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Joe Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations: "So I said to Poroshenko (Ukrainian President) & Yatsenuk (Ukrainian PM): If you don't fire the prosecutor investigating my son, we're going to withhold the $1 billion in aid."

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Below are the top five 2023 revelations from the House investigation into President Joe Biden, along with James and Hunter Biden:

1) James Comer: Joe Biden Received $40,000 in China Money Again Disguised as Loan Repayment

Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered CEFC China Energy Co. money in 2017 from the account of his brother, James Biden, and sister-in-law, Sara Biden, once again in the form of a personal check labeled as a “loan repayment,” House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) uncovered in November.

  • The revelation is the second instance Joe Biden personally accepted a suspicious personal check from his brother James, who was involved in the Biden family’s overseas business ventures. Joe Biden has denied any involvement in Biden family business ventures at least nine times.
  • The discovery justifies concerns raised by Republicans that the Biden business compromised Joe Biden. It also lends further credence to the impeachment inquiry into the president.

2) James Comer: FBI Tipped off Hunter Biden to Interview, Confirming IRS Whistleblowers

FBI officials tipped off Hunter Biden in the Bureau’s criminal probe of him and told a former FBI supervisory special agent to stand by and not approach him, Comer announced in July, confirming key portions of the IRS whistle blower allegations.

  • Upon sitting for a transcribed interview with the committee, the former FBI agent told the committee that FBI officials in December 2020 tipped off both the Secret Service and the Biden transition team about a scheduled interview about its criminal investigation into Hunter Biden.
  • The FBI agent said because of the tipoff, the agent never interviewed Hunter Biden.

3) James Comer: Joe Biden Received ‘Direct Monthly Payments’ from Hunter’s ‘Owasco PC’ Business Account  

Joe Biden received “direct monthly payments” from Hunter Biden’s “Owasco PC” business account, which received “payments from Chinese state-linked companies and other foreign nationals and companies,” Comer told Breitbart News in December.

  • Comer’s revelation amplifies concerns raised by Republicans that Joe Biden is compromised. It also provides more evidence to support an impeachment inquiry into the president.
  • An Oversight Committee aide told Breitbart News the committee is aware of at least three monthly payments for $1,380.

4) James Comer Names the nine Biden Family Members Who Got Business Payments

In May, Comer named the previously undisclosed Biden family members who received payments from the family’s foreign business ventures.

Comer described all nine family members as related to Joe Biden:

  • Hunter Biden
  • James Biden, Joe Biden’s Brother
  • Sara Jones Biden, Joe Biden’s Brother’s Wife
  • Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s Widow and Hunter Biden’s Ex-Lover
  • Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife
  • Melissa Cohen, Hunter Biden’s Current Wife
  • Two Children of Joe Biden’s Son [Names Unknown]
  • Joe Biden’s Brother’s Child [Names Unknown]

5)  Chuck Grassley Releases FBI Record Alleging VP Joe Biden Foreign Bribery Scheme

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released an FBI informant record in July that alleged Joe Biden and Hunter Biden each received $5 million from Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma Holdings after Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine until President Petro Poroshenko fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma.

  • Grassley said he acquired the FD-1023 form by legally protected disclosures from Justice Department whistle blowers.
  • The FBI previously allowed lawmakers to review the unclassified document after much arm-twisting by Comer. But it refused to make the form public.

More information about the Biden family business is here.

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