. Various Soros' international progressive front organizations (NGOs) organized and funded the Ukrainian revolution.[240]

In the call, Nuland and Pyatt discussed the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and the installation of opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister. Nuland favored opposition leader Yatsenyuk over his main rivals Vitali Klitschko and Oleh Tyahnybok.[241]

Nuland told Pyatt, “I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, the governing experience. He’s the… what he needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside.”

Towards the end of the conversation, then-Vice President Joe Biden was discussed as being willing to help cement the changeover in Ukraine:

Pyatt: “We want to try to get somebody with an international personality to come out here and help to midwife this thing. The other issue is some kind of outreach to Yanukovych but we probably regroup on that tomorrow as we see how things start to fall into place.”

Nuland: “So on that piece Geoff, when I wrote the note [Biden’s national security adviser Jake] Sullivan’s come back to me VFR [direct to me], saying you need Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta-boy and to get the deets [details] to stick. So Biden’s willing.”[242]

Oleh Tyahnybok (left) Victoria Nuland (center) Arseniy Yatsenyuk (right) Vitali Klitschko (rear).

Nuland and Pyatt met with Ukrainian opposition leaders Tyahnybok, Klitschko and Yatsenyuk along with then-president Yanukovych just days later on Feb. 7, 2014. Events moved swiftly. On Feb. 22, 2014, Yanukovych was removed as President of Ukraine and fled to Russia. On Feb. 27, 2014, Yatsenyuk, the candidate favored by Nuland, was installed as Prime Minister. Tyahnybok and his Svoboda party were brought into the new government, Klitschko was left out. Svoboda is considered a fascist organization.

A few months later on April 18, 2014, Hunter Biden was appointed to the Board of Directors for Burisma–one of the largest natural gas companies in Ukraine. Four days later, on April 22, 2014, Vice President Biden traveled to Ukraine, offering his political support and $50 million in aid for Yatsenyuk's shaky new government. Petro Poroshenko, a billionaire politician, was elected as president of Ukraine on May 25, 2014. Joe Biden became close to both men and helped Ukraine to obtain a four-year $17.5 billion IMF package in March 2015.

Sometime in the later half of 2014 Christopher Steele of Orbis International began providing informal reports to the State Department on the Ukraine. CBS News reported “During the Ukraine crisis in 2014 and ‘15, Chris Steele had a number of commercial clients who were asking him for reports on what was going on in Russia, what was going on in Ukraine, what was going on between them,” said Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.[243]

Crimean Annexation

When the chaos in Ukraine ensued, Russian soldiers landed in Crimea. Some people living in Crimea are ethnic Russians, and there is a long running dispute whether Crimea belongs to Ukraine or to Russia.[244] On March 11, 2014, Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine.[245] On March 16, 2014, Russia sponsored a referendum in Crimea about joining Russia.[246] The United States and the European Union called the referendum "illegal".[247] Because the referendum gave voters only two choices: join Russia now or later, experts already declared that most Crimeans will vote for the connection to Russia.[248] As a result of it 95.5% of voters supported joining Russia.[249] Since March 18, 2014, Russia claimed Crimea as a part of its territory.[250] Only AfghanistanCubaNicaraguaNorth KoreaRussiaSyria and Venezuela recognize Crimea as a part of Russia.[251] On March 27, the U.N. General Assembly passed a non-binding resolution (100 in favor, 11 against and 58 abstentions) declaring Crimea's referendum invalid.[252][253][254][255][256] In response, Sen. John McCain authored the Magnitsky Act and the Obama administration pressured the European Union to impose sanctions of their own against Russian trade. In February 2017 President Trump accused Russia of taking Crimea by force and asked whether Obama was too soft on Russia.[257]

Podesta Group

See also: John Podesta

Tony Podesta represented Uranium One, a company acquired by the Russian government which needed approval from Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for one speech from a Russian investment bank with “links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” The Clinton Foundation pocketed $145 million.[258] Podesta was paid $180,000 for his illegal lobbying.[259]

Tony Podesta showing off art work that welcomes visitors to his home. The sculpture was inspired by a headless corpse found in the home of Jeffrey Dahmer.[260]

Podesta Group handled Russia's largest bank, Sperbank. “Sberbank is the Kremlin, they don’t do anything major without Putin's go-ahead, and they don’t tell him ‘no’ either,” a Senior U.S. intelligence official said.

