List of Deep State Players and Their Accomplices By Name

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Abigail Spanberger Former CIA officer, left-wing Democrat currently serving as the U.S. representative from Virginia's 7th district... Full Expose Here
Adam Schiff Member of the US House of Representatives froCalifornia's 28th district, major player in the Trump Impeachment hoaxes... Full Expose Here
Al Franken Former U.S. Senator from Minnesota from 2009 until 2018... Full Expose Here
Al Gore Former Vice President under Bill Clinton, former Senator from Tennessee, leading cheerleader for the "global warming" hoax... Full Expose Here
Al Green Democratic party rep from Texas' 9th Congressional District, major player in the Trump Impeachment Hoaxes... Full Expose Here
Al Sharpton American liberal news personality, anti-Semitic, anti-Caucasian hate hoaxer, poverty pimp and race-baiter... Full Expose Here
Alcee Hastings Liberal congressman for Florida's 20th district, former US District judge impeached and removed from office for corruption and perjury... Full Expose Here
Alexander Downer Australian politician, Deep State puppet, Major player in the Russian Collusion ('Russiagate'') Hoax... Full Expose Here
Alexander Vindman Ukrainian-born Deep State puppet, Globalist NSA mole, perjurous main player in the Trump-Ukrainian Collusion Hoax... Full Expose Here
Alexandra Chalupa Ukrainian-born Deep State puppet, DNC operative-consultant, intern for Bill Clinton WH, main player in the Trump Impeachment hoaxes... Full Expose Here
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Racist (anti-Semitic, anti-Caucasian), limousine socialist, fascist Democrat representative from New York's 14th congressional district... Full Expose Here
Allison Hrabar DOJ paralegal, used government software, computers to push Socialism and target Conservatives with threats, ''activism''. Member of DSA... Full Expose Here
Alvin Bragg - Soros DA 
Amitabh Desai Clinton Foundation Foreign Policy Director who was the cornerstone of the foundation's illicit influence peddling and pay-for-play schemes... Full Expose Here
Amy Klobuchar senior United States Senator from Minnesota, member of the communist-dominated Minnesota DFL... Full Expose Here
Ana Navarro Nicaraguan born emigree, CNN commentator, paid token false Republican useful idiot for the left-wing media... Full Expose Here
Andre Carson representative from Indiana's 7th district, anti-Semitic, anti-Caucasian race baiter and hate hoaxer... Full Expose Here
Andrew Cuomo disgraced former Governor of New York, white supremacist, pervert, eldercidal mass murderer... Full Expose Here
Andrew McCabe
Andrew Gillum Progressive Democratic party nominee for governor of Florida in 2018 Midterm elections, pervert, drug addict... Full Expose Here
Andrew Weissmann Corrupt DOJ Criminal Fraud Section Head, Clinton operative, Uranium One player, Deep State stooge, Major player in Russiagate Hoax... Full Expose Here
Andrew Wood Deep State diplomatic colleague of Tony Blair, dispatched former State Dept official David Kramer to London to pick up the Steel Dosier... Full Expose Here
Andrew Yang
Angela Corey Corrupt Florida prosecutor, race-baited the Trayvon Martin hoax for political gain w/fraudulent statements, race-based political disinfo, false evidence... Full Expose Here
Anthony Fauci Criminal political operative, sadistic head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, fraudster, manipulator and mass murderer... Full Expose Here
Anthony Scaramucci Slanderous token Republican for the leftist media and it's narratives, Communications director in the Trump admin (for 10 days)... Full Expose Here
Anthony Weiner former U.S. Congressman from the 9th congressional district in New York, pervert, husband of Hillary's personal aid Huma Abedin... Full Expose Here
April Glaspie member of President George H W Bush's state department, intentionally misled Saddam Hussein into war to help enact the globalist New World Order... Full Expose Here
Art Acevedo
Awan Brothers Advisor to DNC operative/Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, main players in Dem IT scandal, extortionists, political spies, hacks... Full Expose Here
Ayanna Pressley Socialist rep from Massachusetts' 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House. Racist, endorsed by the Communist Justice Democrats... Full Expose Here
Barak Obama Scandalous, racist, Islamist, Communist, Criminal, Corrupt, Deep State Globalist, Race-Baiter, Treasonous, Worst President Ever... Full Expose Here
