It's Time to Remove and Investigate Lindsey Graham

It's time to start investigating and removing a lot of RINOs from the Republican Party, because it is through the Republican Party that the Deep State has been allowed to subvert our Republic by creating a false sense of a two-party system while simultaneously making hollow promises in order to screw us over every chance they get. All Republican members of Congress who "retire" during the precarious majority we currently have need to be investigated, for example. All Republican politicians need to be monitored by their remarks, voting habits and proposals. It is better to have a Democrat in office than a Judas. At least with a Democrat, you know to guard your back side.

Lindsey Graham is not a Republican. Nor is he a True Conservative. He claims to have scruples, but his words and actions reveal that he is, in fact, worse than even a RINO. The problem with RINOs is that there are usually no suitable alternatives to them, which is how they stay in power. But a look back at Graham's treachery is enough to realize that it is high time to investigate and replace him, while we still have a nation.

Lindsey Graham has an abnormal fixation with Ukraine and Saudi Arabia - to the point that it is quite obvious that he is in the Saudi's pocket and has something to hide regarding Ukraine. Let's find out what it is.

Sen. Graham was booed for six straight minutes by a massive crowd of 50,000 when he attended a Trump rally on July 1, in Pinkens, South Carolina, near his hometown. The liberal media, to whom Graham panders, was dismayed and pretended not to understand why. Here's why, mainstream media assholes.

During the Syrian Civil War, Graham wanted an intervention to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Assad was fighting ISIS, which was created by Graham and his Neocon buddies and their invasion of Afghanistan which took place after the Bush Government and their Deep State buddies dragged America into war after at the very least allowing September 11th to happen in exchange for grabbing power from the masses and shutting down investigations into Wall Street as well as Pentagon fraud and mismanagement. Assad was democratically elected, did not use chemicals on anyone, and was only vilified because Obama wanted to make the whole Middle East a Wahabbist Muslim Brotherhood enclave through his color revolutions which occurred throughout the region during his presidency to the delight of RINOs such as Lindsey Graham.

On June 11, 2017, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) was interviewed on CBS Face the Nation and said that President Trump's use on Twitter "feeds that lynch mob [mentality in the press]. You're your own worst enemy here, Mr. President. Knock it off." - There is no such lynch mob: the only things close to lynch mobs are the leftists Antifa, BLM and Anti-Israel mobs and the mobs of agitators who followed around and harassed Trump's cabinet and supporters. Yet Graham feeds into the media propaganda that Whites and especially White conservatives are inherent racist champions of lynch mobs. Obviously Graham draws from the same narrative generation camp that feeds the media and deep state politicians.

Graham, in October 2020, said that he trusted Anthony Fauci's "judgment."

"On Face The Nation, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said that the reaction to the Koran burning in Florida suggests that Congress should look into limiting some forms of speech". Graham has never suggested limiting some forms of speech when it comes to flag or Bible burning.

Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway (April 3, 2011 Post - Lindsey Graham On Koran Burning: “Freedom Of Speech Is A Great Idea But We’re In A War.”) states: "Here’s your answer Senator. No, you don’t need to hold hearings and you don’t need to be looking into ways to limit the free speech rights of American citizens because of the insane reaction of people thousands of miles away who were obviously ginned up by demagogues. War or not, Terry Jones had every right to do what he did."

Graham has been an adamant supporter of mass immigration, and his statements on immigration indicate that he puts a greater priority on immigrants than American citizens. He supported "comprehensive immigration reform" and of S. 2611, the McCain-Kennedy Bill of 2006 as well as the equally hotly debated S. 1348 of 2007, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. Despite Graham's support, the bill failed on a key Senate vote on June 28, 2007. Graham's views on immigration have lead criticisms for conservatives. Popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has referred to him as Senator "Grahamnesty."

Graham was one of eight senators that participated in the Gang of Eight (immigration), a bipartisan effort to pass amnesty disguised as "immigration reform".

Graham, an opponent of parental choice in vaccination, has opposed Sen. Rand Paul's position that the matter should be voluntary, making implications against individual rights to choose not to vaccinate. In addition, despite criticizing one of Paul's statements out of a lack of "scientific basis", Graham said that "every American" should vaccinate their children unless there's a scientific basis that argues against such. Graham himself has no children.

Lindsey Graham protected and emboldened habitual liar Adam Schiff even while Schiff was pushing obviously fraudulent lies and being caught in lie after lie during the Russia Collusion and Ukraine Quid Pro Quo hoaxes.

Graham pretends to care about freedom and fairness, even while sitting on the boards of congressional investigations into corruption and treason, but acts more like a defense attorney for those who commit treasonous crimes. He demands evidence only in order to see what he can help the offenders get away with. He slow walks investigations and sweeps issues under the rug. For example, he has had full official transcripts of the Biden Ukraine quid pro quo meeting since 2019, yet claims Biden is the most honorable and honest president ever.

Ukraine warmonger

In a meeting with the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov Battalion three weeks before Barack Obama left office, while John Brennan, Peter Strzok, and James Comey were busy at work concocting the "insurance policy" to frame up President-elect Donald Trump on bogus "Russia collusion" charges, Graham told the nazi fighters, "your fight is our fight" and "2017 will be the year of offense." After Donald Trump was sworn in however, President Trump resisted efforts by the Deep State to go to war with Russia using the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a proxy force. When the Mueller investigation failed to produce any evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, neocon deep staters impeached President Trump for withholding Ukraine aid.

The Russian Investigative Committee, the nation's highest law enforcement agency, opened a criminal investigation into Graham after comments Graham made while visiting fascist dictator Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine. The comments, considered hate speech, sparked widespread outrage in Russia.

In a video edited and issued by the Ukrainian government in which they added English subtitles, Graham is heard to be saying, "Russians are dying, it's the best money we ever spent." Graham later alleged to Reuters that the Ukrainian regime doctored his words for propaganda purposes. The Gateway Pundit criticized Graham as a "warmonger" and "sociopath" for promising the Ukrainian dicatator that "no matter what Republicans say on the campaign trail to their base, the Uniparty Republicans in the Senate will continue to feed Ukraine with an endless supply of weapons" and cheering the Ukrainian "killing fields".

Ever the cocky beta male, Graham had the audacity to say out loud that he was pleased with Ukrainian's willingness to "fight to the last person" as U.S. proxies and publicly called for the murder and assassination of the head of state of the Russian Federation. At least 73,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the ill-planned, unprepared, ill-trained, ill-timed, ill-equipped and ultimately ill-fated disaster that was the 2023 counteroffensive - a plan which Graham called "impressive." Ukraine actually lost more territory while Russia gained more.

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