The Cuomo Crime Family

The Cuomo Crime Family

Andrew Mark Cuomo (born December 6, 1957, in Queens, New York (age 66)) is a white supremacist and the disgraced former Governor of New York from January 1, 2011 to August 24th, 2021. He was previously the Attorney General of New York, having been elected in 2006 with 58% of the vote, and before that he served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton administration. His Lieutenant Governor was former U.S. Representative Kathy Hochul. He is the princeling son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

Cuomo was a longtime bully, intimidating, threatening politician. [1] Leading a 'Brutalist Political Theater.' [2]

Cuomo "sexually harassed multiple women and violated state law,"[3] determined the New York Attorney General after an investigation based on reports of Cuomo's making unwanted sexual advances for years on many aides and others.[4] In an essay written by one accuser in February 2021, she explained that “I had complained to friends that the Governor would go out of his way to touch me on my lower back, arms and legs,” she writes. “His senior staff began keeping tabs on my whereabouts.”[5] More accusers came forward in the following days.[6] Arrogant and defiant, Cuomo resigned due to a flood of credible allegations about his abuse of his office for sexual advances against workers. In October 2021, Cumoi was charged with a sex crime that occurred in the governor's mansion in December 2020.[7] If convicted, the former liberal darling for the 2020 presidential election[8] would have to register as a sex offender.[9]

Gov. Cuomo was found by a federal court to have discriminated against and violating the constitutional and civil rights of religious worshippers. On November 24, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court enjoined as unconstitutional Andrew Cuomo's interference with religious services. Cuomo authorized far left rioters to loot and destroy property while repressing the constitutional rights of Christians and Jews.[10]

In January 2019, Cuomo signed an extreme pro-abortion bill into law allowing abortion until the moment of birth.[11] Cuomo supported the riots, vandals, looters, and people who destroyed statues during the 2020 Leftwing insurrection.[12]

He is the elder brother of CNN fake news anchor Chris Cuomo, commonly known as Fredo the Younger. Andrew Cuomo is often referred to as Fredo the Elder.


Andrew Cuomo flashes the white supremacist dog whistle. Covid 19 deaths among Blacks in New York state were double the size of the Black population.[13]

Cuomo was elected as Governor of New York in 2010 with 62% of the vote. Like his father, Cuomo is pro-abortion and pro-gay rights. He signed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in 2011. Cuomo is listed in The Little Black Book of elite socialist and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein[14] and used the "N-word" during a live interview on WABC in New York.[15] Cuomo has made threats against the life of President Trump.[16]

Cuomo's intolerance was famously demonstrated in January 2014 when he said during a radio interview that the "extreme conservatives" that are politicians who are "right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay" had no place in the State of New York.[17]

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's first reaction to the CCP coronavirus outbreak was to sue President Trump over Trump's effort to stop the spread of the deadly virus with a travel ban from China.[18] Not until two weeks after New Yorkers started dying in the pandemic did Cuomo begin having meetings on the crisis.

As Gov. Cuomo's star rose in Democratic circles with the free nationwide network air time where he bantered about with his brother on CNN. A debate arose among liberals whether or not Gov. Cuomo has pierced nipples.[19][20][21] In the professional opinion of Brian Keith Thompson, piercer and tattooer of the stars including Beyonce, the answer is yes. “I watch Cuomo every morning when I get up,” Thompson said. “To me, he fits the bill for a nipple piercing. He seems like the kind of working out guy who would have one.”[22]

Cuomo established his woke credentials in August 2018 by saying the United States "was never that great."[23][24][25] When the 2020 Antifa riots broke out, Antifa terrorists chanted Cuomo's words.[26][27] Cuomo's brother Andrew of CNN is a vocal supporter of the Antifa terrorist organization.[28]