Barbara Boxer San Fran liberal anti-gun former US Senator, registered agent of China under Foreign Agents Registration Act, kited 143 checks ... Full Expose Here
Barney Frank Liberal former Congressman who represented Boston, Massachusetts districts. Race-baiting banking and mortgage fraudster.... Full Expose Here
Ben Rhodes Obama assistant/speechwriter, Brother of CBS news president David Rhodes, domestic espionage promoter, Russiaphobe, xenophobe... Full Expose Here
Bernie Sanders Marxist-Leninist, Communist, limousine liberal elitist, millionaire 1%er, race-baiting demagogue United States Senator representing Vermont... Full Expose Here
Beto ORourke Former U.S. Representative for Texas's 16th congressional district, anti-gun, Green New Deal fraudster (took $476,325 from oil/gas industry)... Full Expose Here
Bill Clinton ... Full Expose Here
Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm) far-left 109th mayor of New York City, anti-Semite, corrupt communist, anti-Law Enforcement, Race-hoaxer/baiter... Full Expose Here 
Bill Gates Leftist, Globalist American businessman, narcissist, mass murderer... Full Expose Here
Bill Priestap FBI Deputy Director for Counterintelligence in the Obama and Trump administrations. Main Deep State player in the Russia Hoax... Full Expose Here
Bob Menendez Corrupt Senator from New Jersey... Full Expose Here
Brenda Lawrence Democratic party representative from Michigan's 14th Congressional District in the U.S. House... Full Expose Here
Brenda Snipes Corrupt Broward County (Florida) supervisor of elections, caught executing many instances of voter fraud... Full Expose Here
Brian Sims  member of Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 182nd district, Atheist, Pro-Abortion, anti-children extremist... Full Expose Here
Bruce Ohr former Associate Deputy Attorney General in the Obama admin, husband of Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr, major player in the Russia hoax... Full Expose Here
Bruce Swartz Deep State assistant AG, former supervisor of Bruce Ohr, buddy of Christopher Steele, major player in the Russia hoax... Full Expose Here
Carmen Ortiz
Cecile Richards Genocidal euqenecist, liberal activist, former head of Planned Parenthood, which performed over 3.5 million abortions during her tenure... Full Expose Here
Cenk Uygur Failed MSNBC anchor, progressive racist, proponent of legalized bestiality, Armenian holocaust denier w/an affinity for common use of the "N" word... Full Expose Here 
Chaka Fattah Corrupt Democrat U.S. representative of Philadelphia, found guilty of money laundering, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud... Full Eapose Here 
Charlie Rangel
Cheryl Mills
Chesa Boudin - Soros DA
Chris Collins
Christopher ''Chris'' Dodd
Chris Murphy
Christopher Steele
Christopher Wray (FBI)
Claire McCaskill
Claude Taylor
Cody Shearer
Colin Kahl (NSA)
Colin Powell
Cornel West
Corrine Brown
Cory Booker
Daniel Goldman
Daniel J Jones
David Adams
David Cohen
David Friedman
David Hogg
David Richter
David Wu
Deandre Poole
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Debra Messing
DeMaurice Smith
Deval Patrick
Diana Rubens
Dianne Feinstein
Richard ''Dick'' Durbin
Donald Riegle
Donald Rumsfeld (MIC)
Donna Brazile (DNC)
Donna Hylton
Doug Band
Doug Jones
Ed Markey
Ed Murray
Edmund Muskie
Edward Baumgartner
Elena Kagan
Elijah Cummings
Eliot Spitzer
Elissa Slotkin
Elizabeth Warren
Emad Karakrah
Emanuel Cleaver
Emmanuel Todd
Eric Ciaramella
Eric Garcetti
Eric Holder (US AG)
Eric Massa
Eric Swalwell
Erica Thomas
Erik Prince
Erika Lee
Evan Perez (MSM)
Felix Sater
Frank Luntz
Franklin Raines
Fred Eychaner
Frederica Wilson
Gavin Newsom
George Conway
George Gascon -Soros DA
George Kent
George McGovern
George Soros
George Tenet
George Toscas (DOJ)
Gerald ''Jerry'' Nadler
Gina Haspel (CIA)
Glenn Simpson
Gordon Sondland
Gretchen Whitmer
Hakeem Jeffries
Haley Stevens
Hank Johnson
Harry Reid
Harvey Weinstein
Heidi Heitkamp
Hillary Clinton
Howard Schultz
Hugh J. Hurwitz
Huma Abedin
Ibraheem Samirah
Ilhan Omar
Imran Awan
J B Pritzker
Jack Abramoff
Jackie Speier
Jackson Cosko
Jacob Frey
Jameela Jamil
James A. Baker (FBI)
James A. Wolfe
James H. Baker (MIC)
James Carville
James Charles
James Clapper (NSA)
James Clyburn
James Comey (FBI)
James Fulton
James Guy Tucker
James Mattis (MIC)
James Rybicki (FBI)
Jan Schakowsky
Janet Napolitano
Janet Reno (US AG)

Jeb Bush In late 2015 a Jeb Bush Super PAC donor paid FusionGPS to fabricate fake Trump dossier. John McCain passed it on to the Intel Community who leaked it to the media.