On March 28, 2013 a State Department email from Baxter Hunt to a number of officials including then-U.S. Foreign Service Officer John Tefft (who would go on to be U.S. Ambassador to Russia in 2014) and State Department Director for the Office of Eastern Europe Alexander Kasanof, Hunt writes:

See below, I also stressed to them the need for GOU [Government of Ukraine] to take concrete steps to get new SBA with IMF and avoid PFC/loss of GSP. Podesta Group is noted among host of Ukraine lobbyists in article I’ll forward in article on low side.
*Ben Chang and Mark Tavlarides of the Podesta Group, which is representing the Party of Regions, told us they were working with Klyuyev on a visit he plans to make to Washington in early May. They are working to broaden the POR’s contacts on the Hill, including setting up a meeting for Klyuyev with Chris Smith, and have advised Kyiv to stop trying to justify their actions against Tymoshenko in Washington. They also noted that during his recent meeting with former EC President Prodi, HFAC Chairman Ed Royce said that Congress would not be enacting sanctions legislation against Ukraine.[261]

The Podesta Group was owned by and employed John and Tony Podesta in 2013. John Podesta was the 2016 Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign manager. The Party of Regions is the Putin-controlled group, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 2017 indictment of Paul Manafort. Tymoshenko, who served several years in prison on corruption charges, including murder, was sprung from prison after the Obama-sponsored coup that overthrew the democratically elected regime and brought a nationalist and neo-fascist regime to power. The criminal code was revised by the new regime to exonerate Tymoshenko. Obama campaign consultants from 2008 managed Tymoshenko's 2010 election campaign for the presidency of the Ukraine.[262]

Tony Podesta represented the Brussels based European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECFMU), a front organization for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. The ECFMU was founded to enhance EU-Ukrainian relations. The ECFMU is linked with the Ukrainian Party of Regions. Podesta was paid $900,000.[263]

The firm went defunct in the later half of 2017 as a result of the Mueller probe and the firm's unregistered lobbying for the European Centre for Modern Ukraine (ECFMU). Podesta Group did not file as an agent of a foreign power under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Bernie Sanders, Paul Manafort, and Tad Devine

See also: John McCain 2008 presidential campaignUnited States presidential election, 2016, and Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign

Ted Devine (left) Benrie Sanders (center) Paul Manafort (right). Devine and Sanders colluded with Putin stooge Victor Yanukovich and reported to Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik. Manafort faces life in prison. Devine was hired by Sanders as chief strategist for his 2016 and 2018 presidential campaigns.[264]

USA Today reported a 37-page indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation shows that Russians worked to boost the campaign of Bernie Sanders to damage Hillary Clinton. The Russians “engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders."[265]

Sanders hired Paul Manafort partner Tad Devine of Devine Mulvey Longabaug as his chief strategist.[266] Devine and Manafort worked for the election of Putin crony Victor Yanukovich as President of the Ukraine in 2010.[267] In February 2019 Sanders entered the 2020 presidential election and re-hired Devine's company, of which Devine is president.[268]

Sen. John McCain met twice with Oleg Deripaska, whose visa was blocked by the United States amidst intelligence community concerns. The meetings were arranged by Paul Manafort and his lobbying firm partner Rick Davis, who later became McCain's campaign manager. Davis was McCain's campaign manager in both 2000 and 2008.

In the mid-2000s Davis connected with Deripaska. At the time, the Davis-Manafort firm was advising with pro-Russian political figures in Ukraine and also doing work in Montenegro, another former Soviet satellite that Putin was trying to influence.

During the 2008 campaign, the Davis Manafort firm disclosed through its U.S. partner Daniel J. Edelman Inc., that it was working for the political party in Ukraine supporting Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, who was backed by Putin. "Davis Manafort International LLC is directed by a foreign political party, the Ukraine Parties of Regions, to consult on the political campaign in Ukraine," the January 2008 Foreign Agent Registration Act filing showed. The work included developing "a communications campaign to increase Prime Minister Yanukovych's visibility in the U.S. and Europe," the report added, indicating that Davis and Manafort were being paid a $35,000 a month retainer for the work that began in spring 2007. Manafort was first questioned by the FBI about his Russian and Ukrainian ties in 2014 while working with the McCain campaign, two years before he became Trump's campaign manager, and agents probed him on how he first came to work for Deripaska through McCain's top political adviser, Davis.[269]

On November 9, 2019, it was reported that Robert Levinson was still alive.[270]

In 2009, when Robert Mueller ran the FBI, the bureau asked Oleg Deripaska to spend millions of his own dollars funding an FBI-supervised operation to rescue a retired FBI agent, Robert Levinson, captured in Iran while working for the CIA in 2007. Mueller wanted a foreigner to fund the operation in order to circumvent U.S. sanctions law that barred spending money in Iran. They arrangement may have also violated the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits the government from accepting voluntary services.

One agent who helped court Deripaska was Andrew McCabe.