There were calls for Cuomo's impeachment and removal from office after Gov. Cuomo consigned covid positive patients to nursing homes causing the deaths of 13,000 victims, although he has chosen to resign. [29] Even New York Democrat state legislators joined the effort to take action against Cuomo's abuse of power.[30] Some Democrat legislators called for charges against the accused killer.[31] Junta leader Joe Biden praised Cuomo as the "gold standard" of governors handling the CCP pandemic.[32]

On March 10, 2021 the New York State Assembly opened an investigation with full subpoena power, the first step in pursuing impeachment of Andrew Cuomo. At least 121 members of the state Assembly and Senate have said publicly they believe Cuomo can no longer govern and should quit office now, according to a tally by The Associated Press. The count includes 65 Democrats and 56 Republicans.[33] New York's two Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Socialist leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Trump-Russia conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff[34] all threw Cuomo under the bus calling for his resignation.[35][36]

Sexual harassment allegations

Cuomo, who claims to have learned "humanity" from Ted Kennedy[37] and follows in the shoes of Democrat predators including Bill Clinton,[38] has exhibited a pattern of inappropriate sexual advancements toward women over many years.[39]

The first accusation that arose came from a former aide to the governor, who alleged that Cuomo had kissed her without consent and furthermore harassed two other former staffers.[40] A few days later, another aide who served as a health policy adviser in his administration alleged inappropriate questions asked at her.[41] A third woman alleged in early March 2021 that Cuomo had inappropriately touched her without consent when they met at a 2019 wedding.[42]

New York mayor Bill de Blasio's press spokesman called Cuomo a "‘serial sexual harasser and assaulter."[43] Some progressive Democrats including Rep. Kathleen Rice have called for his resignation.[44]


Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Bill De Blasio called for Cumomo's resignation after the New York Attorney general concluded its investigation. However, the DNC fundraising arm ActBlue allowed Cumo to remain on the platform and continue to fundraising.[45]

On August 10, 2021, Cuomo announced his resignation as governor, effective as of August 24, as a result of the sexual harassment scandal which had recently been plaguing his office.[46] Kathy Hochul, the current lieutenant-governor under Cuomo, will assume office as the 57th Governor of New York (which will also make her the state's first female governor) after Cuomo steps down.[47]

On August 27, 2021 it was reported Michelle Obama former chief of staff Tina Tchen resigned as president and CEO of Time’s Up, an alleged "Women's advocacy" group for victims of sexual abuse, in a parallel cover-up scandal of the Cuomo sex abuse scandal.[48]

On February 2, 2022, CNN boss Jeff Zucker's departure from thew network was announced. CNN insider Brian Stelter observed "there’s two layers I would add to that. Number one is the Chris Cuomo reference. He’s not going out quietly. There were reports he was going to get paid the millions of dollars on the remainder of his contract. As a source said earlier today, he was trying to burn the place down. He was going to court trying to burn the place down and claiming he had incriminating information. If this is the case, this is a domino effect that begins with Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo being fired. That’s a remarkable domino event I think that’s part of the story."[49]

CCP covid crisis

See also: CCP pandemic in the United States and CCP global pandemic

In his three terms as governor, Cuomo preferred spending state funds on solar panels rather than emergency preparation for basic necessities in event of a pandemic, such as hospital masks and gowns, ventilators, etc.[50]

He was widely criticized for his mishandling of the coronavirus crisis that as of April 4, 2020, New York had incurred more than 182 deaths per million in population, a massive mortality rate exceeded only by the socialized-medicine countries of Italy and Spain. Gov. Cuomo hoarded life-saving medication rather than dispensing it as soon as possible in early treatment of patients. Instead, he sought to hospitalize patients first, and then ration treatment. Meanwhile, his younger brother Chris, holding a lucrative job at CNN, recovered from COVID-19 in the comfort of his home, with access to any medication desired.