Jeffrey Epstein
Jenny Durkan
Jerry Brown
Jesse Jackson
Jesus Garcia
Jim Letten
Joe Biden
Joe Cunningham
Joe Lieberman
Joe Pientka (FBI)
Joel Benenson
Joel Rubin
John Ashcroft
John Barrasso
John Bolton (NSA)
John Brennan (CIA)
John Carlin (US AG)
John Chisholm - Soros DA
John Conyers
John Dean
John Dingell
John Durham
John Hickenlooper
John Huber
John Kerry
John Lewis
John Podesta
John Profumo
John Ratcliffe
John Rogers
John Sarbanes
Jon Corzine
Jon Tester
Jonathan Winer (DOJ)
Jorge Ramos
Jose Garza - Soros DA
Joseph Mifsud
Joy Behar
Joy Reid
Juan Castro
Juan Williams (MSM)
Julia Salazar
Julian and Juan Castro
Julie A. Morrison
Justice Sotomayor
Justin Fairfax
Justin Trudeau
Kamala Harris
Karen Carter Peterson
Kate Brown
Kateryna Handzyuk
Kathleen Kane
Katie Hill
Keisha Lance Bottoms
Keith Ellison
Kelly Craighead
Khurrim Wahid
Kim Darroch
Kim Foxx Soros DA
Kim Gardner Soros DA
Kimba Wood
Kimberly Graves
Kirsten Gillibrand
Klaus Schwab
Kwame Kilpatrick
Kweisi Mfume
Kyle Jurek
Kyrsten Sinema
Lacy Clay
Larry Krasner - Soros DA
Laura Richardson
Lauren Book
Laurence Tribe
Leland Yee
Letitia James (NY AG)
Lev Parnas
Libby Schaaf
Linda Sarsour
Lisa Chopey
Lisa Cook
Lisa Holtyn
Lisa Page (FBI, DOJ)
Lloyd Austin
Loretta Lynch
Lois Lerner (IRS)
Lori Lightfoot
Louis Farrakhan
Louise Lucas
Luis Gutierrez
Marc Elias
Marcia Fudge
Maria Chappelle-Nadal
Marianne Bowler
Marianne Williamson
Marie Yovanovitch
Marilyn Mosby - Soros DA
Mark Esper
Mark Hatfield
Mark Warner
Martha Raddatz
Matthew Axlerod
Maxine Waters
Mazie Hirono
Megan Rapinoe
Michael Avenatti
Michael Cohen
Michael Hayden (NSA)
Michael Horowitz (DOJ)
Michael Kortan (FBI)
Michael Rounds
Michael Wood
Mike Gravel
Mike Morell
Mike Schmidt - Soros DA
Muriel Bowser
Nancy Pelosi
Nellie Ohr
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Noah Feldman
Norm Eisen
Norma Torres
Nydia Velazquez
Oleg Deripaska
Oliver North (MIC)
Omar Navarro
Omar Suleiman
Omarosa Manigault Newman
Pamela Harris
Pamela Karlan (DOJ)
Pat Shanahan
Paul Krugman
Pete Buttigieg
Peter Baker
Peter Daszak
Peter Fritsch
Peter Strzok (FBI)
Philip Jefferson
Pierre Omidyar
Pramila Jaypal
Priti Patel
Rachel Dolezal
Ralph Northam
Rashida Tlaib
Richard ''Dick" Blumenthal
Richard Dearlove (MI6)
Richard Myers
Richard Spencer
Rick Wilson
Rob Goldstone
Robert ''Robby'' Mook
Robert Creamer
Robert Gates (MIC)
Robert Hannigan
Robert Hanssen (FBI)
Robert Leggett
Robert Menendez
Robert Reich
Robert Torricelli
Rod Blagovich
Rod Rosenstein (DOJ)
Roderick Wright
Ron Wyden
Ronald Calderon
Ronald Reagan
Rosa DeLauro
Ruben Kihuen
Saikat Chakrabarti
Saira Rao
Sally Yates (DOJ)
Samantha Powers
''Sandy'' (Samuel) Berger
Sarah Bloom Raskin
Sara Jeong
Scott Rigell
Sergei Millian
Seth Moulton
Seth Rich
Shannon Watts
Sheila Jackson Lee
Sherrod Brown
Sidney Blumenthal
Sonia Sotomayor (DOJ)
Stacey Abrams
Stefan Halper (CIA)