Deripaska ultimately spent $25 million assembling a private search and rescue team that worked with contacts in Iran connected with his aluminum business.

Deripaska is one of the first Russians the FBI asked for help when it began investigating the Steele dossier. The agents posited a theory that Trump's campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election.

"Deripaska laughed but realized, despite the joviality, that they were serious," said his agent Adam Waldman. "So he told them in his informed opinion the idea they were proposing was false. 'You are trying to create something out of nothing,' he told them."[271]

Deripaska once hired Paul Manafort as a political adviser. In an affidavit attached to the July 2017 warrant application, an FBI agent said he reviewed tax returns for a company controlled by Manafort and his wife that showed a $10 million loan from Deripaska.[272] Mueller's indictment of Manafort makes no mention of Deripaska. Prof. Alan Dershowitz said he believes Mueller has a conflict of interest because Mueller's FBI previously accepted financial help from a Russian that is, at the very least, a witness in the current probe;

"The real question becomes whether it was proper to leave [Deripaska] out of the Manafort indictment, and whether that omission was to avoid the kind of transparency that is really required by the law.'

Greg Craig and the Clinton Foundation

Greg Craig represented President Ronald Reagan's attempted assassin, John Hinckley Jr., and won a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. Reagan's press secretary, James Brady, was seriously maimed, crippled for life, and died as a result of his injuries 33 years later. A police officer, Secret Service agent, and President Reagan were all shot in the attempt. Hinckley remains free today. On January 20, 2009, President Barack Obama appointed Craig White House Counsel.

On April 11, 2019, Greg CraigObama’s former White House Counsel and a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, was indicted for lying about and concealing his work in Ukraine. Craig, who reportedly worked closely with Manafort, was paid more than $4 million to produce an “independent” report justifying Ukraine's trial and conviction of the former prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko. Notably, Craig's name was not included in the “Black Ledger” leak from Leshchenko and Sytnyk.

The indictment notes that “a wealthy private Ukrainian” was fully funding the report. In a YouTube video, Craig publicly stated that “it was Doug Schoen who brought this project to me, and he told me he was acting on behalf of Victor Pinchuk,[273] who was a pro-western, Ukrainian businessman who helped to fund the project.”

“The Firm understood that its work was to be largely funded by Victor Pinchuk,” Skadden wrote in recent FARA filings.

Pinchuk put out a statement on Jan. 21, denying any financial involvement:

“Mr. Pinchuk was not the source of any funds used to pay fees of Skadden in producing their report into the trial and conviction of Yulia Tymoshenko. He was in no way responsible for those costs. Neither Mr. Pinchuk nor companies affiliated with him have ever been a client of Skadden. Mr. Pinchuk and his team had no role in the work done by Skadden, including in the preparation or dissemination of the Skadden report.”

Victor Pinchuk is the founder of Interpipe, a steel pipe manufacturer. He owns Credit Dnipro Bank, several ferroalloy plants and a media empire. He is also married to Elena Pinchuk, the daughter of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma.

Pinchuk has been accused of profiting immensely from the purchase of state-owned assets at severely below-market prices through political favoritism.

Between April 4 and April 12, 2016, Ukrainian Parliamentarian Olga Bielkov had four meetings, with Samuel Charap (International Institute for Strategic Studies), Liz Zentos (National Security Council), Michael Kimmage (State Department), and David Kramer (McCain Institute).

FARA documents filed by lobbyist Doug Schoen showed that he was paid $40,000 a month by Victor Pinchuk (page 5)–in part to arrange these meetings.

Schoen attempted to arrange another 72 meetings with congressmen and media (page 10). It is unknown how many of these meetings, if any, took place.

Schoen also helped Pinchuk establish ties with the Clinton Foundation. The Wall Street Journal reported on March 19, 2015, how Schoen connected Pinchuk with senior Clinton State Department staffers in order to pressure former Ukrainian President Yanukovych to release Yulia Tymoshenko–a political rival of Yanukovych–from jail. And the relationship between Pinchuk and the Clintons continued. According to the Kyiv Post:

“Clinton and her husband Bill, the 42nd U.S. president, have been paid speakers at the annual YES and other Pinchuk events. They describe themselves as friends of Pinchuk, who is known internationally as a businessman and philanthropist.”

Although exact numbers are not clear, reports filed by the Clinton Foundation indicate that as much as $25 million of Pinchuk's donations went to the Clinton organization.

Pinchuk also has ties to Serhiy Leshchenko, the Ukrainian member of parliament who leaked the information on Manafort. Leshchenko had been a frequent speaker at the Ukrainian Breakfast, a traditional private event held at Davos, Switzerland and hosted by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and has also been pictured with Pinchuk at multiple other events.

Further reading

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