While people were dying from the virus, and regular citizens starved for information on mitigation measures, According to Ryan Grim of The Intercept prisoners at Rikers Island were exploited at $6 an hour, below minimum wage, to dig mass graves on Hart Island[51] for victims of the Chinese communist virus.[52] Cuomo has laughed upon hearing COVID-19 deaths.[53]

As was reported by the Washington Free Beacon on November 17, 2020, 644 New York residents died from COVID-19 after Cuomo published a book egotistically boasting his supposed "leadership".[54] Cuomo's fascist totalitarian lockdown orders destroyed one million jobs in New York.[55] Cuomo's Death Panels assigned at least 13,000 covid positive patients to nursing homes.[56]

Boomer remover

A coffin outside a New York nursing home to protest Gov. Cuomo's decision to infect seniors with the coronavirus.[57]

Rather than construct quarantine gulags on the Chinese communist model, Cuomo mandated that longterm nursing home facilities accept Covid 19-positive patients. Despite the scientific evidence, Cuomo issued the decree anyway.[58] The virus spread like wildfire among the elderly, mostly Babyboomers, giving New York the highest death toll from the CCP virus.[59] New York's death toll accounts for 30% of the U.S. fatality rate.

Frontpage Mag reported:

Cuomo's Department of Health had issued an order that, "no resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19" and also prohibited requiring testing of returning patients. Sending hospitalized patients with coronavirus to the same mismanaged nursing homes was a death sentence for countless seniors in those facilities.[60]

The Cuomo administration then deliberately tried to coverup the extent of the carnage by undercounting deaths.[61]

Hospital and nursing lobbies and committees donated as much as $2.3 million in campaign cash to Cuomo and co. in the 18-months before the coronavirus catastrophe and was a major support to him in a narrowly won re-election. And for all that, Cuomo personally removed the one deterrent that would have forced nursing homes and hospitals to actually care for their patients and incentivize them to prevent to spread of the China virus – accountability.[62]

Cuomo's order sent 6,400 COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes - the highest risk group.[63] More than 5,800 died. According to him, the deaths were the fault of Donald Trump.[64]

Despite his incompetent "leadership", it was announced in November 2020 that Cuomo would receive an Emmy Award for his "use of television" during the coronavirus pandemic.[65]

Cuomo reportedly was set to host a Thanksgiving dinner with his family, including his elderly mother,[66] despite telling New Yorkers to avoid gathering for the holiday.[67] However, after facing strong backlash, he attempted to prevent further damaging his public image by uninviting her, instead leaving the 89 year-old matriarch to spend the holiday alone.[68]

In January 2021, the New York Attorney General's office reported that the Cuomo administration had covered up the number of nursing home murders and under-reported the figure by 50%.[69] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for an investigation into Gov. Cuomo's human rights abuses.[70]

Campaign donations from the Hospital Association

In 2018, as governor Andrew Cuomo faced a challenge to his reelection bid in the New York State Democratic primary, he got a last minute $1m cash infusion from the General New York Hospital Association (GNYHA)—a powerful NY healthcare industry group. On April 2, 2020, he repaid the favor when he quietly signed legislation shielding hospital and nursing home executives from any lawsuits stemming from the coronavirus outbreak. The clauses, inserted into the annual budget bill by Cuomo, gave blanket immunity protections for healthcare industry executive and administrators, the same individuals and institutions that made a fortune moving sick Covid-19 patients to nursing homes.[71]

The GNYHA gave to the Democrats $3 million in the 2018 Midterm election cycle. Of this, Cuomo and his state party committee received close to $2.3m from various hospitals and nursing home industry donors. Governor Cuomo returned the favor with his directive forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. This directive provided a massive increase in revenues to organizations associated with the GNYHA who were paid handsomely for COVID patients. It was a bonanza for these entities.

The impact of this decision on elderly New Yorkers in nursing homes is the elderly in these nursing homes spread the disease and died. They died at the worst rate in the country and the world.[72]

Crony capitalism

Cuomo personally updated an executive order March 23, 2020 to block pharmacists from filling prescriptions for the drug hydroxychloroquine for any uses not approved by the FDA.[73]

This order targeted off-label uses of hydroxychloroquine, in particular preventing Dr. Zelenko, a New York doctor, who successfully treated 350 COVID-19 sufferers in his community with no fatalities using a combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc, effectively denying victims of the virus medical treatment.[74]

Sean Hannity had championed the doctor, whose drug combination could reasonably be expected to forestall contracts awarded by Cuomo's New York Health Department to originate new treatments or vaccines by large pharmaceutical companies, and further, allowing them to reap the profits then as well as in the future from revenue accrued from patents expected to be awarded in the process of manufacture.