Steny Hoyer
Stephanie Morales - Soros DA
Steve Cohen
Steve Stivers
Stormy Daniels
Symone Sanders
Tamara Holder
Ta-Nehisi Coates
''Ted'' (Edward) Kennedy
Ted Lieu
Terry McAuliffe
The Kagans
Tim Kaine
Tim Ryan
Tim Scott
Thomas ''Tom'' Perez (DNC)
Tom Steyer
Valerie Jarrett
Veronica Escobar
Victoria Nuland
Webster Hubbell
Wendy Ullman
William Barr (DOJ)
William Davis
Xavier Becerra
Zoe Lofgren

Deep State RINO's 

Adam Kinzinger
Al Cardenas
Alyssa Farah
Andrew Garbarino
Anthony Gonzalez
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Barbara Bollier
Ben Sasse
Bill Cassidy
Bill Kristol
Bill Weld
Brad Raffensperger
Brian Fitzpatrick
Brian Kemp
Brian Sandoval
Bruce Rauner
Carlos Giménez
Carrie Sheffield
Charlie Crist
Chris Smith
Cindy McCain
Cliff Bentz
Connie Morella
Dan Crenshaw
Dan Newhouse
Dan Sullivan
David Brooks
David Frum
David Rockefeller
David Souter
David Valadao
Dean Heller
Deborah Lipstadt
Denver Riggleman
Dick Cheney
Dina Powell
Doug Ducey
Doug Heye
Dusty Johnson
Evan McMullan
Francis Rooney
Fred Upton
Gabriel Gomez
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
George Pataki
George Will
Harry Blackmun
Henry Kissinger
Jaime Herrera Beutler
Jeb Bush
Jeff Flake
Joe Walsh
John Boehner
John Danforth
John Kasich
John Katko
John Kelly
John McCain
John Roberts
Jon Bruning
Jon Huntsman, Jr
Justin Amash
Karl Rove
Lawrence "Larry" Hogan Jr
Lincoln Chafee
Lindsey Graham
Lisa Murkowski
Liz Cheney
Mario Diaz-Balart
Mark Amodei
Mark Kirk
Mark Sanford
Meghan McCain
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Steele
Mike DeWine
Mike T. McCaul
Mike Pence
Mike Pompeo
Mike Simpson
Mitch McConnell
Mitt Romney
Nancy Mace
Nicole Malliotakis
Nikki Haley
Olympia J. Snowe
Patrick Toomey
Paul Mitchell
Paul Ryan
Paul Wolfowitz
Peter King
Peter Meijer
Phil Scott
Prescott Bush
Ray LaHood
Renee Ellmers
Richard Burr
Richard Lugar
Richard Spencer
Rick Snyder
Rob Portman
Robert Corker
Robert Muller
Rodney Davis
Rusty Bowers
Slade Gorton
Susan Collins
Susan W. Brooks
The Koch Brothers
Thom Tillis
Tom Rice
Tony Gonzales
Vern Buchanan
Walter Blackman
Will Hurd
William Cohen

Russiagate Players

Alexandra Chalupa
Andrew McCabe
Barak Obama
Bill Priestap
Brad Wiegmann
Bruce Ohr
Cheryl Mills
Christopher Hardee
Christopher Steele
David Bowdich
David Cohen
David Laufman
Eric Ciaramella
Eric Holder
George Stephanopoulos
George Toscas
Glenn Simpson
Heather Samuelson
Hillary Clinton
Huma Abedin
Jake Sullivan
Jake Tapper
James A. Baker
James Clapper
James Comey
Janet Napolitano
Jeffrey Epstein
Jessie Liu
Jill McCabe
Jim Crowell
John Brennan
John Carlin
John Huber
Johnathan Moffa
John Podesta
Joseph Mifsud
Kevin Clinesmith
Lisa Page
Loretta Lynch
Mark Warner
Mary McCord
Michael Atkinson
Michael Bromwich
Nellie Ohr
Peter Carr
Peter Strzok
Richard Burr
Robert Mueller
Rod Rosenstein
Sally Yates
Stephen Somma
Susan Rice
