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Truth-Checking Liberal Myths: Liberal Lies, With Links to the Truth


Leftist Narratives

''The Russians Rigged the 2016 Election In Trump's Favor''

''President Trump Committed Quid Pro Quo In His Phone Call to the Ukrainian Prime Minister''

''Trump Enabled Treason at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021''

''There Was No Election Fraud in 2020''                          

''Systemic Racism and White Privelige Plague Our Nation''  

''Slavery is a Uniquely White Institution. No Non-Whites Ever kept Slaves Before, During or After the United States''

''Democrats Are Peaceful by Nature: They Only Want Fairness and Equality''

''Vaccine and Mask Mandates and Lockdowns Will Win the War  Against Coronavirus''

''Conservative Protests are Racist and Violent''

''Big Tech Censorship is Designed to Protect Us''

''Liberals Are Ultra-Patriotic. They Would Never Attack the Sanctity of Our Democracy''

''Liberal Leaders Empower Impoverished Victims''

''The Democrats Have Our Best Interests At Heart''

''The Obama-Biden Administration Was Scandal-Free''

''The Democrats Never Plotted an Illegal Coup To Overthrow Trump's Presidency''

Liz Cheney is a Conservative Patriot, not a Treasonous Wench Trying to Persecute Trump in Order to Protect her father's Corruption from Being Exposed









The Truth

Hillary, Biden, Obama, McCain and the Dirty Dossier  

Foreign Energy Companies, John Kerry's Son, Pelosi's Son, Hunter Biden and Quid Pro Joe

Those Months-Long Leftist "Mostly Peaceful" "Protests"  

The "Mostly Legal" 2020 Election                                      

Dems Have Overplayed the Race Card For Decades                    

The Truth About Slavery and Human Trafficking

                                                                                                                                          Democrats: The Preferred Party of Domestic Terrorists, Incorporated

The Truth About Masks, Lockdowns and Media Propaganda

Liberal Protests are Racist and Violent

Big Tech Censorship is Designed to Control Us

Liberals Plan to Sacrifice Our Democracy in Order to Seize Absolute Power Over the Populace

Liberal Leaders are Wealthy Poverty Pimps

The Dems Blocked Relief to Turn Us Against Trump

The Obama-Biden Admin Was The Most Corrupt Admin Ever 

The Dems Persecuted Trump Because He Couldn't Be Bought Or Blackmailed

The Cheney and Bush Families: Treason For Profit, Incorporated, and The Impact on American Politics and Politicians Ever Since 

May through October of 2020 versus January 2021

Jerry Nadler, July 27th, 2020, Maskless in Washington D.C. (During D.C.'s Mandatory Mask Mandate) Lying About Antifa