Only when President Trump himself stepped in was Dr. Zelenko's pioneering work allowed to continue.

Ventilator scam

Burial of unidentified and unclaimed bodies on Hart Island, New York.

In 2015 Cuomo rejected the purchase of 16,000 needed ventilators for emergency preparedness at a price of $36,000 apiece or a total of $576 million. Instead, he put the money in a $750 million solar panel factory.[75]

During the Coronavirus emergency, Cuomo criticized President Trump for New York not having enough of the needed ventilators. The next day, a stockpile of 4,000 ventilators were found in a warehouse while people needing the ventilators in New York hospitals went without treatment. People died while Cuomo lied.

After accepting 1,000 junk ventilators from the CCP as part of the CCP's humanitarian propaganda effort,[76] Cuomo offered his "thought and prayers" to victims of the CCP global pandemic.[77] First the CCP allowed COVID-19 to become pandemic,[78] then it profited in billions of dollars selling defective medical supplies and equipment to the world.[79]

Fascist tyranny

Cuomo's daughter Mariah with a framed photograph of communist mass murderer Che Guevara in her living room.[80]

One week after the announcement to cancel New York's 2020 Democratic primary elections due to COVID-19 concerns, a federal judge ordered the state to reverse course and hold the primary contest in June.

The New York Board of Elections employed a provision of Governor Andrew Cuomo's state budget law to remove any candidate from the 2020 presidential primary ballot who had announced they have stopped running and were “no longer eligible” under state law to win the nomination. Andrew Yang filed suit on behalf of his would-be delegates a day later, challenging the state's decision to cancel the election. Yang and his co-plaintiffs alleged that the New York Board of Elections violated the First Amendment and 14th Amendments to the Constitution.[81] Bernie Sanders' delegates said in their complaint,

“What the cancellation does is prevent Democratic Party voters who wish to express their views concerning issues ranging from health care, to the environment, to student debt, to the cost of higher education, from expressing their view on the differences between Bernie Sanders and Joseph Biden on these issues.”

Cuomo has threatened to target Jewish synagogues for closure.[82][83] He was sued by the Orthodox Jewish community in October 2020 after statewide authorities cracked down on them yet allowed for BLM rioters to terrorize communities,[84] though this was quickly denied by a judge.[85] At a massive protest against the anti-Semitic, totalitarian policies pushed by Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, members of the community burned face masks and waved Trump flags in support of the president.[86] Local authorities cracked down on the protest,[87] and one activist was arrested by police.[88] Referencing to tactics used by the Nazis, Trump tweeted: "What does this grim picture remind you of?"[89] Cuomo in turn blamed Trump for "inciting" the protests against him,[90] and attacked the Orthodox community for a rise in coronavirus cases.[91] A poll later found that 83% of Orthodox Jews support Donald Trump for re-election.[92]

In late October 2020, New York police officers invaded the homes of Orthodox Jews who gathered privately.[93]

Extremely unpopular among many constituents, several New York sheriffs announced in mid-November 2020 that they would refuse to enforce Cuomo's excessive limit on Thanksgiving gatherings, noting them to be unconstitutional.[94] Business owners in Buffalo stood up to sheriffs and "health inspectors" who came under Cuomo's orders to harass them, telling them to "go get a warrant!"[95]

Due to Cuomo's lockdown policies that led to increased outdoor dining as well as a lack of managing proper sanitation, New York City has observed a takeover of rats in November 2020.[96]

A fascist dictator, Cuomo says that sheriffs who refuse to enforce his liberty-infringing policies are dictators.[97]