Tashina Gauhar
Terry McAuliffe
Trisha Anderson
William Barr
Zainab Ahmad
BlackyIvy Group
BlackRock, Inc
Clinton Foundation
Fushion GPS
Lawfare network
Perkins & Coie

Enablers & Affiliates

Aaron Rupar
Adam Goldberg
Alec Baldwin
Alisyn Camerota
Alyssa Milano
Ana Navarro
Anderson Cooper
Andrea Mitchell
Andrew Ross Sorkin
Andy Lack
Angela Rye
Anna Makanju
April Ryan
Asha Rangappa
Ashley ''Piggy'' Judd
Barbra Streisand
Bette Midler
Bill Gates
Bill Kristol
Bill Maher
Bill Taylor
Brian Fallon
Brian Stelter
Brianna Keilar
Brittany Cunningham
Brooke Baldwin
Bruce Hensel
Bubba Wallace
Cardi B
Charlize Theron
Chelsea Handler
Cheri Jacobus
Chris Cillizza
Chris Cuomo
Chris Hayes
Chris Martin Palmer
Chris Matthews
Chris Wallace
Chrissy Teigen
Christiane Amanpour
Christopher Meloni
Chuck Todd
Colin Kaepernick
Dan Rather
Danny DeVito
David Brooks
David Hogg
D L Hughley
Don Lemon
Don Winslow
Donny Deutsch
Ed Stetzer
Ellen Barkin
Ellen DeGeneres
Elon Musk
Emily Ratajkowski
Frances Fisher
George Clooney
George Lopez
George Takei
Geraldo Rivera
Glenn Kessler (WaPo)
Greta Thunburg
Harrison Ford
Howard Stern
Ice Cube
Jack Dorsey
Jake Tapper
James Hohmann
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jane Fonda
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Zucker
Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Wright
Jemele Hill
Jennifer Rubin
Jerry Springer
Jim Acosta
Jim Carrey
Jim Cramer
Jimmy Kimmel
Joaquin Phoenix
Joe Lockhart
Joe Scarborough
John Cochrane
John Cusack
John Harwood
John Legend
John Leguizamo
Jonah Goldberg
Jonathan Karl
Josh Campbell
Joy Behar
Joy Reid
Juan Williams
Julia Ioffe
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Jussie Smollett
Kate Bolduan
Kathy Griffin
Katy Tur
Ken Burns
Ken Jennings
Keith Olbermann
Kevin Spacey
Kira Davis
Kirsten Powers
Kristen Welker
Kurt Eichenwald
Kyler Murray
Lady Gaga
Lana Del Ray
Lebron James
Leslie Marshall
Lev Parnas
Liz Claman
Madonna "Cum Dumpster" Ciccone
Maggie Haberman
Mark Hamill
Mark Ruffalo
Mark Zuckerberg
Matt Drudge
Maureen Dowd
Meghan and Harry
Meghan McCain
Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC
Mia Farrow
Michael Avenatti
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Moore
Michael Rapaport
Michel Martin
Michelle Obama
Michelle Williams
Michelle Wolf
Mika Brzezinski
Miles Taylor
Myles Garrett
Nick Cannon
Nicolle Wallace
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Noah Feldman
Norma McCorvey
Oliver Willis
Olivia Nuzzi
Oprah Winfrey
P Diddy
Paris Jackson
Patricia Arquette
Patton Oswalt
Paul Krugman
Paula Reid
Rachel Maddow
Rapper YG
Reza Aslan
Richard Marx
Rick Tyler
Rob Reiner
Ron Howard
Rose McGowan
Rosie O’Donnell
Russ Tamblyn
S E Cupp
Sandra Bernhard
Seth Rogan
Simu Liu
Sister Souljah
Spike Lee
Steve Schmidt
Steve Scully
Tiffany Cross
Tim Cadogan
Van Jones
Wajahat Ali
Whoopi Goldberg
Yamiche Alcindor