Acts of Treason Against the Citizens of the United States

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The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex
Bush and Milley Have Chosen Obama's False History of America
He droned an innocent family
Treason... There, Somebody Said It.
Biden Afghanistan Fiascos Demand Accountability
Former Obama Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Says There Needs to be Accountability for Botched Drone Strike
Is This Why Kamala Was AWOL When Biden Addressed the Collapse of Afghanistan?
GOP Reps Demand More Briefings on Afghanistan: ‘This Withdrawal Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster'
GOP Rep: 'General Milley Should Testify Before Congress'
Pentagon Confirms Botched Drone Strike Killed Innocent Civilians, Not ISIS-K
Reports: Taliban Decapitating Children and Hunting Down US Collaborators
Milley Confirms Calls to China, Claims They Were 'Perfectly'Routine
Americans Are Still Being Held Hostage By the Taliban. Biden Is Headed to the Beach.
Trump Defense Secretary Says Milley Went Rogue, Had No Authority To Pass Secret Intel To Communist China
George Bush Surprises Nation on 20th Anniversary of Attacks, Likens Islamist Perpetrators to Some Americans
Harris says she had key role in Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal decision
Pentagon Admits Drone Strike Against 'High Profile' ISIS-K Operatives Actually Killed Family, Children
Retired General, 26 Other GOP Representatives Call For Military Probe Of Mark Milley For Treason
Sen. Rick Scott: If Milley Quote Is Accurate, Read Him His Rights
General Kellogg: Milley Must Resign Or Be Removed
Mark Levin: Pelosi Had 'Key Role' in Gen. Milley's Undercutting of Trump's Military Authority
Sen. Rubio Demands Biden Fire Gen. Milley Over Secret Calls With Communist China
Rand Paul Calls for Gen. Milley to Be 'Immediately' Court-Martialed if Treason Reports Are True
Treason?: Gen. Milley Undermined Trump White House With Secret Calls, Promising To Alert China Of Potential U.S. Attacks
Don't Let General Milley Use Wokeness To Survive Afghanistan Disaster
Milley Told China in Secret Phone Call He Would Give the CCP Advance Warning if US Was Ever Going to Attack. Nancy Pelosi Implicated
President Trump Releases Statement on Dirtbag Mark Milley
"If it is Actually True, That's Treason" - President Trump Reacts to Reports Milley Called China Behind His Back
This is Serious and Likely Treasonous: Milley Acted Outside of the Chain of Command When Holding Back Channel Discussions with China and Pelosi Colluded with Him
Milley Told China in Secret Phone Call He Would Give the CCP Advance Warning if US Was Ever Going to Attack
Treason? Bob Woodward claims Milley offered to warn China if Trump ordered an attack
Can we believe Bob Woodward's story about General Milley?