Restaurants owners struggling to make a living due to Cuomo's orders have reportedly banned the governor from their businesses.[98]

After the extermination of over 10,000 senior citizens in nursing homes by government decree,[99] New York state lost one congressional seat in the U.S. Congress when the Census Bureau determined New York state fell 89 people short of retaining its existing delegation over the previous census.[100]

Vaccine gestapo

Even after the George Floyd incident, Cuomo unveiled a plan to apprehend unvaccinated citizens, forcibly detain without probable cause, force them into vehicles, and transport them to vaccination sites to forcibly inject them with an untested vaccine.[101] The directive was in line with junta messaging that African Americans and other minorities are too stupid to know how to get online and find a vaccination site.[102]

Antifa riots

See also: 2020 Antifa riots

Shootings in New York City were on the rise since looting and protests began on or about May 28, 2020. For July 2020, shootings increased from 88 to 244, an increase of 177% over July 2019. In August 2020, shootings increased from 91 to 242, a 166% increase over August 2019. While the city faced increased unrest, gun violence, and property damage, the New York City Council cut $1 billion from NYPD's FY21 budget. The budget resulted in the cancellation of the new police recruiting class, cuts to overtime spending, and the transfer of certain police functions, including school safety, out of the NYPD.

The Manhattan and Brooklyn District Attorneys declined to prosecute charges of disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly arising from the protests, and the District Attorneys in Queens and the Bronx declined to prosecute other protest-related charges. Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo forcefully rejected federal law enforcement support.[103]

Cuomo blamed the New York Police Department (NYPD) for violence perpetrated by Antifa and similar groups during the 2020 Leftwing riots.[104] Progressive rioters looted, shot at police, ran over a policeman with a car, and threw Molotov cocktails at police. The riots were staged and coordinated by progressive leftists.[105]

Cuomo attempted to fan the flames of racial animosity when the verdict in the kyle Rittenhouse trial was announced.[106]

Gay rights

Cuomo has tried to deny homosexuals access to medical service by attempting to ban therapeutic choices.[107] Cuomo's executive order purports to prohibit health insurers in New York from reimbursing for "conversion therapy services provided to an insured under the age of 18 years" and "to require behavioral health providers to certify that they will not provide conversion therapy to minors or seek reimbursement from the insurer for such services." In addition, the executive order purports to make it "unlawful for any mental health facility licensed, funded or operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health to provide conversion therapy to minors" such that "[f]ailure to comply with these new regulations could result in the revocation of license and/or funding for any entity found to have engaged in these practices." Medicaid was also prohibited from reimbursing for it in New York.[108]

Climate agenda

See also: Pseudoscience and War on science

On November 1, 2019, Cuomo falsely claimed that New York did not have hurricanes before climate change supposedly began.[109]


Cuomo apparently is a pro-Putin pro-MBS stooge who wants to ban fracking and make the United States dependent on Russian and Saudi Arabian oil imports.[110]

Leftist hypocrisy

In 2018, California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters went on a rampage inciting her supporters to harass President Trump and members of his cabinet. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere." In 2021 the account “Cuomo Watch” tweeted: “If you see anybody from the Cuomo Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”[111]

Speaker of the New York State Assembly Carl E. Heastie responded “This is appalling and dangerous. Encouraging violence must never be tolerated. Shame on whoever is behind this kind of garbage.”

New York state Sen. Diane Savino, too, took the bait. Savino wrote, “This is beyond outrageous. Two weeks ago we saw what happened when arsonists throw gas around. Twitter should ban this dude now!”

New York state Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski wrote, “This is dangerous, reprehensible and has no place in any public discussion.”


Cuomo married Kerry Kennedy, the seventh child of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Skakel Kennedy, in 1990. They have three daughters, Cara Ethel Kennedy Cuomo, Mariah Matilda Kennedy Cuomo, and Michaela Andrea Kennedy Cuomo. They divorced in 2005.

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